• The Case for Yahoo to Buy Hulu

    The Case for Yahoo to Buy Hulu

    While Yahoo! remains the best positioned digital media company around, Wall Street remains unconvinced. Yahoo!’s revenues are not growing as fast as other online media companies (GOOG, AMZN, Facebook, etc).  Moreover, between Facebook’s grip on display ad inventory and DSPs changing the way advertisers buy inventory, Yahoo’s core business (display, reach) is under threat Read More

  • Hulu Plus Adds Streaming Support For Four More Android Devices

    Hulu Plus Adds Streaming Support For Four More Android Devices

    If you’re one of the Internet’s many denizens still shedding an oh-so-first-world-problem tear over Netflix’s business strategy overhaul pricing changes, you’re probably still looking for somewhere else to spend your two lattes worth of monthly fees in exchange for countless hours of entertainment. Hulu Plus, perhaps? If you’re an Android user, chances are… Read More

  • Yahoo Study Shows Online Video Watching Shifting To Primetime

    A new study by Yahoo (embedded below) shows that online video watching habits are shifting. People are watching longer videos and watching more at night during primetime. The chart above shows when people watch videos online. The blue line is today (2011) and the dotted line is two years ago (2009). The two lines show more than a 30 percent divergence during primetime. So what changed? Read More

  • Hulu Plus Now Available For (A Few) Android Handsets

    Tired of not being able to get your on-the-go Modern Family fix from Hulu just because you’re rockin’ an Android phone rather than an iPhone? Fret no longer! Hulu Plus for Android has arrived. Sort of. Read More

  • Source: This Hulu/Yahoo Story Is BS

    Interesting story breaking that Yahoo put an unsolicited bid in to acquire Hulu. For all I know it’s completely true. But I’ve just received an unsolicited message from a source close to Yahoo that says it’s completely untrue (probably because of all my digging the last week on this Yahoo story). Yahoo hasn’t had any meaningful conversations with Hulu about a buyout… Read More

  • We Happy? Miramax Deal Brings Hundreds Of Movies To Hulu Plus (And To Hulu)

    We Happy? Miramax Deal Brings Hundreds Of Movies To Hulu Plus (And To Hulu)

    Two weeks after Miramax announced a major content deal with Netflix, the studio this morning announced that it has also struck a multi-year agreement with Hulu to bring hundreds of films, including Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Scream and The English Patient to Hulu Plus subscribers. Hulu will offer select films via the advertising-supported service to boot. Launching today, Hulu… Read More

  • Hulu Plus Hits Xbox Live Tomorrow And The First Week Is Free

    You’ve waited for it. You’ve prayed for it. You’ve spilled the blood of countless sacrificial chickens for it. And now it’s here: Hulu Plus for Xbox 360. The service is launching tomorrow and you’re basically getting the Hulu interface with which you’re familiar plus a few Kinect add-ons including voice control and gestures. With sufficient bandwidth you… Read More

  • Estimate: In Two Years, Streaming TV Will Be An $800 Million Business for Netflix and Hulu

    Estimate: In Two Years, Streaming TV Will Be An $800 Million Business for Netflix and Hulu

    By the end of this year, an estimated 2 million households in the U.S. will have abandoned TV for the Web, cutting the cord with their cable companies. This estimate comes from Convergence Consulting Group, a Toronto-based research firm with a new report on The Battle for the American Couch Potato. That 2 million is up from the 1.6 million it was estimating a year ago, but it is still… Read More

  • comScore: 170 Million U.S. Internet Users Watched Online Video Last Month

    ComScore has just released data from its Video Metrix service, showing that 170 million Internet users in the United States watched online video content in February for an average of 13.6 hours per viewer. According to the audience measurement giant, the total U.S. Internet audience engaged in more than 5 billion viewing sessions during the course of last month. Google Sites (read: YouTube)… Read More

  • ComScore: Hulu Is Watched Twice As Much As The 5 Major TV Networks Online Combined

    In a new report on digital trends in 2010 When it comes to premium video on the Web, Hulu still rules. In the fourth quarter, the U.S. online audience watched 19.4 billin minutes of video on Hulu, which was twice as much as the how much viewers watched on the websites of the five major TV networks combined. Viewers watched another 9.7 billion minutes of online video on the websites of ABC… Read More

