• The State of Digital In Iran Crunch Network

    The State of Digital In Iran

    I don’t think anyone really understands the depth of digital upheaval Iran has experienced in the past few years. Social media and e-commerce consumption have both gone topsy-turvy in parallel to an overwhelming migration to smartphone devices. Read More

  • A First Look At Mobile Gamers In Iran Crunch Network

    A First Look At Mobile Gamers In Iran

    Here’s a fresh profile of the Iranian mobile games scene that’ll provide some useful insights to developers and publishers interested in this otherwise foggy market. We gathered the data via a survey we ran between January 2-10, 2016, sampling 837 mobile gamers on our channel on LINE, the popular messaging app in Iran. Read More

  • A Call To Arms Against McCarthy 2.0 Crunch Network

    A Call To Arms Against McCarthy 2.0

    This week, I learned that HR-158 has Obama’s support, has cleared the House of Representatives with a whopping 407-19 majority, and is on track to be passed by the Senate within days. While the bill attempts to help make Americans safe from terrorism, it’s not only unlikely to do so, but risks implementing a discriminatory regime that could be used against American citizens. Read More

  • Report: Iran Developing System To ID Any Internet User

    Report: Iran Developing System To ID Any Internet User

    The government of Iran is no stranger to using its power to restrict Internet freedoms in its country, blocking millions of websites when they have run counter to religious or political beliefs. Now it sounds like it plans to take that another step further: engineers are developing a system to identify any individual in the country who goes online, according to a report in the AFP (via… Read More

  • Iranian Users Petition Microsoft For Greater Windows Support

    Iranian Users Petition Microsoft For Greater Windows Support

    Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system preview has attracted more than 1 million testers to date, and tens upon tens of thousands of votes on its user forums. Curiosuly, one dominating theme has emerged over the past few days: Requests for better support in Iran. The Verge’s Tom Warren wrote a post last week detailing the top 10 Windows 10 requests, noting that users are… Read More

  • Android Developers Can Now Use Google’s Play Store To Distribute Their Free Apps In Iran

    Android Developers Can Now Use Google’s Play Store To Distribute Their Free Apps In Iran

    Google today announced that Android developers can now make their free apps available in Iran, one of the few countries where app downloads through Google’s store were completely unavailable until now. Paid apps and apps that use in-app billing, Google notes, will still remain unavailable in Iran for the time being. For developers, this move opens up an interesting new market, though… Read More

  • Google Says It’s Seeing A Significant Jump In Phishing Attempts In Iran Ahead Of Elections

    Google Says It’s Seeing A Significant Jump In Phishing Attempts In Iran Ahead Of Elections

    Google says it’s seeing a massive increase in email-based phishing campaigns that originate within Iran and target Iranian users. These attacks, Google says, started about three weeks ago and the company believes that they are politically motivated. Iran’s next election is scheduled for Friday and this “significant jump” in phishing activity in the region started… Read More

  • Iran Announces Plan To Launch Domestic Internet By March 2013 (And To Block Google Today)

    Iran Announces Plan To Launch Domestic Internet By March 2013 (And To Block Google Today)

    It seems that the Iranian government is working to take even tighter control of the country’s already heavily-censored version of the Internet. The government said that it’s going to launch its own domestic Internet, and that the system will be fully operational by March 2013, according to Reuters and others (who, in turn, seem to be basing their reports on the Iranian media). Read More

  • Google Urges Iranian Users To Re-Secure Gmail Accounts After Attacks

    Google Urges Iranian Users To Re-Secure Gmail Accounts After Attacks

    Google is advising users in Iran to take specific steps in order to re-secure their Gmail accounts after last week’s reveal of the man-in-the-middle attacks that targeted Iranian users. The attackers used fraudulent SSL certificates issued by a compromised root certificate authority in the Netherlands, DigiNotar. These fake certificates allowed hackers to impersonate and others. Read More

