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  • Notifications 6

    Notifications Summit: Session 6

    Services as the second instance: Demos: XoXco with Ben Brown
    Poncho with James Cooper How web services are using contextual data to drive relevant notifications: Robert Scoble (Futurist, Scobleizer), Steve Cheney (Estimote), Joe Stump (SimpleGeo) How do you think about the notification stream? How do you think services will begin to blend API’s and integrate different data sets into… Read More

  • SimpleGeo Founder Joe Stump Talks Up Location-As-A-Service (Video)

    I had the chance to sit down with Joe Stump, former Lead Architect at Digg who recently co-founded a startup called SimpleGeo, at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam. We’ve covered the company he started with Matt Galligan (of Socialthing fame) a number of times in the past, but I was interested to learn how things were working out for the fledgling startup, which is looking to… Read More