hot jugz

  • Daily Crunch: Just Married Edition

    Daily Crunch: Just Married Edition

    The AudioFile: Gadget-On-Gadget Love Coach Signature Stripe iPod Case Ole! Cinco De Mayo Dip Tray Commemorates Mexican Victory, Cheese Car Costumes Make This Cynic Sick Give Your Momma A Zune Contest Is Over Read More

  • Hot Jugz Personal Shower

    Hot Jugz Personal Shower

    Believe it or not, Hot Jugz is not the name of a porn star from 1983. It’s a personal outdoor shower. It’s comprised of a two-gallon container that can keep your hot water warm and has a shower wand for helping dirty people get clean. It requires no power and can go for sixteen minutes with just a few pumps on the container. There’s a bunch of different models available and you… Read More