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  • WWJD? The CEO Every Healthcare Leader Should Learn From

    WWJD? The CEO Every Healthcare Leader Should Learn From

    As healthcare goes through massive changes, health system CEOs would be well advised to study what newspaper industry leaders did (or perhaps more appropriately, didn’t do) when faced with a similar situation. In the late 90’s, the following dynamics were present: Owning printing presses was a de facto barrier to entry allowing newspapers unfettered dominance.
    Newspaper… Read More

  • Jeff Jarvis: When It Comes To New Journalism, 'Transparency Is The New Objectivity'

    Jeff Jarvis is the creator of Entertainment Weekly, a San Francisco Examiner columnist, the Associate Publisher of The Daily News, and a consultant to new media companies — in other words, a veteran of the old school and a proponent of the new. Jarvis took to the stage today at Disrupt NYC for some banter with TechCrunch Big Kahuna Mike Arrington. The two writers talked about their… Read More

  • Jeff Jarvis Tries To Save Local News (With Spreadsheets!)

    Local news always seems to get the short end of the stick, both in terms of coverage and advertising dollars. And as the entire newspaper industry continues to struggle for survival, the prospects for local news looks particularly bleak. It just doesn’t pay to have a reporter cover a neighborhood farmer’s market when she could be covering the Mayor’s office or something… Read More

  • Next09 Video Interview: What Would Jeff Jarvis Do?

    So I finally managed to sit down with Jeff Jarvis here at the Next09 conference in Hamburg, Germany, and we had a chat about his recently published book – What Would Google Do? -, his views on the traditional media industry and their current struggles as well as his profound love for TechCrunch (aye, captain). Jarvis, for those of you who don’t know the man, is a published… Read More