• DIY Geodesic Dome On Kickstarter

    Need a place to hide out when the apocalypse comes? Why not try a DIY geodesic dome! This Kickstarter project offers a $99 10-foot geodesics kit or a 14-foot model for $189. This isn’t really about shelter as much as it is about fun. I’ll let the folks at Effalo explain: Read More

  • LusionBloom: A Magnetic Vase For Your Next Weird Cocktail Party

    In the old days, pole-shaping meant something completely different. However, now it is a technique for attaching multiple arms to each other at odd angles that allows them to remain upright with a load without falling. The LusionBloom is a nice example of pole shaping and, more important, is a freaking vase that tilts to the side while keeping flowers and water upright. Perfect for… Read More

  • Help Save Aunt Beru And Uncle Owen's Homestead And Get A Nice Watch

    Uncle Owen! Aunt Beru! Uncle Owen! The Lars Homestead is the actual building used during the filming of Star Wars and it still exists – in a considerably diminished state – in Tunisia. The igloo house is now falling apart but a group of dedicated film buffs – and one watchmaker – want to return the home to its original, super sci-fi state. Read More

  • Since 2009 Kickstarter Funneled $60 Million To 24,000 Crowd-Funded Projects

    Kickstarter started as a way for bands to fund projects without asking for money from Grandma. Now it’s the go-to site for nearly any self-funded projects and the company recently surpassed the facilitating of $60 million in funding of random music albums, films, and gadgets created by ordinary people. At TechCrunch Disrupt NYC John Biggs sat down with Kickstarter’s Yancey… Read More

  • Kogeto Dot Panorama iPhone Add-On Spotted: TechCrunch Disrupt New York

    Wandering around here at TechCrunch Disrupt New York, we came across a particularly interesting iPhone 4 add-on from Kogeto, in collaboration with Kickstarter. It’s called Dot, and it will totally change your perspective on mobile video, literally. The Kogeto Dot is a panoramic lens that captures 360-degree video, without sacrificing style or portability. This add-on from Kogeto comes in… Read More

  • The pHOLD Bike Mount: You Know, For Bikes

    True story: last week I was riding my bike and I reached down to my pocket to grab my phone to check the map. I saw a car coming around the corner and slammed on the brakes. A second later I was up, over the handlebars, and my phone bore the brunt of my fall. Luckily I had it in a case but, aside from my pride, nothing was damaged. That’s why I like this pHOLD thing. It’s basically… Read More

  • Kickstarter: TiGr Bike Lock Could Be Brilliant If It Works

    Any cyclist in the city knows how essential a lock is for your bike, but they’re often bulky and heavy. This Kickstarter project aims to create a unique, lightweight lock that I would buy in a second. More details inside. Read More

  • PenMoto: The Pen Holder Of The Future

    Are you a Wacom tablet user? Do you like pens? Are you a Wacom tablet user who likes pens? This guy has a product for you. Called the PenMoto, it’s basically a ring studded with magnets and a separate pen sleeve. Your pen is held into place by the magnets and you can spin it around like a Jesse James in the Rootin’ Tootin’ Wild West Show. It allows you to move the pen out of… Read More

  • Happy Day Of Special Significance To Many Religions! We Have Brightly Colored iPhone Cables For You!

    Do you think white cables are BORRRR-ING SIDNEY BORRR-ING? So do the folks behind the Juicies Kickstarter project. These oddly shaped cables promise all sorts of fun as you plug in your sundry iGear. The cables will be “sustainable” and will come in multiple hues. Read More

  • The GoPano: A Panoramic Lens System For The iPhone

    There are quite a few panoramic apps for the iPhone but they all require a steady hand, lots of patience and, most important, you can only take still photos. The GoPano aims to solve that by adding a panoramic mirror to the iPhone’s video camera, thereby allowing you to take panoramic video in real time. The GoPano simply snaps onto your iPhone and the included app does the rest. As… Read More

