• Wired looks at junk that doesn't work

    Wired looks at junk that doesn't work

    Need to Ionize your water? Keep yourself safe from "raditations?" Find ghosts? Don't buy the junk Wired looked at in order to test the validity of their claims. The most interesting product, the KYK Genesis Water Ionizer, a $2,000 lump of nothing, is features a picture of Ed Begley Jr. as well as a bunch of writing in Korean. The results of the ionization experiment? A bunch of water in the… Read More

  • Wow, a $2,000 Ginza-theme speaker system

    Wow, a $2,000 Ginza-theme speaker system

    A quick trip to Wikipedia identifies Ginza as the Fifth Avenue of Tokyo. (That I went there in 2007 is neither here nor there.) Very interesting, yes. So imagine the gang's surprise when we discovered this Bandai-branded speaker, in the form of a diorama. It's Ginza, just like it was in 1955. Read More

  • Phantom of the chessboard

    Phantom of the chessboard

    As Brownlee notes, this is a "bog-standard" robotic chess board whose automatic movement feature is loud and grinding. But don't you want do own it? After all, it's being endorsed by a strangely disquieting man in a Phantom of the Opera mask. Read More

  • ePhone: One letter from perfection

    ePhone: One letter from perfection

    Do you live in a small village in a backward country? Is your goal in life to own an iPhone? Well sell the cow and buy an ePhone because this quad-band GSM phone is the rockingest $160 phone in the whole wide world. Read More

  • Vort! Champagne oombrella! Wow!

    Vort! Champagne oombrella! Wow!

    Let me tell you, I love a one-man umbrella. Those other umbrellas sleep around but this one – well, let me tell you, sir, she’s a keeper. - Champagne bottle one-man umbrella! Best design and Good for decoration! - Handle comes with hidden handy strap and small compartment - Champagne Height: 30.5 cm, Base diameter: 5 cm - Light weight: 334 g Where do you think it’s from? Read More

  • Party people everywhere, I behoove you to to put your hands in the air

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&file=http%3A//blip.tv/rss/flash/1470581&feedurl=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/rss/&autostart=false&brandname=CrunchGear&brandlink=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/ Hey funtime boys! Want to dance? Ok! Let’s have a good time with Brando’s new USB-powered LED projector. Plug it in, watch the lights move, feel the… Read More

  • New technology to recover plastics from junk developed

    New technology to recover plastics from junk developed

    Mitsubishi Electric announced on Wednesday that they, as Japan’s first company, have developed a technology that makes it possible to automatically separate plastics from scrapped electronic devices [JP]. The company says that removing plastics from scrapped electronic devices is usually a complicated process due to resins getting mixed up in the shards. Using the Mitsubishi technology, it… Read More

  • DIY MP3 clock: DIY in Chinese means "Buy it from us wholesale"

    DIY MP3 clock: DIY in Chinese means "Buy it from us wholesale"

    Not only does this clock look absolutely insane (you basically pick sounds and “stack” them under Windows, adding Frog, Cuckoo, and Hammer noises to your morning wake-up call) it was pitched to us as a product that we at CrunchGear might want to sell. While CrunchGear employees and friends have sold blood, sperm, pot, Arby’s roast beef, and looked at the occasional pile of poop… Read More

  • 10 small good things you need for the big game

    10 small good things you need for the big game

    Like most nerds, I don’t follow football. However, I do follow football-shaped slow cookers and boy, is this a doozy. It has three settings — warm, cook, and off — and it only costs $39.99. Don’t let the kids at it or they’ll be throwing a metal ball full of chicken wings across the room faster than you can say Bret Farve. Hit fosfor.com for 9 more gadgets. Read More

  • Everex's gPC is the suck

    Everex's gPC is the suck

    I was worried this would happen when I first saw the gPC a few months ago. I knew the idea wouldn’t fly and that the OS was half-baked, but now PC Magazine, that bastion of hard-core reviewing, has confirmed my suspicions. They found the entire system to be uninspiring and basically said: Aside from being cheap and unaffected by Windows viruses, there’s not a lot to recommend in the… Read More