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  • The Most-Liked Instagram Photo In The World Took 4 Days To Edit

    The Most-Liked Instagram Photo In The World Took 4 Days To Edit

    Remember the time that Kim Kardashian proved that social media popularity has very little to do with talent by posting the most liked photo of all time? It was a photo of her and her brand spankin’ new husband Kanye West kissing at their wedding, and it stole the crown from Justin Bieber with 2 million likes in about 24 hours. Read More

  • Kanye West Loves Twitter, And We Love Twitter For Kanye West's Tweets

    You’ll forgive me for sneaking in some pop culture in the mix because it’s Saturday and all, right? Rapper Kanye West is having a bit of a moment on Twitter the past few hours, apologizing for the Taylor Swift incident from last year when he stormed the stage during the artist’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards to complain that Beyonce should have won the… Read More

  • Kanye West Finally Has A F*cking Twitter

    Last May, Kanye West was pissed off. Why? Because people were impersonating him on Twitter. He was so mad that he even wrote a blog post about it — entirely in CAPS. It began, “(This spaz comes courtesy of losers making fake Kanye West Twitter accounts) I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING TWITTER… WHY WOULD I USE TWITTER???” Well, apparently someone has convinced the hip hop star… Read More