  • Kickstarter: Coffee Joulies Are Temperature Regulators For Your Java

    Some people love the hot coffee. Love the hot. People order their americanos “extra hot” so the baristas will put out water at higher than the 180 degrees they aim at. Madness! Personally, I have to let it cool down a bit — but ideally, you want to drink the coffee as soon as possible to get the full flavor. Enter the Coffee Joulie. Read More

  • The iChair: You Know, A Chair For Your iPad

    If you’re not familiar with the famed iChair line then you’re in for a treat. The iChair is basically a case with a little chair stuck to it. When you’re ready to stand your iPhone or 1st gen iPad up on your desk you can be all like “BAM! CHAIR ACTIVATE!” (not really) and you’ve got an iPad or iPhone that’s standing the freak up by itself. Read More

  • Kickstarter: The Cosmonaut Stylus Treats Tablets Like Whiteboards, Not Paper (and that's awesome)

    Kickstarter is really the go-to place for all things iPad/iPhone. If you have a random case you wanna sell, put it up on Kickstarter. It’s kind of a running joke with us right now because of the sheer amount of iPad products on the site. But the Cosmonaut is different. It’s actually clever. Tablet users should understand the benefit here. Writing on an iPad isn’t like writing… Read More

  • Wanna Be A Movie Producer? Just Give $250 To Jon Heder & Nick Peterson On Kickstarter

    A couple weeks ago, we noted an interesting new project that had popped up on Kickstarter: an animated short film by Nick Peterson and Jon Heder. Heder, of course, is an actor known for his roles in Blades of Glory, Mama’s Boy, and yes, Napoleon Dynamite. He clearly could have funded this project himself, but he and Peterson decided to give Kickstarter a try to raise the $27,000 required… Read More

  • The Loog Three-Stringed Guitar: You Know, For Kids

    Another day, another three-stringed guitar on Kickstarter. This instrument comes to us courtesy of Rafael Atijas and started out as a thesis project at NYU. It is a simple, 3-string guitar for kids that is tuned to open chords and allows you to strum up and down the neck without having to perform many fretting maneuvers. The guitar comes unassembled and includes an instruction book. The… Read More

  • The Meglio iPad Stand Is Great For The Can

    Another day, another iPad handle from Kickstarter. However, I think this one, the Meglio, is special for one reason and one reason only – it’s creator Salman Paracha has allowed us to finally admit where we all use our iPads the most: in the bathroom. Read More

  • LetterMPress Kickstarter Project Is An Early Sign Of The New iPad Direction

    Perhaps the most beautiful Kickstarter project I have ever seen (sorry RoboCop statue) LetterMPress is a virtual letterpress app for the iPad, created by designer and typographer John Bonadies. Already in prototype, Bonadies is seeking $15,000 to release the world’s first tablet letterpress envirnoment, aiming for the end of the summer. LetterMPress allows you to arrange type on the… Read More

  • Gosh! Even Napoleon Dynamite Is Now Using Kickstarter

    I love Kickstarter. It’s maybe the best enabler site ever. In the short time it has been around, we’ve gotten everything from open source Facebook “killers” to iPod nano watches to RoboCop Statues. But one of the aspects of the service with the most potential is movie funding. A few of these projects have popped up already, and it apparently caught the eye of… Read More

  • Kickstarter: Glyde And Orbit Are Stabilizing Solutions For Your iPhone Videos

    When you use a phone to take video, one of the major issues that makes that video look bad is that you’re unable to keep the image steady or straight. Tiny variations in inclination or rotation lead to ugly compression problems like skew, and anyway the image looks best when it’s stationary due to the H264 codec algorithms. You could, of course, put together a simple steadicam with… Read More

  • Detroit Needs A Statue of RoboCop! Best Kickstarter Project Yet.

    When it comes to things the city of Detroit needs, there’s undoubtely a pretty long list. And if there is an official version of such a list, I’m pretty sure that a statue of RoboCop isn’t on it. But that’s dumb. It totally should be. And that’s exactly why God invented the Internet. How is this tech-related? First of all, RoboCop is tech. He’s probably the… Read More