• Google Experimenting With Browser Login For Chrome OS

    Google has made a change to Chrome OS to move the user login from the machine to the browser. Our guess is Google is, or will eventually use, Google Friend Connect to facilitate login. The feature was first mentioned on October 13: “Using Chrome as our login manager has a number of potential benefits.
    Explore these tradeoffs and decide what to do about the login manager.” The code… Read More

  • Data Stolen in 2005 Affects 27,000 Kingston Customers

    Some 27,000 Kingston Technology customers have just found out that their personal data may have been compromised back in September of 2005. This data includes names, addresses, and credit card numbers but it is not believed to have been misused in any way yet. Kingston has apparently contacted the aforementioned customers and is offering them credit monitoring and identity theft assistance… Read More

  • Dude Discovers WoW Girlfriend Is A Dude

    Sometimes dealing with a relationship can be tough. Poor John Harrison, who is a 20-year-old college sophomore, found out recently that his in-game World of Warcraft “girlfriend” was actually a 27-year-old who lives at home with his parents and works used to work at Burger King. For months, John was truly in love with an elf known as Chelxai whom he met through his guild. After… Read More