• Amazon, Love The Kindle Ads Idea — But The Right Price Is $99

    Amazon, Love The Kindle Ads Idea — But The Right Price Is $99

    When I first read the new that Amazon would begin selling an ad-supported Kindle, my heart sank. This is the beginning of the end, I thought. But that was only because the Businessweek article about the change left out one key detail: the ads will not be shown during the reading experience. Jason dug up those details. Amazon will only be showing the ads on the Kindle home screen and on the… Read More

  • The official Kindle 2 case is cracking the Kindle 2, $5 million lawsuit filed

    It seems that the Kindle 2 has an issue when used with the official protective case: it cracks. Obviously everyone that spent $30 on the case that’s suppose to protect the Kindle from such damage isn’t too happy right now. Amazon previously stated that owners were kind of out of luck and had to spend an additional $200 for a replacement but recently started replacing cracked Kindles. Read More

  • Colorware does up the Kindle 2

    Who wants a boring, stock Kindle 2? No one! Thank God Colorware now has a multitude of colors available to spice up the Amazon Kindle 2. Read More

  • Amazon to charge 50% more for OTA Kindle document transfers

    Amazon’s Personal Document Service has mainatined a $.10 fee for every document transfered via Whispernet since the device was launched, but the service will now cost at least 50% more. Starting May 4th, Amazon will charge $.15 per megebyte rounded up to the nearest whole megabyte for each document transfered. Basicaly, the base fee will soon be $.15 and it goes up from there. It’s… Read More

  • Fix the Kindle 2's light text display

    If you can’t read your Kindle 2 because it’s too light, fear not. This thread shows you how to add darker, non-aliased fonts to your 16-shades-of-gray beauty. All the hack does is replace the standard fonts with new, darker fonts but many are complaining so this might be just the thing for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Read More

  • The $350 Kindle 2 costs only $185 to build

    The good folks at iSuppli took it upon themselves to rip apart the Amazon Kindle 2 Great, right? What’s not great is knowing how much of a premium you’re paying for the device; ignorance is bliss here. The Kindle 2, for which Amazon wants $359, costs approximately $185 to build. That is, when you take all the Kindle’s parts and add them together, you get a total of $185. So… Read More

  • Reading the Kindle in bed, by Randall Munroe

    Randall Munroe of xkcd fame has been looking for a way to comfortably read books in bed with very little effort for decades and thanks to the Kindle 2, he’s finally found book reading bliss. And the steel coat hanger he mangled as a stand certainly helps. Read More

  • Barnes and Noble eReader coming soon? Could it be called the BNindle?

    TheStreet has a juicy rumor that Barnes & Noble, a store where physical “books” in “paper” form are sold to “customers” who stand in line to pay with “cash” or “forms of credit” is working on an eBook reader, possibly in partnership with Verizon. The rumor has all the makings of a real live product. They may offer book downloads… Read More

  • USA Today is unaware of Kindle 2.0

    A USA Today advertisement in today’s paper proves once and for all, the print media is slow to react and update by using a Kindle 1.0 instead of the new version. Can you believe it? Did none of the marketing gurus know that that Amazon announced the new and improved model almost two months ago? Doesn’t look like it. Full size image of the atrocity after the jump. Read More

  • Ricoh develops extra-vivid color e-paper through using copier technology

    The Kindle 2 is hot in the US, but in Japan color e-paper is the major topic in the blogosphere. The black and white Sony e-reader was a gigantic flop and Amazon Japan hasn’t said yet if it will sell the Kindle here in Nippon. Fujitsu will attempt to fill the void by offering its FLEPia color e-book (pictured) next month, but now Ricoh claims it has developed a technology that makes… Read More

  • Kindle 2 gets Neilsen to change his mind about ebooks

    Jakob Neilsen, usability guru extraordinare, examines the usability of Amazon’s Kindle 2 and comes away with mixed impressions. For linear reading — the primary function of the Kindle 2 — Neilsen says it’s the bomb. For other uses, it falls short of the mark. Read More

  • Even the real audiobook actors don't care about text-to-speech

    Wil Wheaton AKA the guy on Star Wars recorded himself reading from his own book and then recorded the Kindle 2 reading the same passage. The result, as you’ll hear on his blog, is inconclusive (what if TTS gets so good it will sound JUST LIKE WIL WHEATON? WHAT THEN?) but it kind of shows where everyone’s head is at in terms of the Authors Guild. Read More

  • Kindle 2 going international

    If this job posting by, Amazon’s secret hardware skunkworks, is any indication there will be an International version of the Kindle sooner than later. The candidate will be a senior and experienced software engineer or manager with a background in wireless. You will have worked on one or more baseband /radio solutions for wireless devices. You will have led or managed a SW… Read More

  • Exclusive: CrunchGear's Kindle 2 unboxing

    Welcome to KrunchGear’s Kindle 2 Dekontainment, a video in which we unbox the Kindle 2 and show off some of its various and sundry features. Here are our initial photos including the Kindle Kover (k) which is konsiderably better than the original cover. This one actually snaps into the Kindle and can’t fall off. Click through for our unboxing video. Read More

  • Amazon Kindle 2 to ship on February 24th

    Psyche!!! Originally slated to ship on the 24th, Amazon has officially said that the Kindle 2 is shipping a day earlier to meet demand. Read More

  • The Kindle 2 manual straight from Amazon

    It’s getting close to the Kindle’s February 24th launch date and Amazon has made the official manual available a head of time. There isn’t anything special within that wasn’t previously announced, but don’t let that stop you from pulling up the PDF and pouring over the text anyway. Hopefully it will tide you over until your K2 arrives. Read More

  • Jauntify your Kindle 2 with jaunty jackets

    Mmm… bright candy colors. M-Edge is cashing in on the Kindle Kraze(TM) with their new Executive Jackets for Kindle 2. These sassy, multi-hued jackets have a built-in booklight and start at a mere $29.99. Don’t have hands? Try the Platform Jacket that keeps your Kindle 2 upright while in its sexy protective case. It also starts at $29.99. Read More

  • CrunchNotSoDeal: Pre-order the Kindle 2 for only $599 on ebay

    There is always someone ready to take advantage of unknowing peeps but you know what, whoever hands-over $600 for a pre-order of a $359 device probably should lose the money. Besides the obvious price difference, the auction seems legit; after all, he is an ebay power seller. Read More

  • Kindle books on laptops, iPhone coming soon along with international versions

    At one point in Jeff Bezos’ presentation he mentioned WhisperSync, a system for syncing all of your Kindles. This means if you’re reading a book on one of your Kindles and pick up another Kindle registered to your same account, it lets you start reading where you left off on the first Kindle. It’s kind of a smart bookmark so you never have to lose your place if, like many… Read More

  • Hands-on with the Kindle 2

    If only I had learned to read! Read More