• Do you wish to own a Joule iPad Stand? Yes?

    So Joule sent us an $129 iPad stand to give away and we want you to have one. It’s actually quite cool. It’s made of a solid piece of metal and just kind of feels weighty and important. It’s amazingly heavy duty and it’s great to know someone out there still cares about aesthetics. Biggest problem? You can’t stick your iPad in there while it’s in the case. Read More

  • Joule iPad stand is $129 of pure art

    Need a fancy pants stand for your iPad? Have $129 to spend? Get yourself a crazy Joule stand. The Joule basically holds your iPod in a standing positon and its made from a few pieces of solid aluminum. It comes in polished or black anodized and you can request custom coatings or engravings. This thing is almost totally handmade in California by the same guys who made the amazing Element Case. Read More