• MavenSay Enjoying Sudden Popularity In Social Media-Hungry Indonesia

    MavenSay Enjoying Sudden Popularity In Social Media-Hungry Indonesia

    MavenSay, a social recommendation app, just got a surge of unplanned downloads coming from Indonesia, and its founders are moving quickly to include Southeast Asia in its expansion plans as a result. The company’s Toronto-based co-founder, Jesse Dallal, said the two-month old app got 100,000 downloads over the past fortnight. It has a total of 130,000 downloads so far, and the sudden… Read More

  • Hon Hai Looks Toward Indonesia’s Promising Economy As Apple’s Growth Slows

    Hon Hai Looks Toward Indonesia’s Promising Economy As Apple’s Growth Slows

    Hon Hai is planning to diversify its business away from producing Apple devices by signing an agreement with Indonesia to make and sell handsets in that country, reports Reuters. A Hon Hai spokesman said that the company, which derives about 60 to 70 percent of its revenue from manufacturing work for Apple, hopes to sign the agreement next month. Hon Hai, the parent company of Foxconn, is one… Read More

  • Indonesian Newsstand App Scoop Closes $2.4M Series B

    Indonesian Newsstand App Scoop Closes $2.4M Series B

    Apps Foundry just announced that it has raised $2.42 million (S$3 million) in a Series B round of funding. The Indonesian company is registered and headquartered in Singapore, and this round of funding has come from Indonesia’s largest media group, Kompas Gramedia. The company’s main product is a digital newsstand app called Scoop. This round of funding will go towards Apps… Read More

  • TV Ads Are A Surprising But Important Part of Line & WeChat’s Indonesian Marketing Strategy

    TV Ads Are A Surprising But Important Part of Line & WeChat’s Indonesian Marketing Strategy

    As the War of the Asian Mobile Messaging Apps heats up, Indonesia is becoming one of the most important battlegrounds for players like WeChat and Line–and TV ads are a surprising but effective part of their artillery. Though the country currently has one of the lowest Internet penetration rates in Southeast Asia, a large and youthful population (27% of its 242.3 million people is 14… Read More

  • Real Prizes To Draw Gamers In Indonesia

    Real Prizes To Draw Gamers In Indonesia

    Indonesian game developer, TouchTen, has been signed up as Gimmie’s exclusive game distributor in its country. Gimmie is a start-up by former lead programmer at PopCap Games, Roy Liu, and David Ng, who led business development at ChinaCache. The company employs a model typically found in fun fairs, which offers real prizes as rewards for playing. After a recent pivot away from Silicon… Read More

  • An Open Letter to LivingSocial: Learn from Groupon's International Mistakes

    Another day, another unfortunate piece of news out of Groupon’s international operations. Today it’s that SoSata, Groupon’s Indian site, got hacked.  In a letter to users, Groupon encouraged them to change user names and passwords and assured them no financial information was compromised because none is stored on the site. Compared to the flood of angry headlines… Read More

  • Wanita Power: What Women in the US Could Learn from Indonesians

    JAKARTA– I’m mid-way through a trip to Indonesia at the request of the State Department, and I’m finding a hard time putting the experience into words. You’d think after two years of writing about other countries it’d be easy. I can’t remember if it was always this hard, or there’s just something different about this trip. Maybe it’s the… Read More

  • RIM Agrees To Filter Pornographic Content On Indonesian BlackBerrys

    Another day, another example of RIM having to buckle to governmental pressure in order to stay in business. It has emerged that RIM has agreed to filter pornographic content on Indonesian BlackBerrys as a direct result of a government request. While this isn’t the first time that RIM has had to accommodate various government requests, it does represent the first time that RIM has greed… Read More

  • Eduardo Saverin Beats Mark Zuckerberg to Indonesia

    Someone needs to make me a “Where in the world is Eduardo Saverin?” logo. Following up on my story that he was holed up in a penthouse in Singapore investing in Facebook games, comes news that Saverin has hopped over to Indonesia to meet with some startups. Pictured to the left is Saverin with Aria Rajasa of GantiBaju– a company I wrote about here that won the SparkxUp awards… Read More

  • Coincidence? Or Has this Tiny Indonesian Company Pushed Google into the Market Faster?

    Andy Sjarif has an almost weird, man-crush on Google. No matter what crazy things Eric Schmidt may promise shareholders, Sjarif is in no doubt that the great and mighty Google can achieve them. Self-driving cars? Trips to the moon? Wind farms? All in a day’s work at the Googleplex. Google with its execution, its Ph.Ds and its algorithms is Sjarif’s mahaguru. But – all that… Read More

  • Southeast Asia: One Thing Yahoo Has Done Well [TCTV]

    Silicon Valley and Wall Street both bash Yahoo a lot these days, but if there’s one place the company has excelled it’s in Asia. Its Alibaba investment alone is one of the best deals made in the Chinese Internet, and Yahoo Japan is propping up even more of Yahoo’s stock price. Yahoo also has local portal strongholds throughout Southeast Asia, including Indonesia where it has… Read More