• Another Alleged iPad 2 Case Caught On Camera

    It’s possible that the suppliers who gave 9to5mac this case are just plain lying that they know the specs, but if release really is imminent, it’s also possible that this is the real thing. Personally I’d guess this is a non-final “draft” based on preliminary or rumored specs, as Apple is likely to be extra-careful about who it sends the info to this time… Read More

  • AT&T Puts iPad Accessories On Clearance, Gives More Insight Into iPad 2

    We recently learned that AT&T will be offering all their Apple iPad accessories for 50% off starting February 13th. Normally, AT&T doesn’t clearance items unless a new device is closely on the way. The date of the clearance ties very nicely to the to the rumored announcement, due to take place by the end of this month. Click ahead to see what else the clearance means Read More

  • WSJ Says iPad 2 Will Be Faster, But Have Same Resolution

    The Wall Street Journal has cited (or made up) “people familiar with the matter” who say that the new iPad is in production (yep), has dual cameras (mm-hm), will have a new processor and more RAM (we hoped so) and a resolution “similar” to the first iPad (we hoped otherwise). That is all. Return to your daily business! Read More

  • Elton John Slightly Confirms Existing iPad 2 Rumors

    Yesterday, we heard a rumor that the iPad 2 was coming in March. Today, 9to5mac points out a BBC interview where Elton John says he is to get a Skype iPad in April. It’s not like we learn anything new here, just a few more hints at iPad’s inevitable launch. If you watch the interview, you’ll notice that he says, “..so I can see Zachary,” when talking about… Read More

  • Rumor: iPad 2 To Be Announced Later This Month, Released In March

    Later this month, we may get to see what Apple has planned for the next iteration of wildly successful iPad. There have been many rumors about what features iPad 2 will have, but none have been specific enough to offer a date. All we really know is that it has almost been a year since the iPad was released and the next one is coming pretty much any time now. Read More

  • Reuters Knows A Guy Who Knows A Guy Who Totally Saw The iPad 2 Today

    Reuters Knows A Guy Who Knows A Guy Who Totally Saw The iPad 2 Today

    Have you heard the news? Someone totally saw an iPad 2 at The Daily launch event in New York City this morning. Pinky swear. No pictures or anything like that. Just a description that matches every other rumored description that has been floating around for 6 months now. Only with even less detail. Totally happened. I’m poking fun at the Reuters report on the matter, of course. Do I… Read More

  • Alleged iPad 2 Display Found: Lighter And Thinner, But Is It High-Rez?

    9to5mac has gotten their hands on what they believe is an iPad 2 display, and it’s… not actually that exciting, but still a great scoop for them. Unfortunately, while the screen is definitely lighter and thinner than the previous one, they have no way of telling whether it is, in fact, the high-resolution display we’ve heard rumored. More pics this-a-way. Read More

  • Apple Aims To Take NFC Mainstream; Perhaps The Greatest Trick They've Ever Pulled?

    Apple Aims To Take NFC Mainstream; Perhaps The Greatest Trick They've Ever Pulled?

    Bloomberg has an interesting report tonight, but they have the headline all wrong. Apple Plans Service That Lets IPhone Users Pay With Handsets — is technically correct (assuming the report is true, of course), but it completely downplays the potential ramifications of what Apple is apparently attempting to do. If Apple can nail Near-Field Communication (NFC) and tie it directly into… Read More

  • $3.9 Billion Of Apple's Massive Cash Reserves To Go Toward LCD Displays?

