• It's A Good Day To Be An iPad Competitor . . . Oh Wait, It's Not

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Wednesday introduced the iPad 2 at a special event in San Francisco, taking even more momentum away from its competitors. I’ve had a lot of people in the last 24 hours tell me that the iPad 2 isn’t as revolutionary as the first generation device. Yes, that’s true. But not every device a company releases has to be or can be revolutionary. Apple has… Read More

  • The iPad 2 Fancy Case Looks Like A Japanese Bathtub Lid

    Ok, first let me get this one little cultural quirk out of the way: Japanese families share bathwater and the new iPad 2 case looks just like a bathtub lid. Yeah. Really: Japanese bath tub lid is common item in Japanese home. The reason is that in Japan, family members share the same hot water (sounds dirty? Japanese wash their body outside of tub first, and bathing is thought as kind of… Read More

  • Just Bought An iPad? Head Back To The Apple Store With A Quickness For A $100 Rebate

    Did you just buy an iPad? Why? Don’t you pay attention to the Internet? Anyway, if you bought an iPad between now and February 16 you can still pop back to the Apple Store to get a $100 rebate on your recently purchased frisbee. Read More

  • Inevitable: Shanhzai Makes Its Own iPad 2 Clone

    That didn’t take long. A Shanhzai manufacturer, DGtle, just released a dummy unit of their quite excellent iPad 2 clone. Now remember that this won’t actually be available anywhere you’re looking, but consider this as more of a proof-of-concept or a “because it’s there” sort of situation where the Shanhzai market creates a clone just to prove that they can. Read More

  • Day Zero iPad 2 Accessory Round-Up

    The iPad 2 has arrived, and the accessory makers are all dropping their new gear as well. Sure, the new device might have debuted with a “magical” screen protector, but not everyone is into magic. Apple be turning people into sorcerers! In league with the fiend, be they! Seriously, though. A ton of non-Apple accessories have come out today, and we didn’t want to fill our… Read More

  • The Four And A Half Things Missing From The iPad 2

    Did you hear!? There’s a new iPad. It’s called the iPad 2. Clever, right? It packs a faster CPU, more powerful graphics engine, a fancy magnetic cover, thinner casing, herp, derp and more. It’s a fair upgrade from the original although it’s erroneous to call it revolutionary; evolutionary is more like it. In fact, there is still a fair amount of major features missing… Read More

  • The iPad 2: Sleeker, Faster, And Light Enough To Use As A Frisbee? [Video]

    As you undoubtedly know by now, this morning Apple unveiled the iPad 2 — the successor to its massively successful tablet, and a product that’s sure to sell millions over the next year. You may even know the differences between this device and the last one: it’s thinner, lighter, and faster, with two cameras and a snazzy new magnetic case. But which of these things really… Read More

  • Our Take: Apple's iPad 2 Announcement

    This morning’s Apple press event has come and gone, and as you likely have noticed, we covered just about every aspect of it. The iPad 2 itself, the new features and apps coming with iOS 4.3, the 100m and 15m iPhone and iPad sales numbers, even the new device’s funky magnetic case. That said, the announcement was conspicuous for its lack of truly major announcements. Rumors have… Read More

  • An iPad Lover's (Initial) Thoughts On iPad 2

    An iPad Lover's (Initial) Thoughts On iPad 2

    “These are post-PC devices, that need to be even easier to use than a PC.” That was Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ closing remark as he left the stage having just announced the iPad 2 at an event today in San Francisco. And that comment really summed up the vibe of the entire event. When Jobs was on stage, he made it very clear over and over again that the iPad competition out there… Read More

  • The iPad Gets A Magical, Magnetic, Self-Cleaning Cover

    The iPad Gets A Magical, Magnetic, Self-Cleaning Cover

    One of the slight drawbacks of the iPad, and touch computing in general, is that, well, everybody touches your computer screen, leaving unsightly smudges. Apple is taking a step towards addressing this problem with a brand new, self-cleaning smart cover that doubles as a reading stand. It wasn’t the biggest announcement at today’s iPad 2 event, but it is one of the… Read More

