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  • Woot! A $200 32GB HP TouchPad

    Woot! A $200 32GB HP TouchPad

    Yeah, it’s not $99 and it’s refurbished but it’s still a TouchPad. The tablet was once heralded as an iPad killer. Now, I’m not sure if it could even kill a Notion Ink Adam in a head-to-head sales battle. But still, thanks to an honestly smart move from HP, the TouchPad and webOS is valuable to some in the development community. But you better act fast like previous… Read More

  • The HP TouchPad Rides Back Into Town On Woot’s Back

    The HP TouchPad Rides Back Into Town On Woot’s Back

    Somewhere, someone out there is curled in a corner, sobbing because they missed out on the last HP TouchPad sale. Ebay messed up, he says. It wasn’t his fault. He clicked the button but Ebay’s servers crashed. So now he’s alone. Left to sulk in his missed opportunities. But fear not, friend! I bring you great news from the land of the Internet! Woot finagled another batch… Read More

  • The $99 TouchPad Returns To HP’s Employee Purchasing Program On Sept 28th

    The $99 TouchPad Returns To HP’s Employee Purchasing Program On Sept 28th

    It’s not very often I get to write that it’s a good day to be an HP employee. But it’s also not everyday that HP employees are offered some of the last TouchPads. The company is set to release a final batch of the $99/$149 HP TouchPads to employees starting September 28th at 9:00am PDT. This is per an email I received from an HP employee (embedded after the jump), which… Read More

  • HP TouchPad Android Port Bounty Now Over $2,000

    HP TouchPad Android Port Bounty Now Over $2,000

    The bounty to get a workable version of the Android operating system installed on the now-discontinued HP TouchPad is up to $2,000+, as of today. As we previously reported, the goal of this project is to get some version of Android 2.x onto the TouchPad and, most importantly, stable.┬áIf successful, this effort will help keep the HP tablet a little more relevant to those unfortunate early… Read More

  • Live and Let Die

    Live and Let Die

    Apparently we are now in the endgame, the victims of information overload ready for the triumph of socially curated automation flows. You’d think people might be wary of placing big bets on impossible goals (what were they thinking at HP?) but that’s not what keeps happening. In retrospect, it seems stunningly obvious: TouchPad? Why Pad? Why Touch? Why not make it HunchPad as in HP… Read More

  • Yamgo TV Now Streaming Live TV To The HP TouchPad

    Yamgo TV Now Streaming Live TV To The HP TouchPad

    HP TouchPads now have a bit video content thanks to the just-announced Yamgo app. Like the other mobile incarnations of this app, the webOS version streams live content from select networks directly to the tablet. For free. The UK-based company already has apps out for nearly every platform including iOS, Android, and Blackberry. The service delivers live sports, news, music videos and… Read More

  • HP Touchpad Already Discounted At Best Buy, Amazon

    HP Touchpad Already Discounted At Best Buy, Amazon

    Such is the life of a device. If you can’t beat ‘em, undercut them. That’s just what’s happening at Amazon and Best Buy who both are now selling the Touchpad under it’s MSRP by a fair margin. The 16GB model is cut by $10 at both retailers, making the price $489.99. The 32GB model is 5% under list at Amazon making it $572.65 while Best Buy just took a clean $20… Read More

  • HP TouchPad Torn Apart In The Name Of Science And Entertainment

    Here we are again. Another high profile device just launched, which means someone has to tear it apart. This time it’s TechRepublic tearing down the brand-new HP TouchPad who found just a few screws hold the whole thing together. In fact they state it’s built more like a PC than a tablet. Anyway, click through if you want to spend two minutes of your life looking at teardown pics. Read More

  • The HP TouchPad Gets A Series Of Official Video Demos Ahead Of Its July 1st Release

    HP has done what any company looking to drum up a bit of buzz tends to do: release demo videos on YouTube. Not that you can blame them. The HP TouchPad is hitting the US retail market on July 1st and outside our little tech blogging community, it’s probably as well known as the Notion Ink Adam. I’ve yet to see a national commercial advertising the purported iPad killer. These… Read More

  • Will The HP TouchPad Finally Bring A True iPad Competitor To Market?

    Just yesterday, HP finally let slip pricing and availability for the HP TouchPad tablet, which we now know will hit stores July 1. In terms of competition, HP is top-dog when it comes to PCs, but thus far, Apple has dominated the tablet market. The question now is, will HP’s TouchPad finally create a true, aggressive competitor for the iPad? Read More