• Liberty Exits IAC For Evite, Gifts.com And $220M In Cash – Diller Steps Down As CEO

    Big move for Liberty Media, IAC and the latter’s Barry Diller today. The former has exchanged its entire equity stake in the Internet holding company for a combination of assets and cash in a transaction intended to be tax-free to both companies. Liberty has exchanged approximately 12.8 million shares of IAC stock for all of the capital stock of a wholly-owned subsidiary of IAC that… Read More

  • The Newsweek Daily Beast Will Make A Monstrous Combination

    After a series of on-again, off-again talks, Newsweek is merging with The Daily Beast, the IAC-owned online news site run by Tina Brown. The new joint venture will take the ungainly name of the Newsweek Daily Beast Company. Last August, the Washington Post Company sold Newsweek for $1, plus the assumption of $40 million in debt, to stereo tycoon Sydney Harman. Now Barry Diller is getting… Read More

  • Exclusive: Bloglines Will Be Resurrected By IAC-Funded MerchantCircle

    Exclusive: Bloglines Will Be Resurrected By IAC-Funded MerchantCircle

    The saga continues. After informing us in September that the IAC-owned Bloglines was to be shut down permanently, Ask.com (the IAC property that operates Bloglines) has resurrected the troubled RSS feeder, the company tells TechCrunch exclusively. IAC has transferred ownership of the property to an unlikely new patron: MerchantCircle, an online marketing network for small business owners. Read More

  • IAC Shows Signs Of Life In Third Quarter, Revenues Jump 25 Percent

    Barry Diller realizes that his Ask search engine isn’t going to gain market share anytime soon, but search can still power growth for IAC if it just keeps up with the growth in the overall search market. IAC released third quarter earnings this morning. Total revenues were up 25 percent to $422 million. Operating income quadrupled to $36 million, and adjusted earnings per share came in… Read More

  • Compete Top 50: Bing And Ask Rise – MySpace, MapQuest And Flickr Fall

    Online analytics company Compete has just published its ranking of the top 50 websites for September 2010, giving some insights into current visitor trends (and not absolute numbers, as the company tends to undercount traffic for most websites). Compete’s data compilation shows increasing traffic to Microsoft’s search engine Bing (up 11.7 percent for the month and 108.5 percent for… Read More

  • Vinod Khosla and Kevin Skillern on Green Tech Investments

    When Google Wanted To Sell To Excite For Under $1 Million — And They Passed

    On stage today at our TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Vinod Khosla, the founder of Khosla Ventures, recalled a story from the days when he backed Excite, one of the original Internet portals. Specifically, he spoke briefly about the time they failed to acquire Google. This story has been circulated for a while, but not many people know about it. Khosla stated it simply: Google… Read More

  • IAC's Barry Diller on the Threats to Net Neutrality

    Barry Diller: Everyone Needs To Stand Up And Protect Net Neutrality — Unleash The FCC!

    Today at our TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, IAC CEO Barry Diller took the stage for a fireside chat with our own Michael Arrington. They covered a lot of topics, but the first thing Diller keyed in on was the most important: net neutrality. “All of you have to get out there and start arguing for this strongly,” Diller emphatically said. He clearly feels very… Read More

  • Barry Diller: Ask.com Has No Value Inside Of IAC

    Barry Diller: Ask.com Has No Value Inside Of IAC

    Many of us may have forgotten that Ask.com is a search engine just like Google and Bing. It seems that IAC’s Barry Diller, who owns Ask.com, seems to have no memory of Ask’s value as well. Diller sat down with Michael Arrington today at TechCrunch Disrupt, and spoke candidly about the future of Ask.com. Says Diller, “I don’t think Ask.com is going to gain search… Read More

  • Exclusive: IAC Finally Kills Off Bloglines

    It’s finally happened. Bloglines,the troubled RSS feed reader owned by IAC, will officially be shut down, the company has told TechCrunch exclusively. The site has had a tumultuous history, so it’s unsurprising that IAC has finally put the platform out of its misery. Bloglines, which is actually operated by IAC Q&A property Ask.com, will be informing users of the news today… Read More

