• Google Applies for .Google, .Docs, .YouTube and .LOL Top-Level Domains

    Google Applies for .Google, .Docs, .YouTube and .LOL Top-Level Domains

    Today, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) closed its window for new generic top-level domain name applications. ICANN will publish a list of all the applied-for strings in two weeks, but Google today already announced some of the names it applied for. Among these are, as expected, .google and .youtube. According to Google’s chief Internet evangelist and… Read More

  • IAB Calls on ICANN to Withdraw Controversial Plan for New Top-Level Domains

    IAB Calls on ICANN to Withdraw Controversial Plan for New Top-Level Domains

    The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is today calling on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to withdraw its controversial plan for new top-level domains. ICANN’s plan would significantly expand Top-Level Domains, allowing companies and brands to register just about any word they want as a top level domain (TLD). That means in addition to traditional TLDs… Read More

  • Esther Dyson Does Not Like Top-Level Domains

    Esther Dyson On New Top-Level Domains: “There Are Huge Trademark Issues”

    Esther Dyson, who was the founding chairwoman of ICANN (among other things) doesn’t like the new top-level domains that were recently approved by ICANN. These will allow new domains to be created for practically any word or brand someone wants to register. Instead of just .com, .org, and .tv, there could be .techcrunch, .coke, .apple, .ipad, and so on. “I don’t really… Read More

  • ICANN To Expand Top-Level Domain Names, Applications Start Jan 12, 2012

    ICANN To Expand Top-Level Domain Names, Applications Start Jan 12, 2012

    The ICANN board has voted to approve the new gTLD program, which was first announced three years ago. The new program will significantly expand Top-Level Domains (TLDs) to allow companies, organizations and even cities to turn their own brands into domain name extensions. Think .ADIDAS, .HOTEL, .BRUSSELS, .FACEBOOK and the likes. Applications for new gTLDs will be accepted from 12 January 2012… Read More

  • Adult Websites Will Soon Get Their Own .XXX Brothels, But Not All Are Excited

    This is a guest post from Andrew Allemann, author of Domain Name Wire, a blog covering the business and policy of domain names. He has been active in the domain name industry as a buyer, seller, and consultant for over ten years. A new .xxx top level domain name is coming soon, and a lot of people aren’t happy about it. On Friday, the Board of Directors of Internet Corporation for… Read More

  • Web now supports non-Latin characters for addresses

    Pretty important day in the history of the World Wide Web, if not the Internet as a whole. ICANN, sorta the Internet’s regulator, will for the first time now allow non-Latin characters for Web addresses. That means that, if we wanted, sometime in the future we could register a Russian version of CrunchGear.com at KPYHЧГИP.PYC (that’s just an example, who knows what the… Read More

  • ICANN Moves Ahead With Non-Latin Web Addresses (Video)

    As expected, regulatory body ICANN has approved plans to let web addresses be written in non-Latin characters in a move that it calls the “biggest technical change” to how the Internet works since its invention four decades ago. The vote was announced at the last day of the non-profit group’s Seoul conference. The proposal would mean that domain names could be written in… Read More

  • Changes to Internet approved: Expect lots of annoying URLs now

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, has approved the sweeping overhaul we mentioned the other day. Now companies will be able to register their own unique top-level domain (TLD), which is sure to be as annoying as it sounds. But think of the branding opportunities! “Go to littlebigworld.ps3 to see the all new trailer!” ”Download a special… Read More

  • Sweeping Internet changes to be voted on this week: Non-Roman letter URLs, xxx top-level domain

    Who’s ready for http://www.CrunchGear.xxx? The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will vote later this week whether to “shake up,” as the Beeb puts it, the way the Internet works. Imagine an Internet with URLs in non-Roman letters, relaxed rules for those wanting a .com or .tv address, and, yes, the controversial .xxx top-level domain. ICANN had previously… Read More

  • Network Solutions, ICANN Sued Over Domain Front Running

    Network Solutions and ICANN are being sued over the “front running” domain registration practices that we covered last month. “Network Solutions has forced millions of people to buy Internet domain names from them instead of cheaper competitors through a scheme that’s netted the firm millions of dollars,” according to the federal class action lawsuit filed by… Read More