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  • Square’s International Starbucks Expansion Is Up To Jack Dorsey, Says Starbucks CEO

    Square’s International Starbucks Expansion Is Up To Jack Dorsey, Says Starbucks CEO

    The payments space was even further shaken up last night, with the news that Square will take over all U.S. credit and debit card transactions for Starbucks. And those who use the Pay with Square app (iPhone and Android) will be able to pay for their sugary caffeinated drinks with nothing more than their phone. This morning in New York, a handful of journalists sat down with Square CEO Jack… Read More

  • Square Partners With Starbucks, Raises $25M For Series D; Howard Schultz Joins The Board

    Square Partners With Starbucks, Raises $25M For Series D; Howard Schultz Joins The Board

    It might not be the funding announcement we’ve been hearing rumors about, but today Square announced that they’ve partnered with Starbucks. Beginning this fall, Square will begin processing all U.S. credit and debit card transactions at participating Starbucks stores across their 7,000 locations. Pay with Square users will be able to find a nearby Starbucks in the Square Directory… Read More

  • WTF
    The Mysterious Words You Can’t Tweet

    The Mysterious Words You Can’t Tweet

    The legend goes something like this: as a child, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s father would relentlessly hound him to “Get better”, so Jack eventually banned the phrase from being tweeted. Go ahead and try it, the tweet won’t go through. But the legend? It’s a hoax. Here’s the real story… Read More

  • DLD 2012 – @Jack Dorsey: “Twitter Has A Business Model That Works”

    DLD 2012 – @Jack Dorsey: “Twitter Has A Business Model That Works”

    Earlier this fine Sunday afternoon, Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey took the stage at the DLD Conference, the annual pre-Davos meeting of minds held in Munich, Germany. In an interview with not one but two journalists (Holger Schmidt from FOCUS Magazine and Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick), Dorsey talked a great deal about Twitter and a little bit about Square. Dorsey… Read More

  • Square to Investors: $1 Billion Valuation? That's So Last Week. Make It $2 Billion.

    Square is still working on raising its $50 million-or-so next round of venture capital, and we’ve heard from several sources why it’s taking so long. It seems Square is no longer content to be in the $1 billion valuation club, which is admittedly getting a little crowded. I mean, once they’ve let Spotify in, they’ll let any hot app in, right? Square is now angling for… Read More

  • Twitter Ads: "The Perfect Wet Dream of Every Marketer." So Why Are There Only 600 Advertisers?

    Dick Costolo just wrapped up his keynote at All Things D. It wasn’t livestreamed, so for those of you who missed out, there were some interesting tidbits about user numbers, defense of Twitter’s stewardship of its developer community and some hints about the ad business. Rather than any newsy bombshells, my biggest takeaway was what I’ve written before about Twitter’s… Read More

  • Mo' Money: Square Now Processing $3 Million A Day In Mobile Payments

    That was fast. Just like that Square passed $3 million in transactions processed, on a Saturday no less, according to a Tweet an hour ago by CEO Jack Dorsey. The mobile payments startup is seeing an acceleration in transaction volume. It took about 10 months from its public launch for Square to reach $1 million a day in payments going through its mobile app. Getting to $2 million a day… Read More

  • Twitter: Consider This Your Intervention.

    Twitter: Consider This Your Intervention.

    This is the post I haven’t wanted to write for weeks. This is the post no one wants to write. No one wants to say Twitter is in trouble. That’s like shooting your best friend’s dog. But I’m increasingly convinced that Twitter is operationally in trouble, for a lot of the same reasons that Fortune’s Jessi Hempel outlines in her cover today, and other reasons… Read More

  • Season 7

    The deal is finally almost done for the realignment of the television business. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner gets $30 million for the final three years of the series, with no cuts of talent and only a partial concession to AMC’s insistence on cutting 2 minutes of the show for more ads. This “concession” is to keep the first and last shows at 47 minutes and then go to 45 for… Read More

  • Live With Jack

    Live With Jack

    I’m at Columbia Business School tonight to talk with Jack Dorsey, a founder of both Twitter and Square. As I wrote earlier today: It’s really more of an interview, with questions from the students and the audience at large. If you have a question for Dorsey, leave one in comments below or Tweet them at me during the event @erickschonfeld. I’ll be asking Dorsey about his new… Read More

