Internet advertising

  • IDC: U.S. Internet Advertising Rose 15 Percent In Second Quarter

    Internet advertising is making a comeback from last year’s outright recession. According to new estimates from IDC analyst Karsten Weide, Internet advertising revenues in the U.S. grew 15 percent in the second quarter to $7.2 billion. This is the third rising quarter of year-over-year growth (10.5 percent growth in the first quarter and 2.2 percent growth in the fourth quarter of… Read More

  • Online Advertising Revenues Jump Almost 15 Percent In First Quarter

    Online Advertising Revenues Jump Almost 15 Percent In First Quarter

    The online advertising industry saw growth accelerate in the first quarter, with the combined advertising revenues of the four largest players (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL) jumping almost 15 percent to $8.8 billion. This compares to 10 percent annual growth in the fourth quarter, and negative growth the first two quarters of last year (aka, the Great Advertising Recession of… Read More

  • JPMorgan Forecasts A 10.5 Percent Rebound In U.S. Display Advertising in 2010

    In the advertising industry overall, revenues generated by direct and brand advertising are roughly split 50/50. But in the online world, where direct advertising is represented mostly by search and email ads and brand advertising by graphical display ads, the split is closer to 70/30 in favor of direct ads. Last year, with the economy down, the display portion of the U.S. online… Read More