• Google to Settle with U.S. Government for $500 Million

    Google to Settle with U.S. Government for $500 Million

    Today, regulators will announce a $500 million settlement with Google over charges related to advertisements for illegal online pharmacies. The pharmacies appearing in Google ads were operating outside the law, leading to a Department of Justice investigation into Google’s advertising practices – an investigation which decreased Google’s profits by 22%, reports the The New… Read More

  • Google News investigated by Italian antitrust authorities

    The FIEG, an association of Italian editors, recently tried to sue Google’s News service. They claim: “Google is preventing editors from choosing freely which articles should be posted on the website”. The editors are also claiming that websites which don’t want to be published on Google News would also be automatically excluded from Google’s standard search… Read More

  • A CrunchGear Investigation: The Trouble With Tasers – What The Manufacturer Doesn't Want You To Know

    To the more than 10,000 law enforcement agencies who use them, Taser-style stun guns probably seem like a godsend — a quick jolt of electricity and even the brawniest and most berserk criminal can be brought to the ground. No guns, no deaths and no permanent damage. Or so Taser International, the weapon’s manufacturer, would have you believe. However, a CrunchGear investigation… Read More