• UpWest Labs

    Inside Upwest Labs, The Startup Accelerator That Brings Israel To Silicon Valley [TCTV]

    There is certainly no shortage of startup incubators and accelerators these days, but Silicon Valley’s Upwest Labs is doing something especially unique. Upwest, which got off the ground in January, focuses on entrepreneurs with Israeli roots — it brings them to Palo Alto, California for three months where they work around the clock to amp up their existing startups to Silicon… Read More

  • TC
    Brazil’s Startup Industry: Impressions, Insights & Lessons from Israel (Part II)

    Brazil’s Startup Industry: Impressions, Insights & Lessons from Israel (Part II)

    This post is co-written with Daniel Cunha, my partner at Initial Capital. In Part I, we outlined some of the challenges facing the Brazilian startup community as it sets-out to reap the massive opportunity the local market has to offer. In Part II below, we’re going to suggest a course of action, and how it could benefit through the experience of the Israeli startup industry. Step… Read More

  • Brazil’s Startup Industry: Impressions, Insights & Lessons from Israel (Part I)

    Brazil’s Startup Industry: Impressions, Insights & Lessons from Israel (Part I)

    Initial Capital was launched in 2011 as an investment firm targeting early stage startups in Israel and Brazil. The unlikely investment focus is the result of three friends — two Israeli and one Brazilian — turned professional investors. Our Israeli investment network was rather mature when we launched, so we were able to hit the ground running and in the nine months since our… Read More

  • DreamIt Ventures Launches First Israel-U.S. Accelerator

    DreamIt Ventures Launches First Israel-U.S. Accelerator

    Startup incubator DreamIt Ventures is announcing the first Israel-U.S. accelerator, which will help up to five Israeli startups expand into the U.S. market through DreamIt’s NYC 2012 program. The new program, called DreamIt Israel, will take place over four months, with the first month in Israel followed by three months in New York. The startups will also participate in two Demo Day… Read More

  • Build an App for MyHeritage and Win $10,000

    Build an App for MyHeritage and Win $10,000

    MyHeritage, Israel’s best hope of having a big Web 2.0 winner, keeps marching along, leaving Geni further in the dust and proving a surging challenger for already-public The company has nearly 60 million registered users, who have uploaded 20 million family trees, 800 million profiles and 125 million photos on the site. All of that inventory is helping fulfill the early… Read More

  • Hello World: Israel is Out-Classing You in Civil Disobedience

    Hello World: Israel is Out-Classing You in Civil Disobedience

    In the four weeks since the social protests have begun in Israel, hundreds have been killed, dozens of women have reportedly been raped, a number of children tortured, and countless districts have been looted. The authorities have imposed a complete lock-down on all cellular networks. All access to Facebook and Twitter has been blocked. Little information is going in, or out. Except the… Read More

  • New Micro-VC Lool Launches in Israel. Can Better Mentoring Boost the Country's Returns?

    Israel has had an amazing track record of producing startups and raking in returns– better than most countries many times its size. The problem is the returns have fallen off dramatically in the last ten years as industries Israel excelled at have become mature. Meanwhile, it’s failed to generate many big consumer Web hits, aside from MyHeritage and a few others. I’ve… Read More

  • WITN?: Saul Klein Defends the Honor of Wordy and London and Israel's Tech Scenes (TCTV)

    In this week’s show, we talk to one of our favorite angel investors, Saul Klein, who just wrapped up his third annual Seedcamp in London. In addition to being a partner at the powerful Index Ventures and having a British accent — which lonely expat Paul can’t get enough of– Klein is impressive because he’s one of the only angel investors who has made what is… Read More

  • Different Wi-Fi standards: Israel blocks iPad imports from the US

    For some people, buying up iPads in the US in bulk and selling them in their home countries for $2,000 and more means serious business. But don’t do that in Israel, at least for now. The country’s Ministry of Communications has started banning all iPad imports yesterday because of the difference in Wi-Fi standards in the US and Israel. Read More

  • Why VCs Should Take Their Own Advice

    The way venture capital firms are structured makes it almost impossible for outsiders to see what’s really going on inside those 1970s lodge-like Sand Hill Road offices. It’s an industry perfectly structured for sweeping problems under the rug, and as its fundamentals have declined over the last decade, that’s just what it’s been doing. But those big, lumpy problems… Read More