• A look back and the iMac: First impressions from 1998

    A look back and the iMac: First impressions from 1998

    Yesterday we wished happy birthday to the iMac, the personal computer from ten years ago that more or less saved Apple, leading the way to change the computer industry — as well as the music industry — forever. We posted the video of Steve Jobs introducing the iMac and the nostalgia was palpable. But what were the reactions? Reader Dan showed me this clip from a MacWorld from ten… Read More

  • Video: iMac turns 10 today

    Happy tenth birthday, iMac. It’s been a great ride, and, like me, you’re getting better with age. I remember when the iMac was released, I was working at a retail big box store that sold Macs. Within a few hours of the story hitting the wires (TV and print, mostly,) we had about a dozen people asking if we had it in. We didn’t of course, but it was telling. It’s… Read More

  • New iMacs overclocked, not next-gen

    New iMacs overclocked, not next-gen

    Apparently, the processors in the new iMacs released today by apple aren’t anything new. The iMacs are able to reach speeds of 3.06GHz because they are an overclocked version of chips from Intel’s current line. The mainboards are still based on the Santa Rosa chipset found in the previous iMacs. There was some speculation over whether the new iMacs were going to be the first… Read More

  • iMacs upgraded

    iMacs upgraded

    The new iMacs will have 2 GB of memory standard and the 24-incher is hitting 3.06GHz. Here’s the full press release: Apple Updates iMac Now with Faster Processors & Faster Graphics Option CUPERTINO, Calif., April 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Apple(R) today updated its all-in-one iMac(R) line with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors and the most powerful graphics ever… Read More

  • Retailers confirm new iMacs next week

    Retailers confirm new iMacs next week

    GeekSugar predicted there’d be new iMacs next week, and several retailers have confirmed the existence of new model numbers in their inventory. That’s what MacRumors claims, at least. What should you expect with these new iMacs? Penryn-based processors, for one, and maybe an expanded hard drive or newer video card. A minor update, in other words, not a total re-design. Read More

  • Apple launching new iMacs next week

    Apple launching new iMacs next week

    Our good friend, GeekSugar, has the inside scoop that Apple will announce new iMacs next week. Details are skimp, but the iMacs will more than likely see proc and HDD upgrades. We’re 99 percent sure this is legit based on her previous scoop surrounding the MacBook Pro upgrades a few months back. Read More

  • Apple being sued for creative marketing of its 20-inch iMac

    Apple being sued for creative marketing of its 20-inch iMac

    Kabateck Brown Keller, a law firm specializing in suing big companies over faulty products and services, is fixing its legal sights on Apple Inc. They say that the 20-in iMac was advertised as having a certain type of LCD monitor capable of displaying “millions of colors” — as the 24-in iMac indeed can. However, the 20-in version sports an inferior type of screen limited to… Read More

  • Pelican adds iMCruzer case for 24-inch iMacs

    [photopress:iMac_24_IMG_0124_02112008.jpg,full,center] As someone who’s made my share of flights with tons of computer gear, I know good cases when I see them, and there aren’t many people who do it better than Pelican. Pelican has a new case purpose-built for 24-inch iMacs as part of its Case Cruiser line. The box is made or reinforced plastic with layers of shock-resistant… Read More

  • What a concept: iMac iView has curved display

    [photopress:iview.jpg,full,center] A man with a stunningly Portuguese name (Nuno Teixeira) has designed an iMac with a curved screen. Called the iMac iView, the concept uses a curved screen because such a screen is better suited to the curvature of the human eye. If the idea sounds familiar, that’s because Alienware demoed a similar display at CES earlier this year. Biggs poo pooed the… Read More

  • iMac, MacBook Pro updates in March (??)

    iMac, MacBook Pro updates in March (??)

    9to5Mac is positing some pie in the sky stuff about multi-touch trackpads and full iMac/MacBook Pro overhauls. He’s pegging this prediction on the March event coming up and not much else, but it’s nice to dream. If anything happens in March it will be the SDK launch and little else. iMacs to receive processor upgrades along with new Macbook Pros? [9to5mac] Read More

  • Troll Touch touchifies the touchless iMac

    Troll Touch touchifies the touchless iMac

    We’ve been loving multitouch since Apple made it splash with the iPhone and now the iPod Touch. And we’re shepherding rumors lately that the new Apple sub-notebooks that are rumored will feature mutlitouch. When the new iMacs were announced a couple months ago, we figured they’d have the technology, but we were foiled. TrollTouch, however, has hacked the iMac to include… Read More

  • XPS One all-in-one reviewed: "Meh"

    XPS One all-in-one reviewed: "Meh"

    Dell’s XPS One is here, and it’s a nice looking machine, to be sure. And for most people it seems to be about the PC you’d expect for the price, and for the form factor, but Computer Shopper thinks it could do more. Shopper thinks it needs a better GPU, and laments its lack of upgradability. But its main competition is, of course, the iMac, where it no doubt got its market… Read More

  • Mossberg reviews Gateway One, says it's no iMac

    Mossberg reviews Gateway One, says it's no iMac

    Since Gateway announced the One, everyone and their cousin has known it’s a blatant copy of Apple’s iMac. Even Uncle Walt over at the Wall Street Journal knows damn well what Gateway and Dell are trying to do with their all-in-one computer systems. Unfortunately for Gateway, while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the One doesn’t even come close to the iMac. In… Read More

  • Apple hates the CAPZ as much as you do

    Apple hates the CAPZ as much as you do

    Early this morning, I was going through blogs and came across this post on the new Apple keyboards. It seems that Apple has engineered its new keyboard to detect keystrokes. The blogger brings up a point on how he was always hitting the Caps Lock key by accident when he went to hit the shift key. I myself have found myself doing the same thing. But how come when we hit the Caps Lock key… Read More

  • Dude complains too much, gets free stuff

    Dude complains too much, gets free stuff

    After getting three dodgy iMacs in a row, some guy decided to email the big man himself: Steve Jobs. Obviously the CEO of a multimillion dollar hardware company has nothing better to do than sit in his basement and respond to random guys who feel that they are important enough to contact him, but I digress. He reached one of Steve’s minions who seemed extremely concerned about the… Read More

  • Gateway One Has Arrived

    Gateway One Has Arrived

    Oops. Guess I let this one slip out a bit early yesterday, but here it is again. I present to you the Gateway iMac…errr…I mean the Gateway One. A lustrous and chic all in one PC if you can’t tell by the images. The One is encased in metal at just 3.6-inches deep with a 19-inch widescreen TFT active-matrix LCD with 1440×900 resolution. Its plethora of features isn’t… Read More

  • Gateway One Looks A Lot Like…

    Gateway One Looks A Lot Like…

    Everyone is taking design cues from Apple and it’s rather apparent when you look at other high-end products. Am I right? Of course I am. If you think I’m wrong then you tell me the Gateway One doesn’t resemble an iMac. The One is encased in metal at just 3.6-inches deep with a 19-inch widescreen LCD. Its plethora of features isn’t ground breaking, but it’s nice… Read More