• Awesome Mega Man hoodie

    Deviant Art user bmansnuggles aka Brendon Phillips just posted a great looking Mega Man hoodie concept. This reminds us of the Batman hoodie we posted a while back, minus the see through mesh eye holes. The comments for the Mega Man hoodie was overwhelmingly positive, with one user saying “it made [him] wet in the pants” when he saw it. Who knows if it will ever hit product. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 40% off all ScottEVest Goodness

    Our best buddy, Scott, he of ScottEVest, just started its massive 40%-off sale. They have plenty of great stuff including the Quantum and Evolution jackets and my favorite, the cotton hoodie. Read More

  • Crunchdeals: 50% off Mark Ecko Star Wars apparel

    Time to let your geek flag fly, on the cheap! ShopEcko.com is offering a really great 50% off deal on it’s Star Wars line, with some stuff as cheap at $14.95. Shipping starts at $5.95, but if you go nuts and spend over $100 you’ll get it for free. Now’s your chance to get that Boba Fett hoodie you’ve always wanted! Read More

  • Marc Ecko's Boba Fett hoodie

    What do you get when a ghetto fashion icon gets drunk one night, watches the entire Star Wars trilogy and stays up into the night designing a hoodie? Boba Fett done downright ugly. Some would say that this atrocious piece of clothing resembles the Star Wars bounty hunter. I say it resembles that of a homeless man’s attire. Ether way, you know you want it. Ecko is making other Star… Read More