• Whatever Happened to Google’s Android@Home?

    Whatever Happened to Google’s Android@Home?

    With just a few days to go before Google’s annual I/O developer conference kicks off on Wednesday, it’s time to take a look back at last year’s event. Besides announcing Ice Cream Sandwich, Google Music and a number of other new projects, one announcement that stood out from the slew of releases last year was Android@Home, Google’s entry into the home automation market. Read More

  • Cablevision sez: People don't know jack about HDTV so let's treat them like complete idiots

    Rather than go to bed at a respectable hour, I was awake well into the night just a few hours ago, scrolling through my many channels of utter garbage. Then I landed on some “here’s what this guy has to say” testimonial about HDTV. Judging by this infomercial—one for Cablevision’s iO, which is odd since I’m a wonderfully happy Time Warner… Read More

  • Sony LocationFree Technology Merged Into VAIO Base Station

    Apparently, Sony is no longer “down” with their LocationFree technology and is looking to integrate it into its VAIO product line. The new VAIO LF-V30 Base Station costs $250 and arrives in September. It features component inputs and outputs that can be used to attach your cable box so you can then have your video converted into QVGA or standard definition. Exciting. Sony makes… Read More