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  • Betawork's John Borthwick of Betaworks 2012 Recap

    Keen On… John Borthwick: Why The Facebook-Instagram Deal Is The Most Important Tech Event Of 2012

    What was the most significant tech event of 2012? No, neither Apple after Steve Jobs nor the Facebook IPO. Not at least according to John Borthwick, the CEO of Betaworks and one of the shrewdest observers of the tech scene. Read More

  • Backstage With John Borthwick

    The New Digg Has A Fighting Chance

    We have a story on our site today about that guy who accomplished a very long space jump. Baumgartner, or something. Apparently this story has made the front page of Digg, and now that front page of Digg is coming in third in referral traffic to that story, on a Sunday, bringing in around 40 unique readers to Facebook’s 100 or so at any given moment according to Chartbeat. Read More

  • Ron Conway: 'New York Tech Is Here To Stay'

    Today, at Disrupt NYC, CEO & Co-founder of Hunch Chris Dixon, Ron Conway of SV Angel, CEO of Betaworks John Borthwick, Managing Partner of High Line Ventures Shana Fisher , and former CEO of The Huffington Post Eric Hippeau took to the stage to discuss the current entrepreneurial landscape in New York and how it’s changed in recent years. Read More

  • Investors Fred Wilson, John Borthwick and Josh Kopelman Are Ready To Disrupt NYC

    Where there are startups, there are great investors backing them up. The resurgence of New York City as a startup capital the past few years has witnessed the rise in prominence of several East Coast investors across the spectrum from super angels to super VCs. Today, we are incredibly pleased to announce that Fred Wilson, John Borthwick and Josh Kopelman will all join us for this… Read More

  • Keen On… John Borthwick: Why Social Isn't in Google's DNA (TCTV)

    With billions of dollars flowing into today’s social economy, betaworks CEO John Borthwick sees the social economy radically changing not only media, but all 21st century industries. It’s 1998 all over again, he told me when we met last week in New York City – thus arguing that today’s social boom still has at least a couple of years of innovation left in it. But… Read More

  • Keen On… John Borthwick: The New Medium Mogul Behind Bitly, TweetDeck, Chartbeat, and SocialFlow (TCTV)

    As the CEO of betaworks, John Borthwick is one of the most influential architects of the social web. Borthwick, who used to run technology strategy at Time Warner, co-founded betaworks as a new medium company for the social economy. Today, betaworks is a network of around 30 companies – including Bitly, Tweetdeck, Chartbeat and SocialFlow – all, in Borthwick’s words… Read More

  • Neutrality Or Bust

    Neutrality Or Bust

    Editor’s note: Guest author John Borthwick is the CEO and founder of betaworks and in a previous life was a senior strategist for Time Warner and a witness in the Microsoft antitrust case. Access to fast, affordable and open broadband, for users and developers alike is, I believe, the single most important driver of innovation in our business. The FCC will likely vote next week on… Read More

  • Realtime Blabfest With Andrew Keen, John Borthwick, and Kevin Marks

    Earlier today I had a debate about the Realtime Web with author Andrew Keen on a Blogtalk Radio podcast hosted by Supernova’s Howard Greenstein. (It is embedded below if you have an extra hour to spare). Andrew thinks that real time streams such as Twitter are overwhelming and not very helpful for normal people yet. He pulled out the old canard that real time media will never… Read More