• Review: The Cask Widge

    Review: The Cask Widge

    Happy International Beer Day! I just finished celebrating by brewing ten gallons of smoked stout, and I’m looking forward to a draught of blonde ale from my kegerator later today. I’ve been homebrewing for about two years, and it’s a fun, practical hobby. Variety is the name of the game, both in terms of beer styles to produce but also in terms of the methods used to… Read More

  • The KegStool: a bar stool made from a keg!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the Keg Stool! Can you think of any better way to enjoy your favorite beverage than to sit upon its very delivery vessel? Only a hundred bucks if you supply your own keg; twice that if you’re fresh out of kegs. No discerning homebrewer should be without one of these marvelous inventions. Read More