• Boxee Box Update Rolls Out Today, Hulu, Vudu Imminent [Update]

    A cryptic Tweet from Boxee points to a new firmware version rolling out in the next few hours, one that probably promises Vudu and Hulu content on what Matt calls “his favorite box.” Matt here: Nevermind John. He meant to say Netflix, not Hulu. Read More

  • Hulu Plus coming to Android

    Hulu CEO Jason Kilar made an appearance at the Samsung press event at CES today, where he announced that a Hulu Plus app will be coming to Android 2.2+ in the coming months. He demoed the app on a Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.2. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the price of the app, nor if it will net you an extra subscription fee. I guess time will tell. [via Mobile Burn] Read More

  • Study: Americans Now Use Internet As Much As They Watch TV

    And there it is: Americans now spend as much time on the Internet as they do watching TV. So says a new study released by Forrester Research, which says that people now spend 121 percent more time online than they did only five years ago. What’s probably most significant is that these stats now include people in the 30+ age group; it’s not just college student insomniacs who… Read More

  • Roku Adds 1080p Streaming To The XR In Firmware Update

    Roku has released firmware update 2.9 which includes 1080p support in their XR devices. There are a few other bug fixes in the release including Hulu optimization for all devices. You can download it manually (“To do so please select “Settings” option from the homepage, then navigate to “Player Info” and finally choose “Check For Updates”. Your box… Read More

  • IPO Gives Chinese Video Site Youku A $3.3 Billion Market Cap; Worth More Than AOL

    IPO Gives Chinese Video Site Youku A $3.3 Billion Market Cap; Worth More Than AOL

    Shares of Chinese video site Youku soared on its IPO today, closing at $33.44, which is 160 percent above its offering price of $12.80. Since Youku’s 15.8 million shares of American Depository Receipts (ADRs) represent 16 percent of the total shares, the closing price gives Beijing-based $Youku a market cap of roughly $3.3 billion. In other words, it is worth more than $AOL (owner… Read More

  • ESPN: Only 0.11 Percent Of Households Have Cut The Cord (And These Aren't Hipster Households Either)

    ESPN has just released a study that sheds some light on people’s cord cutting habits—or lack thereof. Using Nielsen data, ESPN has determined that a paltry 0.11 percent of U.S. households have dropped cable and/or satellite TV over the past three months. That rounds down to essentially nobody in my estimation. Even more interesting is exactly who these cord-cutters are, and… Read More

  • Economic Hard Times (And Not Hulu) The Reason For Cord Cutting?

    Almighty Giz has two exciting maps that offer an alternative explanation for the decline in cable and satellite subscriptions in the past year. If you look at the maps, you’ll find that the areas that saw the biggest drops in subscriptions are also, generally, the areas hardest hit by foreclosures. The theory goes, these areas have been hard hit by the recession, and subsequent… Read More

  • Study: Young People Lead The Way When It Comes To Cord Cutting

    Cord cutting: it’s real. That’s what a new SNL Kagan study suggests, and you have to figure that TV executives are freaking out. The numbers: 119,000 people “cut the cord” (read: dropped their cable or satellite TV) in the third quarter of this year. Meanwhile, in the third quarter of 2009, 360,000 people added cable or satellite TV service. Bottom line is, it… Read More

  • Hastings On Hulu Plus: If They Become A Competitor, That's Probably Healthy For Us

    Today at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Peter Chernin sat down with New York Magazine’s John Heilemann to talk about the state of the video content business. A question from the audience asked Hastings about the news today that Hulu was cutting their prices. Hastings noted that Hulu was still mainly an advertising play. And he said that Netflix has… Read More

  • Hulu Shaves $2 Off The Monthly Price Of Hulu Plus, Will Refund Early Adopters

    Hulu has formally launched its premium online video subscription service Hulu Plus after a preview period. Pleasant surprise for those who are interested: the monthly subscription fee has dropped from $9.99 to $7.99, a 20 percent price cut. Pleasant surprise for those who already signed up for Hulu Plus: early adopters will get a credit for the difference from the $9.99 preview price to be… Read More

