• iCashedIn: iPhones Flood eBay

    No surprise really: iPhone buyers are flooding eBay with their new iPhones with bids starting from $1 and buy it now prices as high as $1500. For those outside of the United States desperate to get their hands on an iPhone, a number of listings offer worldwide shipping; this listing for example posts to Australia for $50. However be aware that the iPhone does not support simcards and today no… Read More

  • 3G iPhone For Europe To Be Announced Monday?

    A 3G iPhone for Europe will be announced Monday, according to an unconfirmed report from Guy Kewney at Newswireless. Engadget points out that Kewney was recently eWeek.com’s European wireless editor and would be well placed to know. The European 3G iPhone is said to be distributed via Carphone Warehouse with Vodafone in the UK and T-Mobile in Germany the European carriers. No word yet… Read More

  • The Do it Yourself iPhone

    Thousands of people are eagerly waiting in line to get their hands on the iPhone. However, for those of us tied into long term contracts or who just find the high price tag too much cash to part with, we’ve compiled a list of how to emulate iPhone’s features on your everyday handset. Visual Voice Mail Perhaps the most talked about feature, visual voice mail easily lets you play… Read More

  • iPhone Parody Ads

    Since all you people seem to want to hear about is the iPhone, here’s a pretty good parody ad from CollegeHumor. They say they’ll have two more up on the site today – check here. http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1765295 Read More

  • Watch The iQueue Live On Ustream

    For the sleepless or bored, and who can think of nothing but the iPhone: the iPhone queue Live from Palo Alto, staring Robert Scoble and friends. The broadcast is said to continue until the iPhone goes on sale later today. To join the chat, visit the Zooomr page at Ustream. Read More

  • Bloggers, CEOs And Everyone Else Camping Out for the iPhone

    As iPhone anticipation reaches a fever pitch, we are getting flooded with reports of people lining up to nab their own wonder phone. A quick trip down to the valley’s Apple store in Palo Alto shows the fervor taking over the valley. CrunchGear even caught blogger Robert Scoble, second in line only to his son, looking to trade in his $750 N95 3G 5MP camera phone for the $600 2MP… Read More

  • iPhone Reviews Are Rolling In

    The embargoes have lifted iPhone reviews are starting to roll in. We were not so lucky as to be graced with one, but CrunchGear is keeping track of everything everyone is writing about the phone. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are giving it a big thumbs up, ensuring that they will be continue to receive new Apple gadgets in the future. Or perhaps the iPhone really is a game… Read More

  • First iPhone Kiosk Sighting in Seattle

    Crunchgear has a picture of an iPhone kiosk in Seattle – the first picture of the iPhone display, they say. The display includes a looping video of the user interface and docks to charge iPods. Read More

  • Turn Any Phone into an iPhone

    Apple fanboys aren’t the only one’s getting giddy over the iPhone. Opera has released a 4.0 beta browser (as we just reported) with 100% more iPhone, commercial parody and all. The new browser brings the iPhone’s surf and zoom web browser to even the humblest handset. More than 15 million people already have Opera installed on their handsets, according to their press release. Read More

  • LiveBlogging the Apple WWDC Conference

    The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference opens today in San Francisco. We’ll be live blogging the event all morning over at CrunchGear. Jobs starts on stage at 10am PST. We’ll also be posting updates here on TechCrunch. For those drinking the Apple Kool Aid, Daily Tech Talk has a translated version of a German website’s post of an alleged leaked copy of the keynote speech. Read More

  • 3 Weeks Until The iPhone Goes On Sale

    The hype continues to build for Apple’s iPhone. Will it deliver? Here’s my take on it: http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=6542481355742550486&hl=en-AU Read More

  • Signs Of Trouble For the iPhone

    CrunchGear writes about some troubling signs around the upcoming iPhone on the same day BusinessWeek says it could become a $10 billion business for Apple. The launch date is the last business day of June, for example, suggesting Apple really needs more time but fears the consequences of missing their June launch date. Another problem: the iPhone may have a glass screen which will break… Read More

  • New Fan-Created iPhone Ad

    I told you so: the hype is just getting started. Read More

  • Yes, But What Does That Have to Do With The iPhone?

    I had lunch with journalist Steve Gillmor yesterday. I wanted his input on the Google/Salesforce story I was working on and so we met at our favorite hangout near San Francisco airport. But he jokingly answered all of my questions with “Yes, but what does that have to do with the iPhone?” His point was that the iPhone will change everything this year, and it was all he wanted to… Read More

  • iPhone: Coming June 14?

    Apple 2.0 posts that pre-sales of Apple’s iPhone on eBay are not only reaching lofty figures, but promise to deliver the phone on or around June 14, before previously speculated launch dates for the most hyped phone in history. The listings, three of which can be visited here, here and here range in bids from $615 to $1025 at the time of writing and come from eBay sellers with solid… Read More

  • Motorola to Announce iPhone Competitor

    Motorola CEO Ed Zander has given notice that Motorola is set to announce a direct competitor to Apple’s iPhone. Speaking at the Software 2007 conference, Zander gave the audience a brief overview of the phone. Due to be formally announced next Tuesday, he described it as a “media monster”. The new phone will support 30 frames-a-second, full-motion video and will… Read More

  • Odd iPod Patent Shows Dual Screens, Rear Touchscreen

    The Interweb is all a’flutter about an odd iPod patent filed by Apple that describes a device with screens on both the front and the back of the player. An amalgam of Sprint’s UpStage and the iPhone, this patent describes an interface in which a rear touchscreen accepts input and reflects that input on the front screen. Confused yet? It works like this. Because a Nano-sized… Read More

  • Apple To Get Into Ringtone Business

    This video presents a fairly compelling case that Apple will be getting into the Ringtone business with the release of the iPhone. Ringtone sales are big business, accounting for 10% of so of the global music market, and well over $1 billion per year in sales (see this old study for 2003-2004 industry numbers). This news comes as others are talking about the price of the iPhone, which studies… Read More

  • The Zune Phone That Might Be

    Last month MobileCrunch and TechCrunch reported on Steve Jobs very public release of the iPhone. Steve Balmer scoffed at the new phone calling it overpriced, but Microsoft may be offering its own mobile version. CrunchGear has been following the leads closely and it has turned into a fairly solid story. Crunchgear reports that on Monday, Microsoft filed an application with the FCC for a… Read More

  • Make Your Own iPhone (does not actually function)

    A reader sent in the image below to “make your own iPhone.” Just print, cut & fold. Note, however: this does not actually function (heh). If anyone has attribution for this, please let me know because I do not know who created it. Similar product is here. Read More