• PS3 Jailbreak Faces Injunction In Australia

    Anyone who thought Sony was simply going to sit back and allow that “jailbreak” dongle to be sold with impunity, ja! Sony, in Australia, has convinced the courts to place an injunction on the sale and importation of the dongle there. No homebrew and/or piracy for you, Australia. Read More

  • iPhone Dev Team won't be jailbreaking iOS 4.0.2, says "the only winning move is not to play"

    In the endless game of cat-and-mouse that is iPhone jailbreaking, sometimes the mouse needs to take a break. Not because it’s tired, mind you — but because it doesn’t want to show the cat where it’s hiding its cheese before it gets a chance to eat it. Early this morning, the iPhone Dev Team (the guys behind the discovery of the vast majority of iPhone jailbreak… Read More

  • Don't Use That Jailbroken PS3 Online

    You might want to hold off on jailbreaking your PS3, particularly if you spend much time online. Turns out that Sony can detect the software ID used by the program used for jailbreaking, and then ban your PS3 remotely. What’s the solution? Either don’t use your hacked PS3 on the Playstation network, or don’t use the hack on it in the first place. TGDaily reported that some of… Read More

  • PS Jailbreak Does What It Promises: Jailbreaks Your PS3

    Using just a USB drive and a software exploit, the PS Jailbreak apparently does what so many have tried doing before it: allowing unauthorised software — including backups — to run on the PS3. The beauty of the exploit is that it makes the PS3 run games just like it’s a debug console. This means you can run your legitimate backups from either the internal HDD, or over USB from… Read More

  • Symantec: Apple Needs To Fix iPhone (& iPad) Security Flaw ASAP

    A newly discovered security flaw puts any device that runs iOS, including the iPhone and iPad, at risk! At risk from what, you ask? An evildoer could remotely take control of your device, leaving you holding a hunk of plastic that you have zero control over. Symantec, which first discovered the security flaw, says Apple needs to patch the vulnerability ASAP, lest the bad guys cause a bit of havoc. Read More

  • There, I fixed it

    The dastardly geek’s favorite new pastime: jailbreaking Apple Store iPhone 4s with the help of comex’s new one-click, in-browser Jailbreak solution. Jailbreaking your own iPhone? Totally legal. Apple’s display units? Probably not so much. [Hat tip to reddit’s blindingdawn for having balls of steel] Read More

  • JailbreakMe 2.0 website: easiest way to set your iPhone 4 free

    You kids n’ your iPhones… you got it so easy these days. Why, I remember in my day to jailbreak your phone you needed the blood from 3 albino chickens, the pickled fingers of a giant panda, and ground eunuch horn… Now all you have to do to jailbreak your iPhone 4 is go visit www.jailbreakme.com from the device itself, then follow the instructions that appear on-screen. Of… Read More

  • Apple on the defensive: Jailbreaking your iPhone may be legal but it'll still void your warranty

    No idea how this will fly in court, but here we go. Apple says that jailbreaking your iPhone, while now as legal as can be, will still void your warranty. Besides, said Apple, the number of people who actually go to the trouble of jailbreaking their iPhone is so small that it’s really not worth getting too excited over. Read More

  • How will Apple respond to the DMCA revision? They won't.

    Today’s adjustment of the DMCA has far-reaching legal implications, which will only be evident after a few weeks, months, or even years as various parties exploit them however they can. I’m going to let the experts play in that sandbox. But one of the new rules seems to have had a specific target in mind: Apple. To wit: “(2) Computer programs that enable wireless… Read More

  • Now legal in the U.S.: Jailbreaking your iPhone, ripping a DVD for educational purposes

    It’s no longer illegal under the DMCA to jailbreak your iPhone or bypass a DVD’s CSS in order to obtain fair use footage for educational purposes or criticism. These are the new rules that were handed down moments ago by the U.S. Copyright Office. This is really big. Like, really big. Read More

  • The Internet trolls have forced Geohot to quit jailbreak research

    As you probably remember, Geohot – George Hotz to his parents – is the kid who unlocked the original iPhone and, over time, became one of the foremost experts on iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking. A few days ago he announced an iPhone 4 jailbreak but, in an addition to the post, he states he’s probably not going to release it and may quit the scene. Another good man dead… Read More

  • iPhone 4 jailbroken, but not for you

    A bit of bittersweet news for all you crazy cats and kittens. GeoHot has jailbroken the iPhone 4 but, as he says in his comments, don’t ask him for it. He won’t give it to you. What does this mean? It means you’ll eventually be able to pop homebrew software on the phone but it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to unlock it – yet. That’s next. As Tom Petty… Read More

  • iMovie runs on the iPhone 3GS if you jailbreak it

    So we know that IOS4 will be coming to older phones, but of course certain features like iMovie are planned for just the iPhone 4, and not previous models. Well, it turns out that you can run iMovie on older phones, they just have to be jailbroken. I’m not going to go into the technical details, you can get those from the video – so enjoy! [via Lifehacker] Read More

  • The User's Manifesto: in defense of hacking, modding, and jailbreaking

    There’s a trend that’s been disturbing me lately. When the topic of modding or jailbreaking comes up — say, in the wake of the iPad announcement, or Sony’s restrictive PS3 update — there is an outcry. Who am I to tell Apple what’s best for their devices? How can I in good conscience urge others to void their warranties or break license agreements? And… Read More

  • Two things: the iPad is inching closer to being hacked, and people are starting to see why hacking it is a good idea

    Every day, we’re getting closer to a truly hacked iPad. I support this endeavor, but there are many who would say that Apple has our best interests in mind by limiting the iPad to what they think it should do. Well. Lately we’ve learned about apps being rejected for having “pad” in the name, apps being rejected because they weren’t written in the right coding… Read More

  • And now we wait for someone to jailbreak the iPad

    Whether you’re excited about the iPad or not, you really have to admit that it’s a beautiful piece of hardware. What people disagree about is whether it’s worth having around, what with Apple’s chokehold on content and the limited inputs. Hell yeah, it is! But for flicking my way through word documents, watching scaled-down HD content in mono, and designing presentations? Read More

  • Jailbreak fix for iTunes 9.1 on Windows already on the way

    There was a wee bit of chaos amongst iPhone jailbreakers after this morning’s iTunes 9.1 update hit. Seemingly out of nowhere, “tethered” jailbreaks (the slightly-less-convenient type necessary for newer iPhones) stopped working. Panic! Fortunately, the endlessly resourceful army behind the jailbreaking effort has already isolated the problem, and a fix is in the works. Read More

  • iTunes 9.1 preventing jailbroken devices from syncing, breaking tethered jailbreaks?

    Hurray, it’s cat and mouse time again! iTunes 9.1 was just released, and it looks like Apple has taken yet another step (or two) in their endless fight against jailbreaking. Take this with a grain of salt for the time being, but we’re hearing a lot of early reports that jailbroken devices will not sync with this latest iTunes release. Read More

  • It is morning in America: GeoHot tells of untethered jailbreak that could work on iPad

    Web video star GeoHot just did a quick demo of his untethered iPhone/iPod Touch jailbreak. That’s right – you just have to put something on your device – and not directly connect it to your computer – and it will jailbreak that heck out of it in a few minutes. It’s just like the old days when you could download an image on the original iPhone and suddenly… Read More

  • Jailbreak-proof? Not so much

    I was going to use this graphic on the original story, in which Apple modified the bootrom in new 3GSes to make them resistant to current exploits, but Greg had already written it up. But now, as Wired clarifies what was pretty much clear from the start (it only protects against the current exploit), it has found a new place to shine. This is the great circle of mods, people. I can’t… Read More

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