  • comScore: Hulu Generated 1.1 Billion Video Ad Impressions In October

    comScore’s monthly video data is out for October and it looks like Hulu saw a significant uptick in video ad impressions. Hulu saw 1.1 billion video ad impressions in October, compared to 793 million video ad impressions in September. This rapid growth in ad views is probably attributed an increase in viewership on Hulu thanks to the start of the Fall TV show season. Tremor Media… Read More

  • Hulu Projects $240 Million In Revenue In 2010

    Hulu Projects $240 Million In Revenue In 2010

    Here at the NewTeeVee conference in San Francisco, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar just dropped some interesting and some perviously unreported Hulu stats, including the fact that the ad and subscription supported service now has 30 million users monthly and estimates it will rake in $240 million dollars in 2010, up from a $108 million dollars in 2009. Kilar also revealed that the service has 260… Read More

  • Why Hulu Is The OPEC Of Online Video

    Why Hulu Is The OPEC Of Online Video

    Editor’s note: Mark Suster is a venture capitalist based in Los Angeles at GRP Partners.  He blogs at BothSidesoftheTable. The formation of Hulu was defensive – designed to stop another YouTube or Napster from emerging and causing disruption to the TV industry.  The idea was that if you could put up a consumer site that was seen as the best place to consume content then… Read More

  • Now Even Is Blocked On Google TV

    Sorry, folks. Someone clearly couldn’t keep their mouth shut and let it slip that was Google TV‘s backdoor to Hulu. The majority of the content no longer streams to Google TV units like it did just last week. NBC, ABC, Fox — it’s all blocked. Only Viacom’s content still works, but that’s too be expected considering the partnership between Google… Read More

  • Hulu Plus Comes To Plain Ol' PSN Users

    Heads up to you PS3 owners who didn’t want to pony up for PlayStation Plus. Hulu—yes, the subject of entirely too many word already today—will be soon available in Plus form (Hulu Plus, yes) to you. Dance in the streets, and so on. Read More

  • Dish Network Claims Hulu Will Destroy The TV Industry. So What?

    Batten down the hatches, netizens! At a streaming media conference yesterday, Dish Network Vice-President of Online Content Development and Strategy, Bruce Eisen, said that sites like Hulu, which allow Internet users to watch certain television programming (and sometimes for free), may well destroy the television industry as we know it. That’s a bad thing if you’re Dish Network… Read More

  • StumbleUpon Video Finds TED And Hulu Content And Takes Surfing Social

    “People like stumbling videos more than webpages,” StumbleUpon founder Garrett Camp tells us in explaining why the service has decided to revamp their video offering, which they’re doing tonight. While you’ve been able to stumble through videos for a couple of years now, they’re finally making the experience more social. And they’re adding two big names to… Read More

  • Internet TV and The Death of Cable TV, really

    Yes, you heard this before. The Death of Cable TV. Yet, it hasn’t happened. But now, so many disruptions are happening in the video space, cable tv is really stepping towards the cliff. Don’t expect the cable industry to just give up. We’ll get some new insights next week when the largest U.S. cable operator (23 million cable customers), Comcast, reports its Q3 earnings… Read More

  • The Future Of TV Is HTML

    The Future Of TV Is HTML

    The title of this post is both a very old idea and a very new one. With the prevalence of fiber connectivity and pervasive broadband speeds, this year has been a hot one for bringing together the home computer and the living room TV. While companies like Apple and Google battle over share of TV viewers, they have left open and promoted the web for content distributors to control their own… Read More

  • After Shooting Itself In The Foot, Fox Allows Banksy Simpsons Intro Back On YouTube

    By now you’ve probably seen the dark, amazing intro that renowned artist Banksy created for The Simpsons. And, in the process of looking for the video, there’s a decent chance you came across YouTube’s infamous screen stating that the content had been removed at the request of the copyright owner.  In this case, it was apparently Fox, which would much rather you watch… Read More

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