• This Facebook Phone Parody Actually Makes Some Good Points

    This Facebook Phone Parody Actually Makes Some Good Points

    Well, that didn’t take long – Facebook Home is already being parodied on YouTube, in a video which actually ends up making a few biting comments about the potential problems the new application will face. For example, will the promised monthly updates to Facebook Home end up confusing users as to the basics of how their phone operates? Where will the ads (you know they’re… Read More

  • Tumblr Blog “Actual Facebook Graph Searches” Goes Viral

    Tumblr Blog “Actual Facebook Graph Searches” Goes Viral

    Well, that didn’t take long. Facebook Graph Search is now its own Tumblr meme: “Actual Facebook Graph Searches.” The site dials up the social media rubbernecking-slash-privacy outrage to a whole new level: user submissions. It’s like that Gizmodo post was turned into an entire blog, edited by everyone. The blog is now blowing up on Hacker News. It’s getting tweeted. Read More

  • It’s Alive! Google’s iOS Search App Shows Hints Of Self-Awareness

    It’s Alive! Google’s iOS Search App Shows Hints Of Self-Awareness

    It may not have a cool name like “Siri,” but you can’t accuse Google’s Voice Search app of lacking personality. Or self-awareness, for that matter. In case you missed it, Google upgraded its iOS search app on Tuesday with improved voice search functionality – it’s the closest iOS users can get to a “Google Now“-like experience. The new app can… Read More

  • Noppl Lets You Hide Your Friends’ Political Posts On Facebook

    Noppl Lets You Hide Your Friends’ Political Posts On Facebook

    Some of my friends are idiots. And by idiots, I mean they disagree with me about who should win the upcoming election. What’s worse, is that they continually post these erroneous opinions of theirs to Facebook, and back them up with statements which I can thoroughly debunk via Politifact. C’mon people, fact-check yourself! The thing is, I don’t have time to engage in… Read More

  • Jotly Lives! Parody App Goes Live In iTunes

    Jotly Lives! Parody App Goes Live In iTunes

    You remember Jotly, right? The hilarious and absurd spoof of our mobile/local/social app obsession? To refresh your memory, Jotly’s humor was so on target, people wondered if creator Alex Cornell (founder of Nosh) was actually making fun of Kevin Rose’s Oink with this parody video. He swears he was not, just of the “proliferation of absolute ridiculousness when it comes to… Read More

  • Report: ‘Peak Bandwidth’ Threatens Global Economy Unless Decisive Action Taken

    Sometimes humor is the best mechanism to explain an opaque topic. Public Knowledge, a group that concerns itself with defending consumer rights in “the emerging digital culture,” has released a report today entitled “Peak Bandwidth.” Keep in mind today’s date, is all I have to say. The report says that the “era of plentiful, low-cost bandwidth is approaching… Read More

  • Pogue shares tech support humor; We share Pogue

    [photopress:call_center.jpg,full,center] I had the misfortune of working tech support for a time, and I came away from the experience with the mindset that people should have to have some sort of license to operate technology, or at least be required to take an orientation. It’s not that people are dumb — though some are — it’s that they don’t know what… Read More

  • How your neglected girlfriend would explain Halo 3 cheat codes

    Unless your girlfriend is Samus Aran, in which case she would simply disintegrate you. Kotaku’s found a pretty funny McSweeney’s piece that describes, in a fairly funny way, how your better, cleaner half might explain those Halo 3 codes you asked her to dictate to you. McSweeney’s is hit-and-miss for me, but this one’s pretty on target. If only your extensive… Read More

  • And now for something truly frightening

    John Biggs wanted me to post some Halloween gadgets today. Here’s a remote controlled pooping, talking skeleton. You won’t see one in my yard. Only $3000 from the nice people at the Horror Dome. Happy Halloween. The Crapper [Horror Dome] Read More

  • The Nikon D3 Designer, Way Up Close And Personal*

    The recently announced Nikon D3, I’ve been told, should do a decent job of shaking up the professional camera market in Nikon’s favor when it comes out in November, a topic I’ll address in a separate post a bit later. During the press conference, Nikon revealed that the digital SLR (rangefinder?) was designed by the one and only Giorgetto Giugiaro, a crazy old Italian… Read More

  • Sousaphone Hero A Flop For Activision

    Already suffering after spending years making crappy games, Activision takes yet another hit on its ego with the release of Sousaphone Hero. The Onion reports that “despite a catchy 1890s soundtrack”, the game only sold a paltry 52 copies. The game was released after the success of Guitar Hero and its sequel, Guitar Hero 2. Why would no one buy this game? You can choose cool… Read More

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