• Hotelyo raises €1m angel round for its Vente Privée for luxury hotel deals

    Hotelyo, a “Vente Privée” for exclusive and luxurious hotels, has raised close to €1 million in an angel round. That’s pretty impressive for Italy’s standards. The company already has a turnover of around €500,000 and to-date provides offers for 14 heavily discounted luxury hotels every seven days with more expected to come on board in the next few months. Hotelyo… Read More

  • MopApp launches cross-store mobile analytics – we have 100 invites

    Mopapp, a Software-as-a-Service that allows application developers to retrieve, analyze and chart the downloads, upgrades, sales, revenues and profit of their mobile applications, just launched its private beta. And we have invites. The most interesting aspect of the product is that it’s cross-platform and cross-store, and it automatically integrates with most major stores (Apple iTunes… Read More

  • MusiXmatch aims to make online lyrics legal with new €400k round

    MusiXmatch, a “lyrics in the cloud” company, has announced €400k of new seed funding. The Italian company is tackling the online music lyrics space, and whilst there are already tons of websites offering free lyrics, very few, if any, actually have the rights to do so. Additionally, Max Ciociola, MusiXmatch’s founder and CEO noticed that the word “lyrics” is one… Read More

  • Italy's RAI bans 'controversial' instant replays during soccer matches. That's one way to solve the problem!

    During the World Cup, particularly during the England-Germany and Mexico-Argentina games, there was a lot of debate over the role of video replay in the sport. FIFA responded, in typical fashion, by banning video replay inside stadia. Head in the sand, etc. Well now Italy broadcaster RAI has embraced that very same mentality. Starting with the upcoming Italian season it will not show… Read More

  • Can Someone Please Tell This Italian Judge What YouTube Is?

    Can Someone Please Tell This Italian Judge What YouTube Is?

    Sometimes I despair of Europe, even though I’m proud of what can be achieved here. But really, guys, can we get it together? At the same time the European Union is investigating a pretty flimsy anti-trust complaint against Google, it’s conspiciously ignoring a case in Italy where three Google executives have been found guilty on a ridiculous charge. Here is the bizarre… Read More

  • iWikiPhone closes €250k round to take over the iPhone App Store

    [Italy] Rome-based iWikiPhone, a social network for iPhone users where they can discover, share and discuss the best apps, has closed a €250k round of funding. The money comes from a number of private investors and also from Egolab, a Rome based company specializing in online media. Egolab has provided 100k of funding by way of services and a cash investment in return for 20% equity in… Read More

  • A fresh Italian tech scene emerges over wine and pizza

    Italy, like a few other European countries, is way behind in the construction and creation of a “tech startup scene”. That being said, as of last Saturday there was almost no scene in Italy. Not because we lack the actual people, but because we do lack the sense of community and cluster of a place like, for instance London or Berlin. There are different explanations for this. Read More

  • Google News investigated by Italian antitrust authorities

    The FIEG, an association of Italian editors, recently tried to sue Google’s News service. They claim: “Google is preventing editors from choosing freely which articles should be posted on the website”. The editors are also claiming that websites which don’t want to be published on Google News would also be automatically excluded from Google’s standard search… Read More

  • Italy's H-Farm is an incubator with ideas – and it's coming to London

    Italian startup incubator H-Farm Ventures is running a competition with $200,000 prize money to fund the the 10 most original and potentially successful ideas for web shows, interactive formats and what they call “trans-media narration”. Cirkus is a competition that ends on September 5th, 2009, and is open to anyone who can come up with a fresh and engaging web based program. Read More

  • Passpack raises €74,000 more to manage your passwords

    Online password management startup Passpack, announced it’s follow-on funding. The company raised €350,000 in June 2008 and now previous investor Zernike Meta Ventures is topping that with additional €74,000. This new capital injection will enable the company to finish the development of their product and start to actively market it. They blog about it here. The Rome-based company… Read More

  • Italy tries to keep up with a new €35M fund for startups

    Fact: cash is very hard to get for Italian startups. This has been the major problem of the Italian innovation ecosystem since the dawn of time, there simply isn’t money. Investors prefer to rely on non-risky businesses such as constructions, pharmaceutical and clothing. Web startups are facing a real hard time, but there might be hope. We already reported Google’s Italy… Read More