• Dodongo dislikes video game soap (not me though, I like it)

    Oh, soap. You are made in so many shapes and colors. Even, though I never would have guessed it, Super Nintendo cartridge shape and color. I can’t tell you how many of these soaps I want to have, though I’d be hard pressed to choose between Triforce and Pac-Man when washing my hands. Plus, I still haven’t used up my Han Solo. [via GameSetWatch (nice headline) and GearFuse] Read More

  • Lever-activated faucet: get one

    It’s Earth Day, friend reader. Not that you’d know it, what with a gazillion pounds of waste being thrown indiscriminately into holes and oceans every day. But while I am quite sure that we will eventually find a way to deal with that junk (fire it into the sun, am I right?), a more problematic problem is that of fresh water. Sure, your tap will pour out delicious, cold water all… Read More

  • Remember when you just held your thumb over the end of the hose?

    I can understand a hose gun attachment to a certain extent, but this is kind of nuts. Seven different spray patterns? On one hand I think “man, I can do most of that stuff without a big plastic doodad.” On the other (my gadget hand), “Man, that thing is awesome. If only I had a garden to water.” The fact that it comes from a site called “Whatever Works”… Read More

  • Sleep Scan: Tanita's sensor-equipped mat monitors your sleep

    Leading health monitor manufacturer Tanita today announced [JP] a sensor-equipped mat that’s supposed to measure the deepness and quality of your sleep. The company, which is also active in the US, says placing the mat under your mattress is enough. The system will then keep track of your body motion, breath rate and pulse throughout the night. Read More

  • Nap Vieeb Plus II: Wearable doze prevention device

    Are you constantly in danger of falling asleep while working or driving? Alarm clocks, watches or your cell phone are of no help? Then the oddly named Nap Vieeb Plus II [JP], offered by a Japanese company called Takanoha, might be the right thing for you. The Nap Vieeb Plus II is a simple earpiece alarm gadget whose first version was released about four years ago. Read More

  • The Twist Alarm Clock forces you to activate your brain in the morning

    Japan and its alarm clocks. Most of these devices force you to wake up through an extra-annoying noise (or by moving away from you), but this new one, the so-called Twist Alarm Clock [JP], makes you solve (simple) math problems. Read More

  • Panasonic new high-tech massage chair looks very, very comfortable

    You could argue massage chairs are something for old people, but after coming to Japan over 5 years ago, I had the chance to relax in more than one of these for a few hours. And let me tell you these chairs, especially those made by Japanese makers, are awesome, provided you don’t mind passing out while watching a movie. The problem is that these massage chairs are usually pretty… Read More

  • Attention furnishing nerds: your ink cartridge lamps have arrived

    Unless your whole home is decorated with weirdo technology scraps, these lamps, cool as they are, will probably look out of place. But! Do you work in an office that values design and decor? These would be perfect for the copy room. Am I right? Read More

  • Did you know? You can make furniture out of wood chips and resin!

    Chances are you already have some furniture made of wood pulp and sawdust in your home — all that Ikea stuff? Yeah. But this is a little different. Some brave furniteers (?) decided that the texture of raw wood bits and resin was too attractive to leave in the workshop, so they put together a few casts and made a coffee table and some stools with it. I think it turned out quite nicely… Read More

  • SodiumOne: Sony's possibly legitimately fun game in Home

    Sony hasn’t given up on Home, its virtual world filled with avatars and overall weirdness. It just launched Sodium One, which is the latest Home world you and your avatar can spend the day in. There’s a game to go along with it, one that looks an awful lot like Wipeout, which isn’t bad at all. Read More

  • Space-age collapsing lampshade looks like a fractal sun

    I know, I know — this isn’t LampCrunch. But this is just too cool of a home accessory not to share. It’s designed by algorithm, I assume, and produced by a rapid prototyping machine. It can collapse like that because… Read More

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