• Hands-On With The New iPod Nano

    Ready for iPod Nano Round Six? Because, as of Apple’s media event this morning, it’s a reality — and it’s completely different from every Nano that came before it. We spent some time with the new Nano this afternoon. Want to get inside our heads on the matter? Join me after the jump for my first impressions on this lil’ guy. Read More

  • Australian PS3 Jailbreak Courtroon Showdown Delayed Till Friday

    Not the biggest story in the world today—it is transfer deadline day, after all—but it looks like the big Sony PS3 modchip courtroom smackdown has been delayed by a few days. The judge who was supposed to preside over the case didn’t show up today (it’ 9pm in Sydney as of this writing), thus the hearing has been moved back to Friday, September 3. Read More

  • PS3 Jailbreak Faces Injunction In Australia

    Anyone who thought Sony was simply going to sit back and allow that “jailbreak” dongle to be sold with impunity, ja! Sony, in Australia, has convinced the courts to place an injunction on the sale and importation of the dongle there. No homebrew and/or piracy for you, Australia. Read More

  • iPhone Dev Team won't be jailbreaking iOS 4.0.2, says "the only winning move is not to play"

    In the endless game of cat-and-mouse that is iPhone jailbreaking, sometimes the mouse needs to take a break. Not because it’s tired, mind you — but because it doesn’t want to show the cat where it’s hiding its cheese before it gets a chance to eat it. Early this morning, the iPhone Dev Team (the guys behind the discovery of the vast majority of iPhone jailbreak… Read More

  • Don't Use That Jailbroken PS3 Online

    You might want to hold off on jailbreaking your PS3, particularly if you spend much time online. Turns out that Sony can detect the software ID used by the program used for jailbreaking, and then ban your PS3 remotely. What’s the solution? Either don’t use your hacked PS3 on the Playstation network, or don’t use the hack on it in the first place. TGDaily reported that some of… Read More

  • PS Jailbreak Does What It Promises: Jailbreaks Your PS3

    Using just a USB drive and a software exploit, the PS Jailbreak apparently does what so many have tried doing before it: allowing unauthorised software — including backups — to run on the PS3. The beauty of the exploit is that it makes the PS3 run games just like it’s a debug console. This means you can run your legitimate backups from either the internal HDD, or over USB from… Read More

  • Symantec: Apple Needs To Fix iPhone (& iPad) Security Flaw ASAP

    A newly discovered security flaw puts any device that runs iOS, including the iPhone and iPad, at risk! At risk from what, you ask? An evildoer could remotely take control of your device, leaving you holding a hunk of plastic that you have zero control over. Symantec, which first discovered the security flaw, says Apple needs to patch the vulnerability ASAP, lest the bad guys cause a bit of havoc. Read More

  • There, I fixed it

    The dastardly geek’s favorite new pastime: jailbreaking Apple Store iPhone 4s with the help of comex’s new one-click, in-browser Jailbreak solution. Jailbreaking your own iPhone? Totally legal. Apple’s display units? Probably not so much. [Hat tip to reddit’s blindingdawn for having balls of steel] Read More

  • JailbreakMe 2.0 website: easiest way to set your iPhone 4 free

    You kids n’ your iPhones… you got it so easy these days. Why, I remember in my day to jailbreak your phone you needed the blood from 3 albino chickens, the pickled fingers of a giant panda, and ground eunuch horn… Now all you have to do to jailbreak your iPhone 4 is go visit www.jailbreakme.com from the device itself, then follow the instructions that appear on-screen. Of… Read More

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