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  • All About the Introduction of the Verizon iPhone

    OMG/JK: The Verizon iPhone And The End Of An Era

    We're approaching an end of an era. A time when MG Siegler, my cohost on OMG/JK, will no longer be forced to struggle with AT&T on a daily basis. Soon, he will be equipped with a phone that will actually be able to make phone calls. And Seth the Blogger Guy will be able to breathe a little easier. Because soon, MG — and millions of other people — will have the Verizon iPhone. In case you… Read More

  • The Mac App Store and Amazon's Android App Store

    OMG/JK: I Wonder If The Verizon iPhone Comes In Red

    It's time for your favorite part of the week: the new episode of OMG/JK, featuring fellow TechCrunch writer MG Siegler and myself talking about the hottest stories in tech. And this episode's a great one (though that should come as no surprise). This has been a remarkable week in technology news, especially when it comes to the iPhone and Android (which, as you may have noticed, happen to be… Read More

  • 2011 Tech Outlook for Android, HTML5 and Chrome OS

    OMG/JK: Shiny Hats And Crystal Balls

    It's time for a special New Years-themed edition of OMG/JK, and we've really gone all out with our costumes. From shiny hats to incredibly cheap kazoos, we're ready to ring in 2011 with a bang. Oh, and we've got some technology to talk about. Because there hasn't been much major news in the tech world this week, we decided to spend most of the show discussing some of the big trends that are… Read More

  • Samsung Nexus S, Yahoo to Kill Delicio.Us and Google OS

    OMG/JK: Gingerbread Has Never Tasted So Delicious

    After a brief hiatus (MG was spreading the Apple gospel in Paris during Le Web), we're back for the latest episode of OMG/JK. There's been a lot of big news in the last couple weeks, so we had a lot to talk about. In this episode we give our first impressions of the Nexus S (MG still likes his iPhone, naturally). We also take a stab at ChromeOS, which both of us have had on our test Cr-48 laptops… Read More

  • TechCrunchTV After Dark: So Kincaid, Lacy and Dennis Crowley Walk into a Bar…(TCTV)

    TechCrunchTV After Dark: So Kincaid, Lacy and Dennis Crowley Walk into a Bar…(TCTV)

    There is no reason in the world I should have been invited to a dinner with Foursquare founder and CEO Dennis Crowley. It's already one of the most written about companies on TechCrunch, and I am the only TechCrunch reporter who has never written a post on them. That's in part because I am one of the only TechCrunch reporters who has just never been a big Foursquare fan. I get it, but a mayor… Read More

  • The Daily, iOS 4.2, and Android Gingerbread

    OMG/JK: Mistletoe, AirPlay, And Other Forms Of Near Field Communication

    It's Black Friday, which means that many of you woke up this morning at the crack of dawn, shrugged off your Thanksgiving food comas, and made your way to the dreary parking lots of electronic stores across the country. Right about now, you're probably just waking up from your recovery nap — and there's nothing better to get your sluggish mind back on track than this week's episode of… Read More

  • Facebook Messaging and Path Photo Sharing App

    OMG/JK: The Path To A World With No Subject Lines

    Just in time for the weekend, it's time for another episode of TechCrunch TV's OMG/JK. Even better, this is a special episode, because we spend the show talking about two especially big topics, instead of our usual three. Get excited. This week's show focuses primarily on the new Facebook Messages, the social network's take on the future of communications. It's got chat, SMS, and email, bundled… Read More

  • RockMelt, Google, Facebook, and Adobe Flash

    OMG/JK: Yeah, I’ll Reciprocate Your Middle Finger

    It's been a busy week in the tech world: A new web browser wants to make your entire browsing experience more social. Google and Facebook are doing battle over contacts, openness, and reciprocity. And Adobe and Apple are sparring (again). All of which is a recipe for a great episode of OMG/JK. Tune in to watch us trade jabs, witticisms, and, occasionally, small bursts of insight. And have no… Read More

  • The Verizon IPhone, Nook Color, and UberCab

    OMG/JK: Attack Of The Anthropomorphized Smartphones!

    It's finally happened. MG's love for all things Apple has manifested itself in physical form, and he now wears an iPhone to work every day. The doctors say we should try to make him feel like this is normal, so I've taken to donning a matching Android handset. Clashes are frequent — the hallway leading to TC HQ literally isn't big enough for both of us, and the rest of the team is tasked with… Read More

  • New MacBook Air, SFund and Google TV

    OMG/JK: Just Two Guys Drooling Over The New MacBook Air

    We had a special guest for this week's episode of OMG/JK, the show I host alongside fellow writer Jason Kincaid: the new MacBook Air. If you've been waiting to see two guys endlessly fawn over something, watch above. And once we wiped the drool off of our faces, we also discussed Kleiner Perkins' new sFund, the $250 million fund to back new social applications. And we talk a bit about the Google… Read More