  • Help Me Interview Jack Dorsey Tonight

    Jack Dorsey is in demand these days. The inventor of Twitter is now back as head of product, while still acting as CEO of his other startup, Square. Tonight, Dorsey and I will guest lecture together at Rachel Sterne’s Columbia Business School course on Social Media And Entrepreneurship. Sterne is also New York City’s chief digital officer, so it should be a social media… Read More

  • It's Official: Ev Became "Less Involved" At Twitter Months Ago

    Today’s return of Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey to the company he created to once again head up its product efforts raises the question of what will co-founder Evan Williams be doing now. When he handed over the CEO reigns to Dick Costolo last October, the company said he was going to focus more on the product side of things. Dorsey is now the head of product and the two co-founders have… Read More

  • Jack Dorsey Takes Over Product Again At Twitter As Executive Chairman

    Jack Dorsey Takes Over Product Again At Twitter As Executive Chairman

    Jack Dorsey is back at Twitter in a big way. He just tweeted that he is now taking on the lead product role at Twitter, the company he co-founded and where he’s remained as chairman. To reflect his new operating role, his title will now be executive chairman. Dorsey will remain CEO of Square. News that Dorsey was negotiating with Twitter for an expanded role came out last week. There… Read More

  • Jack Dorsey's Golden Gate Speech

    Jack Dorsey & The Golden Gate Bridge (Exclusive Video)

    A recent Vanity Fair profile of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey ends with an anecdote about an inspiring speech he gave to the assembled staff at his new mobile payments startup, Square. The internal “TownSquare” meeting took place on his 34th birthday last November, and it is a remarkable statement by a young CEO who is finding his voice and trying to impart it onto his company. … Read More

  • Dorsey Is Back In Action At Twitter, And That May Be Formalized Soon

    While everyone is going gaga over Lady Gaga at Twitter, it’s the gradual return of another creative genius to 795 Folsom Street that’s got die hard Twitter fans all hot and bothered.  Twitter and Square co-founder Jack Dorsey, as first reported by Business Insider’s Nicholas Carlson, is currently in talks with Twitter management to expand his role. We’ve confirmed… Read More

  • 5 Years Later, Jack Dorsey Tweets About Twitter's Beginning

    Did you know it was exactly five years ago today that Jack Dorsey and a few other team members working at Odeo first started to work on what would become Twitter? How do I know? Dorsey is tweeting about it right now. While programming began five years ago, it wasn’t until eight days later, on March 21, 2006, that Dorsey sent the famous first (non-automated) tweet: “inviting… Read More

  • Jack Dorsey On Being Ejected From Twitter: "It Was Like Being Punched In The Stomach"

    Jack Dorsey On Being Ejected From Twitter: "It Was Like Being Punched In The Stomach"

    Jack Dorsey gets the Vanity Fair treatment in a long profile written by David Kirkpatrick (author of The Facebook Effect). It goes over familiar ground for anyone who’s been following Dorsey—his obsession with maps and cities, the founding of Twitter, his ouster, and more recently new company Square (which is doing just fine, thank you). But Kirkpatrick pulls it all together into… Read More

  • Jack Dorsey On Charlie Rose: "It's Really Complex To Make Something Simple."

    Jack Dorsey On Charlie Rose: "It's Really Complex To Make Something Simple."

    Twitter Chairman and Square founder Jack Dorsey sat down with Charlie Rose last night to talk about Dorsey’s unique position of being responsible for two technology startups based on the idea of simplicity: Twitter and Square. Watching this interview you realize that Dorsey’s accomplishments have little to do with luck, and more with his focus on creating the purest products by… Read More

  • Square Starts 2011 with A New Round At A Big Valuation

    Square Starts 2011 with A New Round At A Big Valuation

    While much of Silicon Valley spent the last two weeks skiing or otherwise reveling in all that money made this year from acquisitions, partial liquidations and secondary deals, Square founder Jack Dorsey was apparently hard at work. TechCrunch has learned that Square is in the process of closing a large round of funding. The company is being valued, we hear from multiple sources, at… Read More

  • Art.sy Raises $1.25 Million From Schmidt, Murdoch, Dorsey, And Super-Artsy Angels

    New York City art world startup Art.sy, which launched at our first TechCrunch Disrupt and won the Rookie Award, is raising $1.25 million from a very impressive group of super angels on both coasts. The investors include Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Wendi Murdoch (wife of News Corp. founder Rupert Murdoch), Jack Dorsey (Twitter, Square), VC Jim Breyer, art “czarina” Dasha Zhukova… Read More