  • CollegeHumor Media Launches Videogame Humor Site Dorkly.com

    Recently soft-launched by CollegeHumor Media (aka Connected Ventures), the IAC company is today formally introducing the latest addition to its ever-expanding network of funny websites. Meet Dorkly.com, a new videogame humor property that caters to “all gamers, be they nerds, geeks, or even dweebs”. That sounds like you, so we thought we’d share. Read More

  • IAC Buys Into Fitness Social Network DailyBurn

    Dailyburn, formerly known as Gyminee, a social network for fitness and diet tracking, online accountability, and motivation, has been sold. IAC has acquired a majority stake in the company for an undisclosed sum. DailyBurn will become part of IAC’s Mindspark Interactive Network, which is also is home to social and entertainment destinations like Zwinky, IWON and Girlsense, personal… Read More

  • The Taste Of The iPad. UrbanSpoon Makes Its HD Debut

    Before there was even an App Store, I knew there was something to UrbanSpoon. Several million downloads and a sale to IAC later, I can safely say I was right. Now the team behind it is trying to capture the magic all over again with its new free iPad app. On the face of it, UrbanSpoon for the iPad may not seem as useful as it is for the iPhone. After all, most people don’t just whip… Read More

  • Urbanspoon: Half A Billion Shakes And Counting

    There’s no denying it. People love to shake their iPhones. It’s almost as if they want to see how much they can shake it before it breaks. But shaking it is half the fun, especially when apps take advantage of the built-in accelerometer to turn shaking into a feature. One of the earliest apps to make shaking a central element of its interface was Urbanspoon, the restaurant… Read More

  • My Bloody Valentine: Expedia.com

    My Bloody Valentine: Expedia.com

    As you know, today is Valentine’s Day. As such, I thought it was the perfect time to write a love sonnet for my new favorite company: Expedia.com. Actually, I’ll do the opposite. Seeing as it’s a long weekend in the United States (President’s Day is on Monday), I decided I was going to set up a little trip to get away with the girl I’m seeing. A few weeks ago, I… Read More

  • Urbanspoon Expands To The Urban Workforce With A BlackBerry App

    In major metropolitan areas, the BlackBerry at lunchtime is a force to be reckoned with. And now it can be a device to help those urbanities actually find a place to eat with the launch of Urbanspoon for BlackBerry. Urbanspoon has been one of the most popular apps for the iPhone since it launched alongside the App Store in the summer of 2008. By blending location data with a fun… Read More

  • Match.com Acquires People Media For $80M In Cash

    Online dating service and IAC property Match.com is getting into the highly-targeted subscription dating game with the acquisition of People Media, which it is taking off the hands of publicly traded PE firm American Capital and a host of other investors for $80 million in cash. The deal includes the purchase of about 27 targeted dating sites with a combined 255,000 paying subscribers… Read More

  • IAC Buys UrbanSpoon Based On Good Recommendations

    UrbanSpoon, a restaurant recommendation service, started out with a simple plan. It was three former Jobster employees, Ethan Lowry, Adam Doppelt and Patrick O’Donnel who set out to see if they could build a company in today’s world without needing any traditional outside investments. Today, they can safely say they succeeded — big time. IAC, the Internet giant, has just… Read More

  • Breaking: Meetic Finds A Soulmate, Acquires Match.com's European Operations

    Meetic, the popular European online dating company, announced today that it has agreed to buy the European operations of the IAC-owned Match.com. The news was announced on the blog of Loïc Le Meur, who is a board member of Meetic but will need to resign to leave room for an IAC representative. IAC will sell 100% of the stock of Match Europe – the entity that houses Match.com’s… Read More

  • IAC's Ask.com Acquires Domain Name Monetizer Sendori

    Ask Sponsored Listings, a division of Ask.com (itself a subsidiary to IAC) has acquired Sendori, a startup that introduced interesting advertising exchange technology about two years ago that enabled advertisers to purchase direct navigation traffic generated by top tier domain names, bypassing PPC advertising providers like Google and Yahoo when it comes to monetizing parked… Read More

  • Diller Repackages IAC's Ad Network, Everyone Thinks It's Something New

    Barry Diller’s InterActiveCorp announced a minor enhancement to the demographic and behavioral ad targeting available across its sites today—something it is calling “Audience Cubes.” Advertisers can now run ads targeted at different demographic slices including 18 to 34-year olds, sports fans, homeowners, and parents on 26 IAC sites (Citysearch, Evite, Match.com… Read More