• First 2 Browsers To Fall At Pwn2Own: Safari & Internet Explorer

    Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 were the first two Web browsers to fall in the latest Pwn2Own contest. And yes, this takes into account Apple’s latest Safari security patch that dropped yesterday. Read More

  • Last Week, IE Was The Top Browser On TechCrunch. Wait, What?

    In late November of last year, we noted a changing of the guard: Chrome had become the most-used browser amongst TechCrunch readers, ending the four year reign of Firefox in the pole position. And since then, Chrome has actually widened its lead. In the past 30 days, it’s a full 2 percentage points ahead of Firefox now. And that lead continues to grow. But something really odd happened… Read More

  • Another Day, Another Internet Explorer Exploit

    Oh, dear. Microsoft has revealed a new security flaw in Internet Explorer that, if taken advantage of, could let evildoers take over your computer. That’s nice. The good news is that Microsoft hasn’t heard of any consumer attacks brought about as a result of the glitch, so there’s no reason to freak out just yet. Read More

  • Google Creates A Better Way To Turn IE Into Chrome: A Business-Ready Windows Installer

    In September 2009, we wrote about something very interesting that Google was doing in order to penetrate the business market: they were essentially turning IE into Chrome. Chrome Frame was a plugin for Microsoft’s browser that would recreate the Chrome browsing experience inside of IE. The reason Google did this is that they realized that many users at work were not able to install… Read More

  • Biggest Browser Share Gain In October Goes To Chrome

    Browser market share numbers are out for October from Net Applications. Chrome made the biggest gains with a 0.49 percent jump from September to 8.47 percent. Chrome is the third most popular browser after Internet Explorer (59.26 percent) and Firefox (22.82 percent). Both FireFox and IE saw their overall market share positions erode slightly by 0.39 percent and 0.14 percent, respectively. Read More

  • As IE8 Begins To Fall, IE Finally Drops Below 50 Percent Browser Share

    According to the the latest data from the company, last month, September 2010, marked the first time IE fell below the 50 percent share mark in the past decade. Of course, this data only counts what StatCounter collects, but they claim that it’s a huge dataset worldwide — billions of visits from millions of sites. And the trend is clear: two years ago, two-thirds of those people… Read More

  • Google Working To Remove A Big Barrier To Chrome Frame: Administrator Rights

    I love the whole concept of Google Chrome Frame. It’s Google spitting in the face of Microsoft and showing them that their software isn’t good enough for the modern web — by recreating it as Google software. Granted, Microsoft finally looks to be evolving with IE9, but they had years to do that, so Google stopped waiting and did it for them. Ballsy. Brilliant. But Chrome… Read More

  • A Tour Of IE9 With Internet Explorer's Senior Director (TCTV)

    At this morning’s launch of IE9, Microsoft tried to reignite the browser wars with its latest iteration of Internet Explorer. You can test drive it yourself by downloading the beta version on, but if that sounds like too much effort, you can also sit back and watch our video tour with Senior Director of Internet Explorer, Ryan Gavin. Video ahead. Read More

  • IE9 Beta Now Available For Download

    By now many of you probably know that Microsoft is unveiling the full public beta of the much-hyped new version of its browser, Internet Explorer 9, today. For those of you who want to take IE9 for a spin, Microsoft just launched the page where you can download the new browser; under the URL As we wrote in our initial review of IE9, the new browser is built for speed… Read More

  • Final IE9 Preview Meets Web Accuracy Requirements

    Microsoft just announced the results from their latest preview version of Internet Explorer 9, and the results are good. Typically results are measured using the Acid3 accuracy test, designed to verify that the browser is displaying the website code accurately. In the past, Safari and Chrome has scored perfectly on the test, with FireFox coming in at a 94. The results the Microsoft reported… Read More

  • Internet Explorer Bucks The Trend As Worldwide Usage Grew By 0.57% In June

    Internet Explorer Bucks The Trend As Worldwide Usage Grew By 0.57% In June

    Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is showing early signs of a ‘comeback’, reversing a practically constant slide in browser usage over the past few years for the month of June, according to figures just released by Net Applications. Still the dominant browser in terms of market share any way you slice it, Internet Explorer appears to be reclaiming share at the expense of… Read More