• IFA 2010: Hands-On With Panasonic's Press Conference. Hope You Like 3D!

    Perhaps Panasonic should change its name to 3D3D3D3D. The company that has “invested in innovation” (are you kidding me?) will debut a 3D camcorder, the HDC-SDT750, in Europe this October. It will also release a 3D converter lens (by the end of the year), for Panasonic’s plain ol’ Lumix camcorder. Of course, you’d need a 3D TV to then view the recorded 3D footage. Read More

  • Before Official Start, IFA 2010 Sets The Stage By Drawing On The Past

    I think the message coming out of the opening press conference here at IFA 2010 (the 50th such show, by the way) was: we were consumer electronics before consumer electronics became cool. (Take that, CES!) A quick video highlight package re-traced the show’s lineage all the way back to its inaugural gala in 1924. Six years later, Albert Einstein gave the keynote address, saying that… Read More

  • LG Rolling Out New Smart TVs At IFA

    There is a war being waged by TV makers. A war against set-top boxes. See, TV makers like LG and Sony don’t want you going off and buying a Roku, or iTV, or what have you. So over the last couple years, they keep adding features to their TVs — apps, internet, weather, that kind of thing. LG’s latest, which it will be showing at IFA this next week, doesn’t look… Read More

  • Latest Samsung Galaxy Tab Video Shows Off A Bunch Of Features, Sizes It Up Against The iPad

    Forgive the music because you’re going to wanna trudge through this video. It is by far the best Samsung Galaxy Tab video to date and might be some sort of official demo. The entire 2:43 video is filled with nothing but action shots and size comparisons. Is it an iPad killer? Still hard to tell, but this video certain makes a case for it. Click through for the video. Read More

  • As IFA Nears, Expect Nothing But Tablets & 3D TVs…sigh

    IFA is upon us; think CES but bigger. The showfloor doesn’t open until September 3rd, but most of the news should drop this week as companies try to steal 15 minutes of fame before the flustercuck begins. And this year it’s all about Android tablets and 3D TVs. I know, exciting stuff. You could almost feel the excitement at CES 2010 back in January. It felt like the whole CE market… Read More