• Best Buy May Release Hostage iPad 2s In Nation-Wide Sale This Sunday

    There’s been some talk about Best Buy allegedly hoarding iPad 2s in order to have inventory for a big sale. We heard a few different stories and I don’t know what to actually believe, but it appears that those rumors had some truth, because Best Buy is apparently going to launch an event on Sunday across the country, according to a leaked memo. Read More

  • Analysis Of Apple's A5: It's Not What We Know, It's What We Don't Know

    When the A4 came out, I was surprised at the fanfare surrounding it. Why such a big deal? Apple was now designing their own chips, isn’t that great?— came the echoing chorus. But they weren’t — the A4 was almost entirely a Samsung design implementing existing ARM processor tech. But Apple touched it, so it turned to gold. I kind of expected Apple to ride that wave for… Read More

  • Maine School District Okays $200k Budget For Kindergarten iPads

    So a school district in Maine has approved $200,000 for the purchase of 285 iPad 2s for their kindergartners. I’m of two minds about this news item. First, I think it’s great to engage kids early on with the prevalent tech of the day. When I was growing up, of course, we used Mac IIs and eventually LC3s, though everyone in the world had PCs. Still, it was good to familiarize us… Read More

  • Rumor [Smashed]: iPad 2 Mishandling Gets Best Buy Blacklisted By Apple

    A reader who works at Best Buy just told us that there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding between the electronics retailer and Apple. Apparently, Best Buy was holding off on selling the iPad 2s it had in stock, telling customers there weren’t any when in fact they had just reached their quota of sales for the day. Not smart, BB! Read More

  • The iPad Has Broken My Brain; OS X Lion Will Help Fix It

    The iPad Has Broken My Brain; OS X Lion Will Help Fix It

    This past weekend, I went on a trip and did the unthinkable — I didn’t turn on my computer. Not even once. Okay, that’s sort of misleading. While I didn’t turn on my computer, I did use my iPad. Extensively. But I still fully expected to get the urge to turn on my computer as well. And I never did. That itself isn’t that remarkable; I’m sure a lot of iPad… Read More

  • iPad 2 Gets Top Marks From Consumer Reports

    Everyone’s favorite magazine your grandpa still reads, Consumer Reports, has given the iPad 2 with WiFi and 3G top billing, above offerings from Motorola and Viewsonic. Other than the obvious “iPad is good” stuff, Consumer Reports found that most of the cheaper models are garbage: With prices for the best tablets still too high for many budgets, consumers may be tempted… Read More

  • Make Your iPad 2's Collar And Cuffs Match With AviiQ's Smart Case

    Love that baby blue Smart Cover, but think it looks weird against the plain back of your iPad? The solution (apart from getting a grey Smart Cover, of course) is as simple as putting a matching rear end on the thing. Read More

  • Untethered iOS 4.3.1 Jailbreak Is Here (But Not For iPads 2)

    Huzzah! iOS 4.3.1 (at least on the iPhone) is fully jailbroken and does not required tethered boots to maintain the magic. The process, which uses Redsn0w (Mac version/PC version) and a proper version of the firmware for your hardware, is unerringly simple and results in a fully jailbroken device. Read More

  • eBay Releases Sales Data For The iPad 2

    Shortly after Apple releases new products into the market, they find their way onto eBay — at a premium, of course. According to data released by eBay, the iPad 2 has been one of eBay’s most popular items over the last few weeks; eBay sold 12,000 iPads in the first two weeks (65% to US customers and 35% to international customers). Read More