  • Tech Super Bowl Ads Didn't Hit Home – Salesforce And Go Daddy Most Disliked

    I’ve witnessed the media frenzy that comes with the Super Bowl – and the commercials that air on TV before, during and after the event – from a distance (from Belgium, to be more precise) several times now, and still can’t be anything but baffled by its sheer ferociousness. TechCrunch also did its part by listing all tech-related Super Bowl ads. Question is: did people… Read More

  • The Daily Show And Colbert Report Return To Hulu Via New Viacom Content Partnership

    Hulu has just struck a content partnership with Viacom to return “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” to the content platform. The deal also includes other TV Shows from Viacom’s media networks, including Comedy Central, MTV, BET, VH1, Spike TV, and TV Land to the Hulu Plus subscription service. Viacom had previously pulled the two… Read More

  • The Triple Crown

    Netflix is interesting because it is the first service to follow the disruptive arc of the iPad. Every time the iPad is analyzed, the projections are anywhere from just plain wrong to what amounts to a niche. Doesn’t run applications… now there’s an AppStore. Doesn’t run Flash… now there’s a Flash converter app. Apps don’t support a magazine subscription… Read More

  • Comcast-NBC Merger: The Hulu Rules

    Both the Justice Department and the FCC have approved Comcast’s monumental purchase of NBC Universal this morning. A cursory wade through the multiple press releases shows that the deal is full of conditions, as the FCC itself acknowledged that the merger could create threats to “to the development of innovative online video distribution services.” Yikes. Of course this… Read More

  • Boxee Box Update Rolls Out Today, Hulu, Vudu Imminent [Update]

    A cryptic Tweet from Boxee points to a new firmware version rolling out in the next few hours, one that probably promises Vudu and Hulu content on what Matt calls “his favorite box.” Matt here: Nevermind John. He meant to say Netflix, not Hulu. Read More

  • Hulu Plus coming to Android

    Hulu CEO Jason Kilar made an appearance at the Samsung press event at CES today, where he announced that a Hulu Plus app will be coming to Android 2.2+ in the coming months. He demoed the app on a Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.2. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the price of the app, nor if it will net you an extra subscription fee. I guess time will tell. [via Mobile Burn] Read More

  • Study: Americans Now Use Internet As Much As They Watch TV

    And there it is: Americans now spend as much time on the Internet as they do watching TV. So says a new study released by Forrester Research, which says that people now spend 121 percent more time online than they did only five years ago. What’s probably most significant is that these stats now include people in the 30+ age group; it’s not just college student insomniacs who… Read More

  • Roku Adds 1080p Streaming To The XR In Firmware Update

    Roku has released firmware update 2.9 which includes 1080p support in their XR devices. There are a few other bug fixes in the release including Hulu optimization for all devices. You can download it manually (“To do so please select “Settings” option from the homepage, then navigate to “Player Info” and finally choose “Check For Updates”. Your box… Read More

  • IPO Gives Chinese Video Site Youku A $3.3 Billion Market Cap; Worth More Than AOL

    IPO Gives Chinese Video Site Youku A $3.3 Billion Market Cap; Worth More Than AOL

    Shares of Chinese video site Youku soared on its IPO today, closing at $33.44, which is 160 percent above its offering price of $12.80. Since Youku’s 15.8 million shares of American Depository Receipts (ADRs) represent 16 percent of the total shares, the closing price gives Beijing-based $Youku a market cap of roughly $3.3 billion. In other words, it is worth more than $AOL (owner… Read More

  • ESPN: Only 0.11 Percent Of Households Have Cut The Cord (And These Aren't Hipster Households Either)

    ESPN has just released a study that sheds some light on people’s cord cutting habits—or lack thereof. Using Nielsen data, ESPN has determined that a paltry 0.11 percent of U.S. households have dropped cable and/or satellite TV over the past three months. That rounds down to essentially nobody in my estimation. Even more interesting is exactly who these cord-cutters are, and… Read More

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