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Amazon Resurrects The Kindle DX, That Most Awkward Cousin Of A Device Family On The Way Out

Amazon has made official the return of a device many thought was bound for the e-reader graveyard, the Kindle DX. The DX is Amazon's big-screen reader, with a 9.7-inch e-ink display and a full keyboar

Goodbye, Kindle DX, You Were Too Big For This World

The Kindle DX (artist's rendition shown here), Amazon's 10-inch offering to the academic set, has been discontinued on the site and is only available from used dealers. Although there has been no offi

CrunchDeals: $299 Kindle DX

I love my Kindle DX. After my dog Ferrari, it’s probably my favorite thing in the world and wouldn’t think of trading the big screen for increased portability found in the normal model. To

The Kindle DX, Now In Black — Like That Other Device We Shall Not Name

<img src="">Amazon continues its revamping of the Kindle line. Fresh off of <a href="">big pric

The Kindle DX, Now In Black — Like That Other Device We Shall Not Name

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Kindle DX failing out of Darden Business School

<img src="" />According to <a href="

Blindness Organizations And ASU Settle Amazon Kindle DX Discrimination Suit

<img src="" width="200" height="200" /><a href="">Amazon's Kindle</a> device sparked

The Kindle DX is out of stock at Amazon, ships in 4-6 weeks

<img src="">Hoping to snag a <a href="">Kindle DX</a> as a last minute Christmas gift? Sorry, p

Sheet music for the Kindle: I'm so getting Memories from Cats

<img src="" />Novato Music Press is now <a HREF="

Review: Kindle DX

Another month, another version of the Kindle. I’ve been using a Kindle since it was shaped like a very thin doorstop and I’m delighted each time I see a new version. The latest version is

The Kindle DX gets torn apart

Okay, this is getting a old to us, but RapidRepair is at it again if gadget tear-downs are still your thing. This time around they are taking apart the very new Kindle DX right now and are posting pic

Quick Look: The Kindle DX

The beautiful and attractive Kindle DX just arrived at Crunch HQ and sadly I was not there to greet it. Instead, we have this collection of unboxing photographs. We will have a full review on Friday,

The Kindle DX gets a shipping date

Ready to spend $489 on a Kindle DX? Well, if you are, the large-screen Kindle will be available on June 10, 2009 with pre-orders shipping first. We’re still holding out for the Kindle 9 XXXD.

Kindle can't say "Barack Obama"

Hay-ree-et Bee-char Sto-wee The Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX pronounces “Barack Obama” as “Bay-rack Oh-bamma,” slightly embarrassing for a device designed to display and read new

Saving print: Amazon demands 70 percent of newspaper's revenue for Kindle use

<img src="" />How is the Kindle DX going to save the newspaper industry when Amazon demands a whopping 70 percent of all revenue, plus

Giveaway: Palate cleansing Nyko ChargeStation for the Wii

Whew. So all the DX nonsense is over. How about a little something to nosh? I have a Nyko ChargeStation for Wii in my office just waiting for a lucky commenter. I’ll pick one winner at random to

Twitter reacts to Kindle DX news: Price is an issue

<img src="" /> Yes, Amazon announced the <a HREF="">Kindle

Hands-on: Amazon Kindle DX [UPDATE]

It’s a madhouse here at Pace U., but I managed to grab a couple photos. Not my hands, but you can see how big this new DX really is. South Paws might feel like they’re being left out with

Prediction: What Kindle DX stories will appear today?

We were just going a little meta in the chatroom and Carlos Deleon pointed out that there would be a series of articles all appearing about the Kindle DX. They include, but are not limited to: 1. How

Kindle DX video demo

Here’s Amazon’s demo video of the Kindle DX in action for those of you who prefer a more passive ingestion of features and information than traditional reading provides. Amazon Kindle DX [
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