• Rumor: iFones could adopt Intel processor

    The boys in the far east are spilling the beans that Apple is considering the adoption of Intel’s Moorestown MID processor for the next run of iPhones. Intel revealed a Moorestown-based MID product with functions similar to Apple’s iPhone at the recent Intel Developer Forum (IDF) San Francisco. The Moorestown platform is expected to launch in 2009 and Apple is considering developing… Read More

  • Sweet Zune o' Mine: Where do we go, now, where do we go?

    So now the new Zunes are out and about, cool. They’re a big improvement to the original, which had been out less than a year. And while we’re supporters of the Zune and the Zune marketplace, there’s no doubt that the Zune still has a long way to go to catch up with Apple and the iPod line. While we now have two versions of Microsoft’s media player, Apple is filling out… Read More

  • Say it ain't so, BlackBerry

    This makes me want to vomit. I doubt it’s my lunch, either. I’ll admit that the interface on the ifones is nice and slick, but leave the BlackBerry alone. The bPhone theme even replaces the hourglass with a spinning beach ball ala OS X. If you have an 8700, Pearl, Curve or the 8800 with OS 4.2.1 or above then head here and try it out. BlackBerry iPhone Theme [via Technabob] Read More

  • Woman sues Apple and AT&T over iPhone price drop

    Everyone got all hot and bothered when Apple dropped the price of its iPhone a few weeks back, but a New Yorker got so mad that she has filed suit against both Apple and AT&T. The woman—Dongmei Li, surely you’ve heard of her—says Apple broke a bunch of laws when it dropped the price of the iPhone, that she can’t sell her iPhone for the same profits as Johnny… Read More

  • iFones Extreme!

    Only an Apple rumor with absolutely no legs could trump the Microsoft Zune announcement we’re expecting to hear tonight. But wait, it is just the Zune 2. In any case, the source code on the Apple iPhone Feedback Page seems to have unveiled a secret. What’s the secret? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the iPhone Extreme, biatches. Who really knows what that means, if anything, but… Read More

  • Apple's "Here's to the Crazy Ones" commercial

    Think Different, provided you don’t need to think differently by recreating an SDK from fumes and hearsay, install third-party apps, and try to maximize the potential of a device you paid up to $500 for. Read More

  • Cali Lewis reviews Signal for iTunes

    Good old Cali “It’s not syphilis” Lewis takes a look at Signal for iTunes on GeekBrief TV today. The poor lady has some sort of weird allergy, which is why she’s using gloves, but apparently their conductive so she can use Singal for the iPhone, a browser-based iTunes control that lets you pick music and movies via the touchscreen. We also get a shout out, which makes… Read More

  • What you need to know about v1.1.1 software for the iPhone

    Oh hies, Apple fanboy. Did you know that your precious iPhone can now stream your music to a Bluetooth headset? That is, of course, you upgraded to version 1.1.1 and your iPhonez wasn’t h@ck3d, which by the way works fine now even if it was bricked. Learn how to downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 here and then you can bring back your bricked iPhone to life. Read More

  • Copy And Paste On The iPhone

    The following is a concept video produced by LonelySandwich.com demonstrating cut and paste on the iPhone. It’s a feature that’s sorely lacking on the phone; it can do so much but without copy and paste it can never really be a 100% computer replacement (although for me it’s a 75% of the time laptop replacement.) It’s a old mockup so I don’t think it will be… Read More

  • iLife integration on iPhone?

    I’m not so sure what to make of this, but a MacDailyNews reader came across a placeholder page in the iLife guided tour section specific to the iPhone. Now there isn’t any real substantiating evidence to spark any wild and erroneous rumors, but it’s all in the URL and a QuickTime video is evident although it’s missing for now. Am I going to have to take back every… Read More

  • iPhone update 1.1.1: the aftermath

    And so it begins. After Apple released the iPhone 1.1.1 Update yesterday, there are conflicting reports of seamless activations and happy customers mixed in with cries of anguish from AT&T customers locked out of their iPhones as well as a collective shudder as unlocked iPhone users watch the boards for news of the coming 3rd Party App Holocaust (they opened for Metallica in 1998. They… Read More

  • Some Apple Geniuses Restoring Bricked iPhones

    You know damn well that when you unlocked your iPhone, it’d only be good until the next software update. Don’t kid me. You knew it. Now your iPhone is an expensive paperweight and Apple says you voided your warranty. Try to take it to an Apple Store or send it back to Apple and you’ll get denied. Lucky for you, some Apple employees working the Genius Bar have compassion and… Read More

  • Update Bricks Hacked iPhones, Kills Kittens

    Possible results of updating your iPhone. Over the past few weeks Apple’s stance on hacked and modified iPhone software has drastically shifted from “do as you please” to a full on blow to the nuts earlier today. Although the iTunes WiFi music store is included in the update, users are reporting SIM errors when the device is used with anything other than AT&T. There… Read More

  • Ok, Wait, Le Backup: iPhone Not Coming to France's Orange Afterall? Huh?

    I’m going to write this whole post without making a pun about Apples and Oranges. The point is, though, that we’d heard that Orange would be the French carrier for the froggy version of the iPhone. Orange had planned on announcing the partnership, and later did. Here’s the stickler though: Apple and Orange had never actually settled on the economics. They’re apparently… Read More

  • iPhone Firmware Update May or May Not Brick the Hell Out of Your iPhone

    I’m a Digital Life right now so I can’t test my hacked, smacked, and cracked iPhone, but Gizmodo has a great thread about the iPhone unlock and the vagaries of the new firmware which includes the Wi-Fi Music Store and a few other improvements. As far as I can tell there are no issues with the upgrade, but who knows for sure. At least we know that the original FUD wasn’t quite… Read More

  • Google Plugs Google Web ToolKit For iPhone

    Google has plugged the Google Web ToolKit demonstrating an iPhone specific version of Google Reader. The iPhone Reader combines the Google AJAX Feed API with a user interface geared for use on the iPhone. Google’s Research Actualization Engineer Bob Vawter said that the primary take-away from this project is to say ” The Google Web Toolkit can be used to create applications that… Read More

  • Truphone Demos First Ever VoIP Over Wi-Fi Call On The iPhone

    This video is with a Nokia device and iPhone. Not the actual demo given between two iPhones. And John Biggs’ head has exploded. What’s cool about this is that you don’t need a SIM unlock so no worries about bricking your phone until Apple gets pissy enough to do something about it. Calls are 100 percent IP-based seeing as how they go from one iPhone over Wi-fi to the… Read More

  • iPhone Dev Team Issues Statement Over Apple Threats

    The iPhone Dev Team is shooting back at Apple and their threats to brick unlocked iPhones. The crack team of hackers developers have promised a tool to restore your iPhone back to a factory-like state in the next week. The following statement has been altered for grammar and spelling. Read More

  • The iPhone will be launched in France November 29th at 300 euros, first picture

    We just covered the news on TechCrunch France. The iPhone will be launched in France with Orange at the price of 300 euros. It will be on the market the 29th of November and announced on the 24th of September during the Apple Expo in Paris. There won’t be any unlimited data plan and against all rumours it won’t have 3G capabilities. Here is a first picture of the iPhone provided… Read More

  • Nokia Marketing Team Reaches Out To Angry iPhone Users

    Nokia’s marketing department did some quick thinking yesterday. They’re targeting iPhone users who are angry about the fact that they paid $200 more for their phone than they would have if they waited. They’ve taken out ads on Google that suggest users check out Nokia’s new Mosh mobile social network. The ads, which appear for searches on “iphone price… Read More