• Governments Set To Discuss Who's In Charge Of Creating New Top-Level Domains

    What happened recently to trigger the U.S. government’s sudden interest in Internet-policing? We saw the Department of Homeland Security seizing Web sites’ domain names last week, despite the fact the those Web sites weren’t based in the U.S. Odd. Now there’s word that the U.S. is wheeling and dealing over the right to approve any and all new top-level domains. You… Read More

  • Gogo Inflight Is Actually Making Money

    According to a BusinessInsider interview, Gogo in-flight wireless is doing well and just raised another $35 million in capital to keep the lights on and the in-flight Wi-Fi flowing. Aircell, Gogo’s parent company, says that the service served 3 million sessions between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Google offered free Gogo on all flights during this period. Read More

  • Report: Canada's Usage-Based Billing Scheme To Be Overturned

    Canada’s Internet innovation-killing usage-based billing scheme may already be dead in the water. The Toronto Star says the decision has been made to reverse the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s plan to implement the controversial billing method, which would have led to a situation where people there could have expected to pay up to CDN$2.35 per gigabyte. Read More

  • That Old Technology That's Powering The Egyptian Revolt

    How much good will Twitter and Facebook do your revolution once the government completely shuts down Internet access? “Not much good” is the correct answer. (Can something similar happen here in the U.S.?) That’s why it’s high time we pay homage to some of the old technology that’s really making this Egyptian situation tick: ham radio, fax machines, and good… Read More

  • What Good Are Download-Only Services If You Have A Rubbish Internet Connection?

    It’s hardly a secret that many of us here are big fans of Steam, Valve’s digital download service that makes buying PC games pretty painless. Who among us hasn’t spent more than a few dollars during one of those big Steam sales? The only problem with Steam sales is that, having purchased a game, you have to sit there for at least several (long!) hours, waiting for it to… Read More

  • McAfee's Tips To Keep You Safe Online: Mostly Common Sense (One Would Think!)

    This should be an interesting year when it comes to keeping your data safe. Odds are you (and even your parents!) either have or will have a smartphone of some sort this year, and odds are evildoers will be trying their hardest to ruin your life: steal your credit card info, hack your Twitter account, order 10 pizzas and send them your house without you knowing, etc. Traitorware! Read More

  • UK ISPs: Do You Have Any Idea How Difficult It'd Be To ‘Ban’ Online Porn?

    UK Internet Service Providers have hit out at a proposal to make online pornography an opt-in “feature” of sorts. They’ve done so not because they love spending all day browsing whatever, but because, well, it shouldn’t be their job to censor the Internet before it enters your home. If you want to lock down your computer so your children don’t access such… Read More

  • Claim: We Don't Need Net Neutrality Because The Internet Isn't ‘Broken’

    Reading Drudge and the Wall Street Journal this morning had me concerned that Julius Genachowski, the FCC chairman, was going to smash my modem into tiny pieces with a +2 mace in the name of flexing regulatory muscle. Hardly. It’s true that the FCC will vote tomorrow whether or not to implement some sort of Net Neutrality regime, but considering that it’s already stated what it… Read More

  • Neutrality Or Bust

    Neutrality Or Bust

    Editor’s note: Guest author John Borthwick is the CEO and founder of betaworks and in a previous life was a senior strategist for Time Warner and a witness in the Microsoft antitrust case. Access to fast, affordable and open broadband, for users and developers alike is, I believe, the single most important driver of innovation in our business. The FCC will likely vote next week on… Read More

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