• With iOS 5 Beta 3, The iPhone Finally Gets Custom Text Message Alert Sounds

    With iOS 5 Beta 3, The iPhone Finally Gets Custom Text Message Alert Sounds

    It feels a bit strange to be writing about custom text messaging alerts as “news”. As a feature that found its way to run-of-the-mill “dumb” phones long ago, it’s one of those things that you just expect any smart phone to do right out of the box. And yet, it’s a feature that Apple has somehow managed to avoid bringing to the iPhone for four years. With iOS… Read More

  • With 17M Registered Users, Tango Is Growing Twice As Fast As Skype Did Its First Year

    Back in Skype’s early days, it was adding users so fast that it liked to boast that it was “the fastest growing, globally available communications tool in history.” Well, by at least one measure (registered users 9 months after launch), mobile video chat service Tango is outpacing Skype. Tango now has 17 million registered users across both Apple and Android devices, only… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang on Windows Phone 7

    Gillmor Gang 6.25.11

    The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Phil Windley, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — celebrated the news that apps are moving past web sites as the default architecture of the planet. I say celebrate because I think the trend is one that will continue, and even accelerate, as iOS notifications make interoperation between apps more useful. In the process, as @windley notes… Read More

  • Hit iOS Game "The Moron Test" Coming To Mac/PC, Will Be Amazon's First Digital Game Exclusive

    Everyone likes to feel clever. Our brains do all sorts of fun stuff when we do things like complete puzzles or solve riddles; even if the task at hand is somewhat trivial, completing it gives us that shot of serotonin we’re constantly subconsciously striving for. That’s really the driving idea behind the best-selling iOS/Android game, The Moron Test. Through a series of… Read More

  • Adobe Software Updates To Help Devs Build iOS, PlayBook And Android Apps

    Adobe is today pushing updates to its application development software product Flash Builder and the open source Flex framework to enable developers to build apps for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook, following support for the Android platform (added last April). Developers can now opt to use Adobe’s platform to build apps that work across the Web, the desktop and a range of tablets… Read More

  • Facebook PR: Tonight We Dine In Hell!

    Facebook PR: Tonight We Dine In Hell!

    There’s currently something going on in the outskirts of the tech world that’s a bit sensitive, so no one really likes to talk about it: we (journalists, bloggers, etc) are at war with the PR industry. That sentence alone will throw the PR flacks into a tizzy. “Hyperbole!” “Sexy statement, no substance!” “Don’t believe everything you read!”… Read More

  • Project Spartan: Facebook's Hush-Hush Plan To Take On Apple On Their Own Turf: iOS

    Project Spartan: Facebook's Hush-Hush Plan To Take On Apple On Their Own Turf: iOS

    Given the news that has already come out about Facebook, you’re probably thinking there is no way that anything else leaks out today. They’re probably on lockdown (real lockdown, not the crazed coding “lockdown”), right? Wrong. We’ve learned about the existence of yet another secret project within Facebook. And while it’s not quite as sexy as the new… Read More

  • Starbucks Now Lets You Pay For Coffee With Your Android Phone

    Maaaan, this Barista chick already thinks you’re awesome. I mean, you ordered a “skinny half-caf quad-shot light ice dopio espresso with room for cream.” With that many words in your order, how can you not be awesome? Now, imagine if you paid for that order with your Android phone. BOOM, love butterflies would pretty much fly out of her face. Too bad you can only use your… Read More

  • Discovr Launches Awesome Tool To Find New Apps For iOS (Think Interactive Graphs)

    At WWDC 2011, Apple announced that there are now more than 400K apps in its app store (and that more than 500K have been approved). The Android Marketplace has around 300K apps and is growing fast. The point is: There are a lot apps out there already, and more hit app stores every day. They’re going like hotcakes. But finding and discovering new apps that you actually care about? Eh, not… Read More

  • Photogram For iOS Is Yet Another Image Sharing App, But One Worth Checking Out

    Sometimes, it’s all about the experience. Without its finely tuned user experience, Yelp would be just another reviews site. Tivo would be just another DVR. Twitter would just be a fancy status broadcaster. Their user experiences, though — that feeling that things “just work” — keep people coming back. A simple idea grows, the product evolves, and eventually… Read More

  • Thinking Outside The Browser Box: Why Should Apple Play By Current Internet Rules?

    Thinking Outside The Browser Box: Why Should Apple Play By Current Internet Rules?

