international space station

  • NASA to bring down the ISS in 2016

    Question: What do you do with a 654,000 pound space station with no budget past 2015? Read More

  • NASA needs help naming an ISS module

    Apparently NASA needs help coming up with an appropriate moniker for an International Space Station module. No, they don’t want to name it after your dog. They want to follow the boring naming pattern already established by the two previous modules: Unity and Harmony. The unit will be an observation location and also the spot where the robotic arm will be controlled. Got any ideas? Read More

  • The ISS turns ten – Big Picture provides tantalizing photo history

    In true Big Picture fashion, the wonderful photolog is celebrating the 10 years of the International Space Station. The whole story is chronicled through 32 spectacular photos that are well worth your time. Thankfully there isn’t any pics of the new urine to drinking water action shots. Gross. Read More

  • Watch out, there's a computer virus (well, worm) aboard the International Space Station

    Remember that scene in Independence Day when Jeff Goldblum’s character suggests the U.S. upload a computer virus to the alien mothership in order to take it out? It’s one of Hollywood’s greatest moments, obviouslly. Well, it turns out that something along those lines has just happened, minus Will Smith, invading aliens, and exploding skyscrapers. There’s a computer… Read More

  • Toilet aboard International Space Station is broken

    Whuh oh. Seems the only toilet on the ISS is busted and they can’t get a plumber out there until next week. Astronauts aboard the space station have been able to impose upon the nearby Russian Soyuz spacecraft, using its limited-capacity toilet in a pinch, and have now apparently rigged some sort of sack-like contraption to the toilet on the ISS. Sounds delightful. The good news is that… Read More