• Hey, look: It's the Jaybird Sportsband. It's a Bluetooth headset dontcha know?

    This snazzy Bluetooth headset comes to us by way of Jaybird, which specializes in all things Bluetooth. It’s called the Sportsband. Presumably it’s for sports enthusiasts. Read More

  • Jaybird citizen review

    I sent the Jaybird stereo bluetooth headset out to Dr. Adam Keith of Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy to test in his daily 10 mile run. He reports: If my IPod could speak, it would be screaming “Hallelujah” ever since I plugged in my Jaybird wireless earphones.  You see, my iPod has taken a beating this winter on the treadmill from my arms inadvertently hitting the earphone wires sending… Read More

  • Jaybird stereo Bluetooth headset

    [photopress:jaybird.IMG_1559.JPG,full,pp_image] We can expect the Jaybird to hit our shores this summer. I don’t really see a market for standalone stereo Bluetooth headsets because so few devices have stereo Bluetooth. Luckily, the Jaybird comes with a Bluetooth iPod adapter and mini-stereo adapter and offers the user some degree of wireless control, depending on the device, via the… Read More