  • Iran Sends First "Life Capsule" Into Near Orbit

    Iran has just sent a small “Life Capsule” capable of carrying a monkey into space on the Kavoshgar-4 (Explorer-4) rocket, a step forward for the country’s burgeoning space program. The AP is reporting that the capsule flew 75 miles up into orbit and follows launches of communications satellites as well as a capsule containing “a mouse, turtle and worms.” Read More

  • Videos: Iranian Humanoid Surena 2

    Iran isn’t exactly the first country that springs to mind when it comes to robotics, but the Center for Advanced Vehicles at the University of Tehran has developed a pretty advanced model. Dubbed Surena 2, the humanoid made quite a big splash even in non-tech-related media when it was first unveiled last month. Read More

  • Playing both sides: Nokia sold monitoring equipment to Iran

    Nokia Siemens makes lots of mobile networking gear. Most of it provides the connectivity we use every day. But they also make and sell equipment to monitor that connectivity. Such devices are required in the U.S. and much of Europe for law enforcement purposes, and Nokia no doubt makes a pretty penny selling this monitoring equipment to various governments. New details have emerged recently… Read More

  • Iran bans Gmail, tells citizens to use homegrown e-mail service

    Today may look like February 11 to you and I, but to Iranians it’s 22 Bahman, the anniversary of the declaration of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It’s sorta analagous to the 4th of July here in the U.S., in that it commemorates the “birth,” so to speak, of the country. As such, there’s massive pro- and anti-government demonstrations going on in Tehran. Fun stuff… Read More

  • Look, up in the sky. It's 3 more Iranian satellites.

    It’s your daily space (Space?) update. The subject today: Iran, a country we in the United States are programmed to hate (I’ve never met an Iranian, but I’m sure they’re friendly people), may well launch three new satellites in the near future. Be afraid, I guess. Read More

  • Twitter Hack: Part Of Broader Iranian Strategy

    Late last night the popular micro-messaging service Twitter was attacked and had its website defaced by a group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army. The Twitter homepage and the main application service page were replaced with a bold pro-Iranian and anti-American message. The message was loud, and very clear – the attack was in response to what Iran saw as internal meddling by the… Read More

  • Students plan to protest Nokia store in NYC re: Iran role

    Word on the street is that students plan to protest outside of the Nokia store in Manhattan because of the company’s alleged evildoing in Iran. The protest is being led by Project Nur, which is a student-affiliated “initiative” of the American Islamic Congress. Good luck, bro. Read More

  • Nokia comes under fire in Iran over its close ties to the government

    About a month ago you couldn’t go to Huffington Post without thinking that Iran was going to protest its way into the year 2009. That didn’t exactly happen, despite people thinking that they could tweet a government into collapse, all from the comfort of their armchair in Columbus, Ohio. (There’s actually a term for that: slacktivism.) That being said, it now looks like some… Read More

  • 7 new Iranian satellites due soon

    Word on the street is that Iran is making seven new satellites, to complement Omid, the satellite it launched on February 2. Some worry that with Iran’s current nuclear ambitions the development of advanced satellite and launch technology may be used for warhead delivery instead of scientific purposes. According to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the satellites represent a break… Read More

  • Iran builds supercomputer with illegal AMD chips

    Oh, wonderful. Apparently Iran has used 216 AMD processors to build the largest supercomputer in the country. AMD immediately responded by saying that it’s never shipped anything to Iran due to the big fat embargo the US has that prohibits exports to Iran. The computer system will be used for weather research and forecasting, according to Iranian scientists. Iranian Scientists… Read More

  • Iran to Filter “Immoral” Messages Sent on Phones

    If you’re planning to visit the Persian paradise that is Iran you might want to watch what you send from your phone. This past weekend Iran’s Telecommunications Ministry announced that it would start to filter “immoral” video and audio messages sent via mobile handsets. The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, which was set up after the 1979 Islamic revolution… Read More