• UK ISPs: Do You Have Any Idea How Difficult It'd Be To ‘Ban’ Online Porn?

    UK Internet Service Providers have hit out at a proposal to make online pornography an opt-in “feature” of sorts. They’ve done so not because they love spending all day browsing whatever, but because, well, it shouldn’t be their job to censor the Internet before it enters your home. If you want to lock down your computer so your children don’t access such… Read More

  • Claim: We Don't Need Net Neutrality Because The Internet Isn't ‘Broken’

    Reading Drudge and the Wall Street Journal this morning had me concerned that Julius Genachowski, the FCC chairman, was going to smash my modem into tiny pieces with a +2 mace in the name of flexing regulatory muscle. Hardly. It’s true that the FCC will vote tomorrow whether or not to implement some sort of Net Neutrality regime, but considering that it’s already stated what it… Read More

  • Neutrality Or Bust

    Neutrality Or Bust

    Editor’s note: Guest author John Borthwick is the CEO and founder of betaworks and in a previous life was a senior strategist for Time Warner and a witness in the Microsoft antitrust case. Access to fast, affordable and open broadband, for users and developers alike is, I believe, the single most important driver of innovation in our business. The FCC will likely vote next week on… Read More

  • UN Prepares Global Internet ‘Standards’ In Wake Of Wikileaks' Actions

    On the first full day of Julian Assange’s release from imprisonment, we now learn that some members of the United Nations want to introduce some sort of worldwide Internet regulation. That’s nice. But don’t worry: this isn’t a “takeover,” or anything scary like that. It’s simply to ensure that we never see something like Wikileaks ever again. A bit… Read More

  • People Spend As Much Time On Mobile As Reading Newspapers And Magazines

    The average time spent on the Internet by adults in the U.S. grew an estimated 6 percent in 2010 to 155 minutes a day, or about two and a half hours, according to new estimates from eMarketer. Compared to watching TV, which the average American adult does for 264 minutes a day (or four and a half hours), it still has a way to go in terms of becoming the media we spend our most time on. … Read More

  • Study: Americans Now Use Internet As Much As They Watch TV

    And there it is: Americans now spend as much time on the Internet as they do watching TV. So says a new study released by Forrester Research, which says that people now spend 121 percent more time online than they did only five years ago. What’s probably most significant is that these stats now include people in the 30+ age group; it’s not just college student insomniacs who… Read More

  • What Makes People Act Like Jerks Online?

    It’s no secret that people can be jerks on the Internet. Lord knows that I’ve seen my fair share of flame wars all over the place in my travels. Penny-Arcade noted as much six years ago with the famous equation: normal person + anonymity + audience = total fuckwad. And check your work… yup, fuckwad. Even given this bulletproof equation, the question becomes why. Read More

  • Winner Wonderland: Search Search Hurry Up And Search Your Way To Twitter Prizes This Holiday Season

    It’s the Internet contest that anyone can play! Yes, Ron and Fez‘s Search Search Hurry Up And Search returns, now with plenty of prizes just in time for your holiday shopping. Why leave the house? Why spend all day browsing Web sites looking for deals when you can Search Search Hurry Up And Search your way to success? Read More

  • What Can Be Done About The Growing Broadband Gap In The U.S.?

    There’s good news and bad news about broadband coming out of newly released Census data, courtesy of the Commerce Department. The good news is that more people than ever before now have broadband, with 63.5 percent of all households now subscribing to a broadband service. That’s up from 9.2 percent from way back in 2001. Read that carefully: that’s up from 9.2 percent, not… Read More

  • Google Offers Money Rewards For Finding Vulnerabilities In Its Web Stuff

    Google will now pay you to find and report vulnerabilities in its various Web properties. The company made the announcement yesterday, and it applies to sites like,, and Should you report a qualifying bug, you can expect to walk away with at least $500. Read More

  • Decline In DVD Sales & Rampant Piracy Force Indie Wrestling To Internet Pay-Per-View

    The move to all-digital distribution is already well under way, and it poses a problem for businesses that have based themselves around the sale of shiny plastic discs. That, combined with the rampant piracy of these discs when they’re released has particularly hurt independent pro-wrestling organizations (to pick something out of thin air). Gabe Sapolsky, vice-president of Dragon Gate… Read More

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