• Gosh! Even Napoleon Dynamite Is Now Using Kickstarter

    I love Kickstarter. It’s maybe the best enabler site ever. In the short time it has been around, we’ve gotten everything from open source Facebook “killers” to iPod nano watches to RoboCop Statues. But one of the aspects of the service with the most potential is movie funding. A few of these projects have popped up already, and it apparently caught the eye of… Read More

  • Kickstarter: Glyde And Orbit Are Stabilizing Solutions For Your iPhone Videos

    When you use a phone to take video, one of the major issues that makes that video look bad is that you’re unable to keep the image steady or straight. Tiny variations in inclination or rotation lead to ugly compression problems like skew, and anyway the image looks best when it’s stationary due to the H264 codec algorithms. You could, of course, put together a simple steadicam with… Read More

  • Detroit Needs A Statue of RoboCop! Best Kickstarter Project Yet.

    When it comes to things the city of Detroit needs, there’s undoubtely a pretty long list. And if there is an official version of such a list, I’m pretty sure that a statue of RoboCop isn’t on it. But that’s dumb. It totally should be. And that’s exactly why God invented the Internet. How is this tech-related? First of all, RoboCop is tech. He’s probably the… Read More

  • Kickstarter: Wüdskins – Protective Bamboo & Aluminum iPad Case

    On the lookout for some easy karma? Head over to Kickstarter and help make this bamboo iPad case a reality. These four women are looking for $10,000 to bring their actually clever case to the market. The Wüdskins case use bamboo and aluminum to encase a first-gen iPad in a solid and functional case. Sure, it’s a bit bulky and probably somewhat heavy, but you can’t argue against… Read More

  • Help Make This Wild Braille Watch A Reality

    David Chavez has a dream. He wants to build this wild-looking Braille watch that shows the time by moving little rotating dots along the face to spell out the numbers in Braille. Even if you’re not visually impaired, you have to appreciate the ingenuity and usability this watch, called the Haptica, has to offer. The project is up on Kickstarter now, so pop over and pre-order if… Read More

  • YouHelp launches as a Kickstarter-for-NGOs

    It’s about time that somebody took the highly efficient Kickstarter crowdfunding model, added a dash of gaming metrics, and applied it to something that’s purely about benefiting society. This is great. YouHelp, a recently launched Austrian startup, is doing just that. It enables users to create “challenges” that benefit certain NGOs or participate in ongoing social… Read More

  • 33Needs Brings Crowdsourced Funding To Social Startups

    The crowdsourced funding craze is picking up steam. Tonight we see the launch of 33needs, a site where socially-minded startups can raise initial seed funding from individual contributors on the Web. It is Kiva meets Kickstarter. Social startups post their “needs” in terms of how much money they are looking to raise, what problems they are going to solve and how they are going to… Read More

  • Kickstarter: The aTrackt Improves Apple’s Keyboard And Trackpad Ergonomics

    I wasn’t convinced this particular project was worth its salt, but a little reflection convinced me. I don’t use Apple’s dainty little desk accessories — I always go back to a nice, meaty mechanical keyboard and high-performance mouse, because Apple’s keyboards are like toys and the trackpad is no good for gaming. But hey, some people like ‘em. The trouble… Read More

  • Kickstarter: The Rustic Case for iPad and Kindle 3 Is A Handmade Must-Have

    Show me a handmade device case like this one from Kickstarter, and I’ll show you the money. I love ‘em. The DODOcase is a prime example. High-quality material, a SanFran-based labor force, and honest marketing. Btw, we have a big DODOcase giveaway coming next week for Valentine’s Day. You’re going to love it. The Rustic Case for iPad and Kindle 3 is from the same thread. Read More

  • PadPivot Nearing $40k In Kickstarter Funding, Shipping To Europe Now Possible

    PadPivot hit Kickstarter with the force of dodgeball thrown by a fat kid. The novel tablet stand quickly hit its $10,000 funding goal and kept climbing. As of this post’s writing, the project is a couple hundred shy of $40,000 with 51 days remaining in its Kickstarter funding round. Initially the PadPivot pre-orders were only going to ship within North America. This caused more than a… Read More