  • The Apple Store Is Down

    Here we go. Apple just took down their webstore, which actually indicates a new product should be either available for purchase or pre-order later today with all signs point towards the iPad 2. Last year when the original iPad was introduced, the Apple store never went down as the pre-order didn’t start until weeks later. Just saying… Read More

  • Apple Announces The iPad 2: A5 Processor, Front And Back Cameras, And Available March 11th

    Apple Announces The iPad 2: A5 Processor, Front And Back Cameras, And Available March 11th

    After selling 15 million iPads in 2010 and gaining 90% market share in the tablet market, Apple is ready to take the next step. Apple’s latest iPad, the iPad 2, is official. The new tablet has a A5 processor for a 2x faster CPU speed and 9x faster graphics speed with the power consumption of the original A4 chip. It has front and back cameras as well as a built-in gyroscope. It 1/3… Read More

  • Amidst Medical Leave, Steve Jobs Takes The Stage At iPad 2 Event To A Standing Ovation

    At today’s iPad 2 press event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage, surprising attendees. Jobs, who has been on medical leave since early January, unsurprisingly received a standing ovation. He told the audience, “We’ve been working on this project for a while, and I just didn’t want to miss this.” Apple and Jobs announced that he would be taking medical leave… Read More

  • Did The iPad 2 Just Leak Out? Again?

    Apple is announcing the iPad 2 today. That’s a fact, jack. But the Internet has been busy pushing out leaks — or fakes — the last few days. First is this pic that surfaced a few days back that’s likely the latter, but that was just the start. There’s a whole new set of supposed leaked info for your to waste your day debunking. Well, at least until Apple… Read More

  • What The iPad 2 Announcement Needs In Order To Be Bi-Winning

    What The iPad 2 Announcement Needs In Order To Be Bi-Winning

    We’re now just hours away from the unveiling of Apple’s next big thing at an event in San Francisco. And while Apple hasn’t officially stated what they’d be showing off tomorrow, a picture has been worth a thousand words. Right on the invite to the event is the tease of an iPad covered by the date, which probably not coincidentally prominently displays a big… Read More

  • Did The iPad 2 Just Leak Out?

    Is this the iPad 2? Nearly everything lines up with the leaked info: flat back with tapered edges, speaker in the bottom corner, camera up top. It even matches-up with most of the leaked cases. If it’s not the real thing, it’s a damn good render. I’m sold. The only thing missing is the rumored mystery connection found on a couple of leaked cases. It’s widely thought… Read More

  • White iPad 2 Bezel Appears, But Is It Real?

    The story goes that 9to5mac received a pic of what’s supposed to be a white iPad 2 bezel. It came by way of iFixYouri repair shop from a Shenzhen source. But that’s where the info dries up. Read More

  • What is Your Real Name?

    What is your real name? That’s my new favorite comment on TechCrunch, where many of its readers hide behind phony names and email addresses. Apparently it’s not considered appropriate to challenge such geniuses about their real identity. Could be similar to talking about “open” and “Web” as though they have magical properties of goodness and well-being. Or not.
    Read More

  • Updated: Apple And The BBC To Co-Host iPad 2 Release Event?

    Let the speculation begin. The BBC is holding an event next week, on the same day and exactly the same time that iPad 2 is to be announced. The Apple event starts at 10am PST and the BBC event starts at 6pm GMT (which are exactly the same). If true, it looks like there could be some video chatting between the two companies from across the pond. Read More

  • Rumors Of Apple Rumors Now Leading To Rumors Of Counter-Rumors

    Rumors Of Apple Rumors Now Leading To Rumors Of Counter-Rumors

    The Apple rumor economy has always been fascinating. More so than any other company, people obsess over little tidbits of information which may be true, may be half true, may be half false, or may be totally made up. And despite pretty much no one outside of the company ever knowing anything concrete, the rumors get talked about to death. I probably do this as much as anyone. Apple is arguably… Read More

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