• iRobot Introduces The $699 Roomba 790, The First Roomba With A Wireless Remote

    iRobot Introduces The $699 Roomba 790, The First Roomba With A Wireless Remote

    The Roomba 790 is iRobot’s smartest vacuuming robot yet. Complete with a redesigned look, the 790 features a host of swanky new features including a wireless command center that allows owners to steer their little cleaning robotic slave around the house. Never owning a Roomba I often imagine their haphazard work methodology to be akin to that of 4-year-old’s with an amazing ability… Read More

  • Want: FirstLook Spy Robot (Video)

    iRobot recently introduced the 110 FirstLook robot designed for spying, scouting, and surveillance. FirstLook has four cameras, one on each side, giving the operator a 360-degree view around the robot (night vision mode included). The best part is that it’s super rugged and can survive 15 foot drops onto concrete. Read More

  • iRobot's Latest Roomba And Scooba Will Help Keep Your Pad Clean In 2011 And Beyond

    The march towards robot domance keeps rolling with iRobot’s latest releases that squeezes even more sucking and scrubbing power out of every round inch of the little devices. Just in time for CES 2011, iRobot has taken the virtual sheet off the vacuuming Roomba 700 series and the tiny floor-washing Scooba 230 series. Read More

  • Review: iRobot Looj

    Let it be said that I do not like heights. I also do not like cleaning out gutters. Add those two “dislikes” together and you get the iRobot Looj. The Looj, unlike iRobot’s Roomba, is slightly less intelligent than a broom on the end of a large stick, but it serves a very important purpose: to reduce the amount of time you spend on a ladder when cleaning gutters. The Looj… Read More

  • Happy 20th birthday, iRobot!

    iRobot, perhaps best known for having created the Roomba, turns 20 today. Let’s give them a virtual high five for helping so much in bringing roboticism into the home. Sure, in the end, it might be the death of us all, but in the mean time, it’s nice not having to vacuum so much, am I right? Read More

  • Japanese department store offers robots that look like their buyers

    We all knew this day would come and we all knew this would happen first in Japan. And local department store chain operator Sogo & Seibu is ready to make it possible: You can soon buy robots who look exactly like you. Right, life-size humanoids. The company isn’t that sure about its idea though as it plans to offer just two robots for the time being. Sogo & Seibu says… Read More

  • Workers Of The World, Meet Your Robot Replacements

    Industrial robots are nothing new, but they are getting more and more sophisticated. Watch the video above of the swarming robot warehouse pickers made by Kiva Systems. They are like orange industrial Roombas that go out and find inventory in a warehouse and bring it back to human workers to pack for shipping. Don’t fear them. Really, they are just here to help. Zappos and Staples… Read More

  • Tiny "Ember" military robot navigates curbs with ease

    This excellent little critterbot is far smaller than the other robots in use by the military, and is being considered as a way to scout possibly-hostile buildings and areas. I was skeptical of its usability until I saw its little flippers come out and get it up that curb. It looks simple but it was probably very difficult to get the weight and center of gravity right on this little thing. Read More

  • Long exposure shows Roomba's path around your living room

    This is very interesting as well as being just a cool picture. By working out how long it took for a Roomba to go through a room, turning the lights out and figuring out the exposure settings, this photographer managed to catch the path of the sucker throughout the whole process. Read More

  • iRobot NOT working on autonomous killing machines

    Doug Aamoth here in Boston at the 2009 RoboBusiness Expo with some fodder for the “Robots Will Eventually Rise Up and Kill Us All” debate. No matter which side of the argument you support, if you’re someday killed by an autonomous robot it won’t have been made by iRobot. Read More

  • ZipperMast: Able to spy over tall buildings with a weird hum

    This crazy looking thing could be hunting/killing you this year if iRobot has their say. It’s essentially a periscope attached to an iRobot Packbot that, as you can plainly see, can push a camera eight feet into the air. Called the Zipper Mast or the Situational Awareness Mast, it’s a pretty freaky looking device. Read More