• Chart: Apple's Tablet OS Share Will Shrink To 47 Percent By 2015

    Chart: Apple's Tablet OS Share Will Shrink To 47 Percent By 2015

    How long can Apple hold onto its dominance of the tablet market with the iPad? There no question that the iPad is leaps and bounds ahead of all other tablets, including the latest Android tablets running Honeycomb, in terms of market share, apps, design and overall experience. With the recently released iPad 2, it is maintaining its lead. But how long can that last? After all, Android… Read More

  • iOS At Sea

    On March 29, 2011, CIO Australia published an interview with Andy Lark, Dell‘s global head of marketing for large enterprises. In the interview, Lark made a lot of “quotable” statements, among them: “An iPad with a keyboard, a mouse and a case [means] you’ll be at $1500 or $1600; that’s double of what you’re paying,” he claimed. Read More

  • Untethered iOS 4.3.1 Jailbreak Is Here (But Not For iPads 2)

    Huzzah! iOS 4.3.1 (at least on the iPhone) is fully jailbroken and does not required tethered boots to maintain the magic. The process, which uses Redsn0w (Mac version/PC version) and a proper version of the firmware for your hardware, is unerringly simple and results in a fully jailbroken device. Read More

  • Amazon Cloud Player Doesn't Work On iOS — But It's Not A Flash Issue

    As you may have read by now, earlier tonight, Amazon dropped a bomb on their rivals in the online music space: a fully working cloud storage and playback system. And it’s not just working on desktop web browsers, it works on Android devices too. One important place it doesn’t work though: iPhones, iPads, iPod touches — no iOS devices. At first, you might think this is a… Read More

  • Legends Of The Fall, Apple Style

    Legends Of The Fall, Apple Style

    This past weekend, we broke the news that iOS 5, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, was likely being released in the fall. This would break the tradition of a summer release. And we also noted that instead of a separate event in the early spring, Apple was likely to use their WWDC event in June to talk about the new OS for the first time. Sure enough, today came word… Read More

  • iOS 5 Likely Pushed To The Fall After A Cloud Unveiling At WWDC

    iOS 5 Likely Pushed To The Fall After A Cloud Unveiling At WWDC

    Many people (including myself) were a bit disappointed that Apple didn’t devote any time during the iPad 2 unveiling to talking about iOS 5, the next major revamp of the software. But there may be a very good reason for that: it’s not coming anytime soon. In fact, the plan right now is to wait to launch iOS 5 until the fall, we’ve heard from two solid sources. If our sources… Read More

  • Serlet Transition Out Appears As Natural As OS X Transition Towards iOS

    Serlet Transition Out Appears As Natural As OS X Transition Towards iOS

    Back in October of last year, the day before it was formally unveiled, I wondered if OS X Lion would be the last of its kind. There were two main arguments: the big cat name choice and the colossal rise of iOS. With today’s news that OS X father Bertrand Serlet is leaving Apple after 14 years (and 22 years working with CEO Steve Jobs), the question has come roaring back to life. Apple… Read More

  • Push notification

    When technology and media intersect with the emotional underpinnings of our lives, the result is the kind of tsunami we’re experiencing with the iPad. It may seem petty to many to cheerlead a company and a technology so geared toward the pursuit of the next shiny object, the next Tweet, or whatever. But learning the language of this next generation of empowerment certainly is on our… Read More

  • SXSW By The Numbers: iOS, Foursquare And GroupMe Emerge Victorious

    SXSW Interactive is no longer about the panels or keynotes, having become a five day experiment in the ability of technology to withstand the load of over 20,000 influencers congregated in the same location, trying to network using various digital tools. It’s some sort of sped up playground for app and device Darwinism, where the rest of the world functioning as a control… Read More

  • Sirius XM Updates iOS App, Breaks Third-Party Access

    Sirius XM has updated its iOS app, but it doesn’t look to be all that great of an update. Normally I wouldn’t even notice this, seeing as though I primarily use Radium to listen to the one channel I listen to (The Virus for O&A and R&F), but this new update broke third-party access to the streams. Sigh. Anyhow, the app now stands at version 1.4, and the first thing you… Read More