    When Apple announced their Q1 2011 numbers on Tuesday, Apple’s Tim Cook made an interesting comment about what Apple plans to do with their massive, nearly $60 billion, war chest of cash. Apple will do the same for some ‘secret’ components, which is not dissimilar to the time that Apple bought all the flash memory. We think we might know what the secret is and… Read More

  • Now Kevin Rose Is Saying The iPad 2 Won't Feature A High-Res Screen

    Will the iPad 2 have a fancy new screen? That’s the question clearly on everyone’s mind. Not US/China relations, not American Idol’s dipping ratings. It’s the damn iPad 2. First the Internet stated with plenty of confidence that the next-gen iPad was going to have either a true retina display or at least one with a higher dramatically resolution. Then John Gruber threw… Read More

  • New Photo Apps Surface In iOS 4.3

    With the release of the latest developer’s iOS 4.3 Beta 2, we get more insight as to the features included with the iPad 2. It’s pretty much a joke at this point how easily all these features get spilled, because all of the developers have signed NDAs and are required not release this. It just spoils all the fun, right? Read More

  • "Upstream Component Makers" Corroborate iPad 2 Retina Display

    Whether this Digitimes report is just an echo of the previous rumors, I can’t say, but they seem to have gotten independent confirmation that the next iPad will indeed have a 2048×1536 display. Let’s take it with a grain of salt, though, until we get something a little more solid. Nothing on the other rumors, either. …Lotta white space here. I guess I’ll use it to… Read More

  • Which Is More Likely: Retina Display On iPad 2, Or 3D Display On G-Slate?

    So apparently there’s a bit of a rumor going around that T-Mobile’s G-Slate, which had the honor of introducing us to Honeycomb, will actually have an autostereoscopic 3D screen. The evidence: GPSandCo got word from LG that the thing would both take and display 3D images glasses-free. Read More

  • New Multi-touch Gestures Will Not Be Available On iOS 4.3

    Last week, we showed you the new multi-touch gestures that Apple plans to add to the iPad with iOS 4.3. We thought they looked pretty cool and useful. Well it turns out the gestures were merely a test and we shouldn’t expect them in iPad’s next update. On the developer’s site: This feature will not be enabled in iOS 4.3 for customers, but [Apple is] providing this preview… Read More

  • Gruber Says The iPad 2 Won't Have A Retina Display

    The leading rumor about the next-gen iPad is that it will have some-sort of fancy, high-res display. This of course lead to speculation and general nonsense. Apple affictionato John Gruber then did the unthinkable. He asked people at Apple! Crazy, right? Read More

  • iPad 2 Rumor Roundup

    The next version of the iPad is, if timing and supply line rumors are to be believed, just around the corner. Although unexpected delays may follow in the wake of Jobs’ medical leave, the design must be finalized, and the factories in China are at this moment preparing to pump out five or six million of these things over the next few months. There have been a few purported leaks, but… Read More

  • Wild-Eyed iPad 2 Retina Display Speculation Ignores One Thing: There's No Content

    Apple can do a lot of things, but it can’t push through a new video standard. All of this iPad 2 speculation – that the new iPad will have a Retina display to show 2048×1536 content, a considerable step up from the 1024×768 of the previous iPad – is pretty much a pipe dream. Perhaps you’ll have a slightly higher resolution display this year, but forget about… Read More

  • New iPad 2 Rumors Could Suggest Price Difference For Retina Display

    Here’s yet another piece of proof that the next iPad may be coming soon. As Devin pointed out yesterday, there is support for large (perhaps Retina Display) resolution graphics, all tied up in the latest release of Apple’s iBooks app. Now, some new leakage by way of Best Buy, that tells us the new iPad 2 may be right around the corner. Read More

  • Oversized Assets Indicate 2048×1536 Resolution On iPad 2

    A couple image assets included in the latest version of iBooks seem to have the same naming convention as iPhone apps have when they must accommodate both old and new iPhone displays. In other words, the images imply that the iPad 2 will undergo a similar transformation: remaining the same size while doubling the resolution of its screen. If this true, you can sign me right up. Although… Read More

  • What iOS 4.3, And Specifically The New Multi-Touch Gestures, May Say About iPad 2

    What iOS 4.3, And Specifically The New Multi-Touch Gestures, May Say About iPad 2

    If there’s one thing that came out of CES this year, it’s that everyone, and I do mean everyone, wants a piece of the action that Apple absolutely dominates with the iPad right now. Tablets, tablets, tablet, tablets. We’ll see dozens upon dozens of them released this year. So how will Apple meet the onslaught? With the iOS 4.3 beta that just got pushed to developers today… Read More