• When Will Your Phone Replace Your Keys And Wallet?

    When Will Your Phone Replace Your Keys And Wallet?

    When I leave my home, I check that I have three things: keys, wallet, phone. How long will it be until the first two are obsolete? My wallet has only three things I actually need: credit cards, cash, ID. Any American with an iPhone 6 has already obsoleted credit cards, courtesy Apple Pay. Any Kenyan, Senegalese, etc. with a phone has long obsoleted cash, courtesy M-Pesa, Orange Money, etc. Read More

  • UniKey Aims to Replace Every Key You Own

    UniKey Founder Talks About The Future Of Access Control Ahead Of October Ship Date

    The UniKey Kevo has been a hot topic for the past year, its touch-triggered unlocking amazing the likes of investors, TV shows and retailers alike. The auto-lock system first appeared on an episode of “Shark Tank”, and shortly thereafter received a round of funding which brings the company’s total to $2.75 million. We caught up with UniKey founder Phil Dumas at the ff… Read More