• Next step in 3D tech: Computer-synthesized holograms (video)

    Our friends over at Tokyo-based DigInfoNews are calling it the “ultimate in 3D images”: computer-synthesized holograms. And in fact, the video they shot at Kansai University in Osaka shows some amazing tech a team of researchers led by Prof. Kyoji Matsushima is working on. In contrast to conventional holography, the researchers are not using real objects but rather CG images created… Read More

  • New technology makes it possible to view 3D color holograms of moving objects

    Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) has developed a new 3D electronic holography production technology doing away with lasers or darkrooms. Based on integral photography, moving objects can be taken on video under normal lighting conditions with a fly-eye lens and then be displayed as color holograms. Conventional holography techniques… Read More