  • The mBrace, A Handy Handle For Your MacBook On Kickstarter

    I don’t know about you guys, but I get a sort of pang every time I pull my MacBook Pro out of my bag; I mean, the screen portion is so thin, and I have to grip it pretty hard to lift that 5-pound mother out of there, I’m afraid I’m going to bust a few pixels one of these days. This Kickstarter project adds a handle to the rear end of your Mac laptop so that never has to happen. Read More

  • Kickstarter: The PadPivot Might Be The First True Universal, Multi-Function Tablet Stand

    That about does it. The PadPivot must be the last novel idea in tablet stands. Shut down the Chinese design factories. This seems to address the entire market’s needs and more. Not only does the PadPivot do multi-angle, table-top tablet mounting and holding, but the contoured shape is designed for legs, too. Most tablet users can attest, this is the most common usage location anyway. Read More

  • Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen on Crowdsourced Funding

    Founder Stories (Kickstarter): Going Direct To The Audience For Crowdsourced Funding

    If you want to crowdsource the funding for a project—whether it is a product, album, or a film—one of the best places to find both patrons and early customers is Kickstarter. In this week’s episode of Startup Sherpa, host Chris Dixon dives deep into the crowdsourced-funding phenomenon with Kickstarter founder Perry Chen. The majority of projects on Kickstarter are creative… Read More

  • Split Strap Quickly Hits Kickstarter Goal, Still Time To Get In On The Fun
    I’m writing this as my back and shoulders are still burning from our week at CES. Messenger bag straps are simply not adequate and that’s what Split Strap is designed to counter by adding a larger shoulder pad that’s split — hence the name — for better… Read More

  • New iPhone Case Idea: iPhone Holster Design Project

    Need a very special iPhone or iPod case but didn’t find anything yet? Kickstarter, the site that helps people fund product ideas and concepts, might have the right one in store for you: designer Myles Christensen just needs $3,000 to start his design project “iPhone Holster”. Read More

  • The iPod Nano Watch Nears $1 Million In Crowdsourced Funding From Kickstarter

    About a month ago, we wrote about how the TikTok and LunaTik multi-touch watch kits were about to become the all-time leader in funding through Kickstarter, the crowdsourced fundraising startup. The project needed over $345,000 to grab the title. Well, it got it — and a whole lot more. With just about 2 hours to go before the funding closes, the project to turn iPod nanos into watches… Read More

  • Kickstarter: The Ultimate iPad/Android Arcade Machine

    The demo video is a bit rough, but it’s just that, a demo. The thought process is solid though: An iPad arcade machine with joystick, built-in pico projector and speakers. Of course thee’s some kinks to be worked out in both the design and concept mainly because there’s already a popular competitor through ThinkGeek. Still, this homebrew option should be able to stand on its… Read More

  • C-Loop Camera Mod Gets Kickstarted

    A few weeks ago, we pointed out this interesting little camera mod, the C-Loop, on Kickstarter. It’s a replacement for a regular-style camera strap that allows for free rotation of the camera, and may be more convenient for some shooters. I wouldn’t use it personally, but it’s a cool idea and a well-made little thing, so I’m all for it being on the market. And now it… Read More

  • Video: Making Of The Glif iPhone 4 Holder

    Got a thing for community-funded projects and injection molding? Oh man, you better get off your treadmill desk and find a stable seat because this video of the Glif’s manufacturing process is going to rock your socks. This is the little iPhone 4 tripod mount storage stand that raised $137,417 on Kickstarter. Premier Source out of Brookings, South Dakota was tasked with the making and… Read More

  • Want An iPod Nano Watch? So Does Everyone. Idea Poised To Be New Kickstarter King

    Want An iPod Nano Watch? So Does Everyone. Idea Poised To Be New Kickstarter King

    We’ve talked a lot about Diaspora, the open-source Facebook-alternative, in recent months. One of the reasons for that is the massive success they had raising money on the crowdsourced fund-raising site, Kickstarter. The project raised over $200,000 from nearly 6,500 backers in just 39 days. Now a new project has already blown that tally out of the water: an iPod nano-based… Read More