• Update – Indeed (Raised Money)

    Update – Indeed (Raised Money)

    Company: Indeed Previous Profile: August 4, 2005 Location: Stamford CT Indeed raised $5 million from the New York Times, Union Square Ventres and Allen & Company. This comes on the heals of Simply Hired’s $3m raise last week (Profile). Congratulations Indeed! The money aside, a strategic partnership with the NYT is absolutely tremendous. Having access to Union Square Ventures (Fred… Read More

  • Profile – Indeed

    Profile – Indeed

    Company: Indeed Launched: March 30, 2005 Location: Stamford CT What is it? Indeed is not a newly launched site, but the job space seems to be heating up and so we are going to profile a number of web 2.0 jobs-related sites and services in the coming week. Upcoming profiles include simply hired, Yorz, Glendor Showcase and others. At its core, Indeed is a vertical search engine for jobs. It has a… Read More