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  • Qwiki Startup Battlefield Presentation

    Facebook Billionaire Eduardo Saverin Leads Qwiki's $8 Million Round

    TechCrunch Disrupt winner Qwiki has closed its $8 million series A financing, which I first reported a couple weeks ago when it was midway through the round. Now we know the investors, and it is a very interesting group. The largest investor who led the round turns out to be Eduardo Saverin, the early Facebook co-founder who was pushed out of the company but walked away with enough shares… Read More

  • Chad Hurley's Take From The Sale Of YouTube: $334 Million

    Chad Hurley's Take From The Sale Of YouTube: $334 Million

    You can learn all sorts of interesting tidbits from legal documents. For instance, in one of the legal briefs unsealed today in the YouTube-Viacom dispute, such as the amount of money YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley made from the $1.65 billion sale of the company to Google in 2006. His take: $334 million (based on the November, 13, 2006 closing price of Google’s stock). In other words… Read More