• New HTC device(s)?

    So forum member deuxani posted the image to your left and asks whether or not the bottom row of HTC devices have all been announced. Most are recognizable right off the bat, but Into Mobile points out that the device in the lower left corner seems like the odd duck. Thoughts? Maybe this is what we’ll see at the HTC event next month in London. Is it the Dream? Read More

  • Verizon Wireless XV6900 (HTC Touch) now available

    The HTC Touch is now available through Verizon Wireless, although it’s called the XV6900 which we can all agree sounds much, much cooler. It’ll set you back $299 for the device itself and then you’ll enjoy paying at least $80 per month for data service and 450 anytime minutes, which you might find to be an absurd amount for voice and data service. I know I do. Oh, you can… Read More

  • T-Mobile Shadow 2 steps into the light

    We don’t know too much, but apparently this is the Shadow 2 from HTC that will launch with T-Mobile some time in the fall. TmoNews tells us this will have MyFaves. Wait a second. Don’t all the new T-Mo phones have MyFaves? Oh wow, breaking news, but I digress. It’s also purported to have Hotspot@Home service which is nice. No word on whether it will be 3G, but let’s… Read More

  • HTC S730 (O2 XDA Atmos) smartphone reviewed

    Register Hardware takes a gander at the S730 from HTC, also available on O2 as the XDA Atmos, and gave it a slightly above average score of 75 out of 100. The S730’s keyboard won some big-time praise as “one of the best HTC keyboards we’ve used,” according to the review, and the device’s form factor is described as “chunky yet… Read More

  • More info about the HTC Touch Dual

    Just got a look at the forthcoming HTC Touch Dual that Matt told us all about earlier today and I have some more information for you, plus a video. 1. It’ll be sold exclusively through Best Buy sometime this quarter. 2. It’ll be unlocked and will run on GSM networks and AT&T’s HSDPA protocol. 3. Price has not yet been set. An unlocked Touch runs about $500, though… Read More

  • Hands on: White HTC Touch from Verizon

    It’s old, but I wanted to take pics of it. Read More

  • HTC Touch gets keypad, keyboard options

    Peter liked the HTC Touch when he got his hands on it last year, and HTC has done a pretty good job of making it not just a product but a brand. The latest is the Touch Dual, a slimmer version of the original Touch with a slide-out T9 keypad. A new version at CTIA today will debut a slide-out QWERTY-style keyboard as well. They’re both the Dual, and you’ll apparently have an option… Read More

  • First Look: HTC Shift (CDMA version)

    Got a nice little package yesterday containing the HTC Shift running on the Sprint network. I’ll be putting this thing through its paces next week at CTIA and will have a full review for you in short order. It’s a pretty cool gadget so far. If you have any questions about it, let me know and I’ll try to answer them for you. One weird quirk; it comes attached to a nice… Read More

  • The HTC Shift X9000 is here, finally

    The CDMA version (runs on Sprints EV-DO network) of the Shift has finally landed stateside and Amazon has it on sale for $1,500. Check out Laptop’s video review above or get all the gritty details here. If you just want the final verdict then we have that for you, too. Read More

  • Android phone from HTC will be called 'Dream'

    Previously codenamed “Dream,” the Android-based Google phone coming from HTC will be called — drumroll please — “Dream,” according to IDG News Service. This information comes from “a person close to the situation,” so it’s possible that we’re not much further along than we were back in early November when we told you that… Read More

  • HTC Developing Phone for Android

    High Tech Computer (HTC) is developing a mobile phone that will use the open-source Android software created by Google for its operating system. The phone will be called Dream and have a large touchscreen and full QWERTY keypad. The handset is over 5 inches long and 3 inches wide and has a keypad that swivels out from underneath the screen. HTC is not the only company that is developing a… Read More

  • HTC head talks about eee PC, iPhone

    HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou, talked a bit about the eee PC and the iPhone along with the future of WinMo on HTC handhelds. The takeaway? He doesn’t see the eee as a competitor to the company’s misicule Shift and that the iPhone is pretty darn hot — not as hot as an HTC exec on a mission! On Android: Google is an Internet company so they are very good at the Internet experience. Read More

  • Sprint Mogul update includes EVDO Rev. A support

    Good news for HTC Mogul owners on the Sprint network — there’s a new update available that’ll allow your phone to connect to the higher speed EVDO Rev. A network where you could very well enjoy double the data speeds. The current EVDO Rev. 0 protocol features download speeds of 400- to 700-kbps and upload speeds of 50- to 70-kbps. EVDO Rev. A bumps the download speeds to… Read More

  • HTC jumping on the MID bandwagon this year

    Word on the street is that HTC (makers of phones like the HTC Touch, the PPC-6xxx series devices, and more!) will be releasing Intel-powered MID devices this year. As you’ll recall from Intel’s recent Atom announcement, Mobile Internet Devices will play a key role in its strategy going forward. Read More

  • AT&T Tilt getting ROM update today? [Update]

    Not sure how reliable this is, but it’s rumored that AT&T will be releasing a ROM update today for the HTC Tilt. I liked the Tilt when I had one despite it running Windows Mobile. Below are a list of things that 1.61.502.0 are supposed to fix. * Device freezing during unlock process when a password is enabled on the device.
    * Pocket Outlook unresponsive when launched while on… Read More

  • HTC: Updated Advantage, Origami Shift, HTC P3470 w/ TomTom

    The HTC Advantage, enhanced for your pleasure Not much new out of HTC this show. They updated the Shift to run Vista with the Origami Experience 2.0 (I saw these guys live at Red Rocks back in 1983 – great show) and an updated Advantage. They also launched the P3470 with TomTom Navigator in Europe. Nothing too earth-shattering but God do they do nice hardware. Read More

  • T-Mobile Shadow gets updated today

    Today, the T-mo Shadow is getting an update that unlocks a couple new features that include an audio postcard function, free music/ringtones from various movies and wallpaper downloads. The myFaves menu is also said to be enhanced with improved text entry. Said ringtones are from Top Gun, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and School of Rock. You can get two full length tracks, ringtones and… Read More

  • HTC Magnum: Well played, Portugal. Well played.

    Remember that post about the HTC Magnum yesterday? The giant tablet phone thingy with a 30-hour battery? It’s fake. Can you believe it?! Portuguese jokesters over at had apparently mocked up the giant blob of technology as “a small prank to a regional community [that got] extrapolated to international sites as a ‘real’ piece of news.” Sorry to be… Read More

  • HTC's Magnum shows up on video, confounding one and all

    HTC is out to show us that Windows Mobile isn’t just for mobile phones with the new Magnum tablet. It’s not a smartphone, and not a regular tablet PC. No, the Magnum is a giant tablet thing, we’re not even sure what to call it yet. But it’s something with a touchscreen, and 80GB HD, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity, boasting a 30-hour battery. This whole thing… Read More

  • HTC's upcoming interface might be named 'Manila'

      Are we looking at HTC’s next GUI? Could be! It might be called “Manila” too. Doesn’t it give you goose bumps? Oh really? It didn’t give me goose bumps either. I just said that because I figured there was something wrong with my feelings again. Here’s some more info from the::unwired, I have zero information if this screenshots are legit or just a… Read More