• Samsung Knack keeps it basic and.. patriotic?

    Samsung Knack keeps it basic and.. patriotic?

    Sometime around early 2006, I decided to kill a spare half hour my loitering around in a Verizon store. I know – coolest hang out spot ever, right? Anyways – at some point, an older gent stomped into the store, cherry faced and steam-eared. We’ll call him Bob. Being the nosey curious person I’ve always been, I eavesdropped on Bob’s conversation with a VZW employee. Read More

  • iceorb – 'cause your trays are so 1960

    iceorb – 'cause your trays are so 1960

    Wait, you’re still using ice cube trays? Your grandma uses ice cube trays. All those trays do is sit there, holding ice cubes, take’n up space. Time to get multitasking playboy; you need the iceorb.   Makes 21 cubes of ice on a vertical wall Stores up to 51 cubes – airtight and odor free Chills wine and other beverages in a bottle Use as a cooler to keep cold foods fresh while… Read More

  • NASA confirms ice found on Mars

    NASA confirms ice found on Mars

    NASA has confirmed the existence of ice on Mars, the first time water has been found on another planet confirming years of speculation as to the possiblity of water on the Red Planet. As the awful movie Semi-Pro says every four seconds, “Get excited!” And, as Bloomberg so kindly reminds us, “Water in liquid form is an essential ingredient for life.” Thanks, Bloomberg. Read More

  • Han Solo ice cube tray and R2D2 ice bucket

    Han Solo ice cube tray and R2D2 ice bucket

    Oh great. Only, like, forever and a day until Christmas. That’s when I’m gonna ask everyone I know for this R2D2 ice bucket and Han Solo ice cube tray set. I’d be a damn fool to ask for anything else. It seems to only be available in the UK at the moment and the fact that’s UK site calls Han Solo “Hans” makes me a little nervous, but you gotta take… Read More

  • Hot concept: Tetris ice cubes/jell-o shots

    Hot concept: Tetris ice cubes/jell-o shots

    What is the one way you could improve Tetris? By making it alcoholic. Czech designer Martin Zampach’s concept product would let you make Tetrad-shaped ice cubes to drop in your G&T, or you could use the thing to make Tetradinal jell-o shots, perfect for your nerdy parties. I like the idea of them sliding down my gullet, forming lines in my tummy to be digested for drunkness points. I… Read More

  • Lego Ice Tray: Make Frozen H2O Legos!

    We could use these new Lego ice trays to make Lego ice cubes and build a Fortress of Solitude for our Superman Returns action figure, but we have a better idea. We’re going to fill them up with vodka and Jell-O mix (cherry) to build a Castle of Inebriation, a citidel impenetrable to the likes of the Soldiers of Sobriety! At fist dawn, we’ll join the Bloody Mary Militia and fight for… Read More

  • Ice Rocks. Sigh.

    Ice Rocks. Sigh.

    File this one under stupid. The Water Bank of America, Inc. will soon be offering ice trays that are hermetically sealed with spring water. There is currently no stated price, but Ice Rocks will come in packs of 4, 24, 48 and an economy size that holds 200 cubes. Now I have to wonder about the real demand for this. The price will surely be jacked up. If you really need frozen spring water… Read More