    Earlier today, I was reading Joshua Topolsky’s editorial on This is my next about Apple’s “mistake” in turning their back on the Web and I kept stopping. I disagreed with basically everything. First of all, his entire argument is based on what I believe to be a fallacy: that Apple is going to completely turn their back on Web support for iCloud. I have reasons to… Read More

  • At 5 Million Users, It's Hard Not To View Instagram Through A Rose-Colored Filter

    At 5 Million Users, It's Hard Not To View Instagram Through A Rose-Colored Filter

    When we first previewed Instagram nine months ago, most of the initial comments predicted it would be dead on arrival. To say those people were wrong is a vast understatement. And Instagram now has five million ways to prove it. Yes, Instagram now has five million users. That’s 625,000 users for every month they’ve been in existence — with the growth accelerating. Just… Read More

  • IDC: Windows Phone 7 Will Surpass iOS As Number 2 Platform By 2015

    A couple of years ago, if someone had told me that the Windows Phone platform would become more popular than iOS, I would have laughed in their face. Now, however, IDC is claiming that it just may become a reality by 2015, as WP7 is expected to snatch the number two platform spot from iOS, currently ranked just behind Android. The BlackBerry OS is expected to lose even more ground, while… Read More

  • Rumor: Sprint iPhone Being "Actively Tested"

    Sorry, folks: we’re still waaaaay too burned out from all the pre-release, back-and-forth rumor mongering that went down with the Verizon iPhone to really weigh in on this one, so we’ll just pass on the details. The Details: According to 9to5Mac’s source, a Sprint-friendly version of the iPhone (one closely resembling the iPhone 4) is in testing in the deepest depths of… Read More

  • Apple Files To Get In The Middle Of The Lodsys Vs. iOS Developers Battle

    We figured that Apple was about to dive right into the middle of the battle between Lodsys and a handful of iOS developers — and it looks like we were right. The story so far: Lodsys claims that a bunch of iOS developers are infringing on their patents, and sends out a bunch of angry legal threats. Apple responds by pointing out that they’ve got patent agreements with Lodsys, and… Read More

  • Apple Just Handed Twitter The Keys To The iOS Kingdom — Here's Twitter's Take

    Apple Just Handed Twitter The Keys To The iOS Kingdom — Here's Twitter's Take

    When we first broke the news that iOS 5 would come with Twitter integration, I wasn’t thinking big enough. Based on the fairly vague (but credible) information I had, I figured it was mainly based around the Twitter Photos product which Twitter was rushing to get out in time. Turns out it goes much, much deeper. Apple has essentially baked a “Twitter Connect” into iOS 5. Read More

  • Lesson Of The Day: Apple Is Not Going To Commit Seppuku

    Lesson Of The Day: Apple Is Not Going To Commit Seppuku

    Bastards. Evil. Tyrants. Murder. Death. Kill. Back in February, every name in the book was thrown at Apple when the news hit that they were changing the App Store guidelines to make way for in-app subscriptions. Some of these new rules appeared onerous for a variety of different apps already in existence. Namely, everyone was concerned about Netflix, Kindle, SaaS apps, and music… Read More

  • iOS Passes 200 Million Devices, 25 Million Of Which Are iPads

    Scott Forstall, speaking at WWDC 2011, has just announced some major numbers relating to Apple’s iOS. 200 million iOS devices have been sold, which they claim makes it the #1 mobile operating system in the world. With Android nipping at their heels, that could be a transient title, at least in the mobile phone world. The iPad, however, is another story. Read More

  • Live From Apple's WWDC 2011 Keynote

    Live From Apple's WWDC 2011 Keynote

    We’re live in not-so-sunny San Francisco, where Apple is hosting their annual Worldwide Developer Conference — and, more directly important to the masses of Apple fans around the world, the WWDC Keynote. We already know some of what Apple’s announcing: OS X Lion, iOS 5, and a new, mostly-mysterious product called iCloud. From what we’re seeing, though, they’ve got… Read More

  • Rumor: Apple To Bring iOS To AirPort, Time Capsule

    Apple Insider chews the fat on the possible extension of iOS (in some form or another) to AirPort and other Apple peripherals. The move would make sense: a unified code base and the ability to sell apps for yet more platforms are both desirable. It would also allow deeper integration between the Mac and any wireless accessories for which the router serves as an intermediate. Will we hear… Read More