  • Don't Take Our Word For It: Get iOS Game Scores From Metacritic

    Metacritic is well-known for providing a valuable meta-review service for games and media, but until just recently, iOS games were out of its purview, aggregationally speaking. No longer! They’ve got a whole section for iOS games, which really are getting big enough that they deserve their own britches. So when we recommend something like Worms 2, you can go check if I’m just… Read More

  • Study: Mobile Ad-Tracking Systems Are "Blind" To 80 Percent Of Apple iOS Devices

    Study: Mobile Ad-Tracking Systems Are "Blind" To 80 Percent Of Apple iOS Devices

    Apple mobile iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches) are used by 130 million people, but they present a huge blindspot to advertisers. All Apple mobile devices use the Safari browser, as do millions of Apple laptop and desktop computers. Safari blocks third-party cookies by default, which is good for privacy and good for consumers. But it is bad for advertisers who rely on browser… Read More

  • The Walled Garden Has Won

    The Walled Garden Has Won

    Ten days ago Google discovered that apparently innocuous Android apps were in fact infested with “DroidDream” malware that included an Android rootkit, with the apparent intent of creating a smartphone botnet. It infected more than a quarter of a million devices before Google intervened. The thriller writer in me immediately began to wonder what would happen if black hats built… Read More

  • Dear Apple, Please Copy This Notification System For The iPhone Immediately

    Dear Apple, Please Copy This Notification System For The iPhone Immediately

    As you’re aware, I tend to take Apple’s side on almost all matters iPhone versus Android. Having tried over a dozen Android devices ranging from the G1 to the Nexus S, I simply still prefer iOS. And it’s not really close. But there is one argument I absolutely cannot make on Apple’s side: the notification system. On Android devices, it’s good. On the iPhone… Read More

  • Kazaa Disses Apple, Debuts Web-Based Music Streaming Service For iOS, Android

    Atrinsic, the direct and online search marketing agency that acquired the assets of former P2P sharing tool Kazaa a couple of months ago, is trying to drum up some attention for the digital music subscription service this morning. In a press release, the company posits that there’s been a ‘breakthrough’ for iPhone and iPad (and Android) users because its service is now… Read More

  • iMovie And Garageband For iOS Announced, Looks Good On iPad 2

    Today, Apple announced new versions of iMovie and Garage band for iOS 4.3. Apple says they have set the bar high for devs with the release of the two apps and hope devs build on what they’ve seen in Apple’s programming capabilities. Read More

  • Fragmentation Mystery: Why Is iOS 4.3 Listed For GSM iPhone-Only?

    Today at their event in San Francisco, Apple showed off the new iPad 2 alongside a new version of iOS: 4.3. But the end of walk-through was a bit odd. On screen, Apple showed that iOS 4.3 would be available for free on March 11 (iPad 2 launch day in the U.S.) for the iPhone 4 as well — but only the GSM version. That seems to suggest that the Verizon iPhone, which uses CDMA technology… Read More

  • In Two Years, Most Of You Will Be Reading TechCrunch From An Apple Device

    In Two Years, Most Of You Will Be Reading TechCrunch From An Apple Device

    In February of 2007, 83.24 percent of users visiting TechCrunch did so from a Windows machine. One year later, in February 2008, the stranglehold remained firm at 80.44 percent. In February 2009, the number was at 74.04 percent. Last year, it was 61.59 percent. And this year? The number of people visiting our site from Windows machines dipped to 53.84 percent. The writing is on the wall. Look… Read More

  • Next Question: What's A Publishing App?

    We created subscriptions for publishing apps, not SaaS apps. —email attributed to Steve Jobs There’s been so much confusion in the wake of Apple’s new subscription billing policy for apps that Steve Jobs felt the need to issue the proclamation above via his preferred method, a personal email. (It’s his version of… Read More

  • Minecraft Heads To iOS Later This Year

    There will be an iPhone and iPad version of Minecraft. There, ten words to help get your Monday off to a good start. Read More