• Personal Hotspots Coming To All iPhones In March

    BGR just confirmed that all iPhones great and small will soon be getting the Personal Hotspot feature, although the actual implementation will be carrier specific. Considering Verizon’s move to offer the service, however, I suspect AT&T will follow suit almost immediately. Read More

  • One More Thing: The Verizon iPhone Runs iOS 4.2.5

    In the demo area which Verizon and Apple opened up after their Verizon iPhone 4 unveiling today, we got some hands-on time with the actual device. As we were told during the event, the device is largely the same as the iPhone 4 on AT&T’s network, with some slight changes to the antenna on the side. And there’s one more thing: the Verizon iPhone is running an unreleased version… Read More

  • App-y Holidays: iOS Gorged, Android Stuffed, RIM Got Leftovers, Windows Phone Went Hungry

    There has already been plenty of data out there suggesting that Apple had a monster holiday season. We’ll know for sure in a few weeks when they announced their earnings. For now though, we have to go by what third-party developers are seeing when it comes to app download numbers. And one company, Flixster, has given us some key details of how their mobile installs broke down from… Read More

  • iPod Nano Kind Of Hacked

    It’s not much of a hack – JWhelton simply removed an app and looked at the underlying OS – but this is proof of concept stuff that shows that the iPod Nano is essentially a stripped-down iOS device with severe limitations. Read More

  • Many iPhone App Downloads Jumped 2-3X On Christmas

    It’s beginning to look like Apple may have had a very, very merry Christmas. Not that it should surprise anyone given how many of their products were on year-end “best-of” lists. But some data that has started to come in over the past few days points to Apple’s Christmas surge once again being led by the mainstays: the iPhone and iPod touch (and probably the iPad as… Read More

  • Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Lead The Way In Interactive iPhone Check-In Social Rewards

    Although I would rather die in a pit, bitten by rats and my flesh taken by necrosis than eat at Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr, you have to admit that they do have a compelling social media marketing plan. CKE Restaurants, owners of Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s and famous for making food that is less popular than McDonalds, have created a location-based “coupon game”… Read More

  • InMobi: iPhone OS dominates European mobile ad market with 31.9% share

    Research from mobile ad network provider InMobi has found that iPhone OS currently dominates the European mobile ad market with a 31.9% share, while Nokia’s share has slide to 19.7%, putting it in second place. Android OS, meanwhile, is making its way after a slow start in these parts: the platform has gained +9.5 share points between July 2010 and October 2010, growing to a 12.9%… Read More

  • In Defense Of Chrome OS

    In Defense Of Chrome OS

    Looking over the tech news today, you’d think Chrome OS is dead. Nevermind that it hasn’t even officially launched yet. Dead. Early reviews for the Cr-48, the prototype device (which Google has no plans to officially release) running Chrome OS, have ranged from mediocre to poor. And Paul Buchheit, the man often credited with creating Gmail for Google back in the day, kicked up… Read More

  • When It Comes To Mobile, 78% Of Web Video Is Encoded To Play On Apple Devices

    When It Comes To Mobile, 78% Of Web Video Is Encoded To Play On Apple Devices

    As tablets and phones with touch screens proliferate, more and more people are watching videos on mobile devices. But any website with video must decide which devices to support and encode their video to play on different phones and tablets. According to, which encodes about a million videos a month for everyone from MTV to PBS, nearly 78 percent of its customers encode their… Read More