• Aol Snaps Up Hyper-Local Photosharing App Hipster

    Aol Snaps Up Hyper-Local Photosharing App Hipster

    Aol (which is my employer, somehow) has picked up local photosharing app Hipster for an amount in the low seven figures, we’re hearing.  The Hipster team of five will be working for the Aol mobile team out of Palo Alto, under badass Sol Lipman. CEO Doug Ludlow confirmed the acquisition to us in an email, saying he will serve as director of mobile product management, a job that will… Read More

  • Hipster CEO Also Apologizes For Address Book-Gate, Calls For “Application Privacy Summit” [Guest Post]

    Hipster CEO Also Apologizes For Address Book-Gate, Calls For “Application Privacy Summit” [Guest Post]

    The following is a guest post from Hipster CEO Doug Ludlow, following yesterday and today’s revelations that select apps were uploading user’s entire address books to their database. Read More

  • Hipster Changes Its Strategy, Now Wants You To Send Digital Postcards

    Hipster Changes Its Strategy, Now Wants You To Send Digital Postcards

    Do we really need another location-based photo-sharing app?Hipster, a service I’ve written about countless times, is unveiling its first open-to-all product today — and it is not, like we’ve written about and many anticipated, a local Q&A service. Hipster has joined the mobile social local photo sharing locomotive and made an app that yes, lets people share photos, with… Read More

  • Gootip: You know what's hipper than Hipster? Actually launching

    You know what’s hipper than Hipster? Actually launching. OK, that’s not quite what the three-person team behind new local Q&A site Gootip said but it’s true that this tiny French startup launched this week has got their product out in the wild in full before their US-based rival. Ignoring the host of other location-based Q&A offerings, Gootip is also keen to point… Read More

  • Local Q&A Site Hipster Raises $1M From Google Ventures, Lightbank, 500 Startups And More

    Local Q&A startup Hipster has raised $1 million in seed funding from some prominent angel Valley investors including Mitch Kapor, Dave McClure/500 Startups, Lightbank, Google Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Max Ventilla, TechStars David Cohen and David Tisch, Google’s Don Dodge, Paige Craig, Ludlow Ventures, Lerer Ventures and others. Many of you best know Hipster as the startup… Read More

  • Now You Can Actually Use Q&A Site Hipster, If You're At SXSW That Is

    Hipster, the oddly named local Q&A site that was up for three months in Boulder, CO, shut down in order to relaunch, went viral despite being in “stealth” a month ago, almost got bought by Google and Groupon pre-launch, didn’t end up launching at the Launch conference and so on, has revealed itself to the public today, just in time for yes, SXSW. Read More

  • Local Q&A Site Hipster In Acquisition Talks With Groupon

    Local Q&A Site Hipster In Acquisition Talks With Groupon

    You guys aren’t going to believe this: We’re hearing that daily deals site Groupon has been aggressively trying to acquire local Q&A site Hipster for a number below $10 million, and that’s before Hipster has even formally launched! A slew of press coverage originating here has turned the site with a funny name into a media darling. One source is telling us that Hipster… Read More

  • LaunchRock, The Most Meta Startup Ever, Builds Viral Launch Pages

    In case you needed another “you know there’s a bubble when …” tech post, LaunchRock, a startup that builds viral launch pages for other startups, is launching today via its own product. Inspired by the viral launch pages of Fork.ly and Hipster, the guys behind LaunchRock thought that they could streamline the process of getting users to sign up for startup betas, and… Read More

  • Hipster Is Quora Plus Location – Or Q&A For Where You Are

    Suddenly people are talking about Hipster. Ok, let’s clarify that. A group of tech enthusiasts in San Francisco are talking about what Hipster might actually be, since Hipster CEO Doug Ludlow has so far refused to say what Hipster is about. And it’s producing what appears to be a case study in viral marketing. Luckily, all this talk is producing answers and sure enough… Read More

  • How A Startup Named Hipster Got 10K Signups In Two Days, Without Revealing What It Does

    How A Startup Named Hipster Got 10K Signups In Two Days, Without Revealing What It Does

    By now you might be familiar with the startup with the funny name, as its very existence made news outlets as diverse as the Washington Post, Portfolio.com and Hipster Runoff. And while Hipster CEO Doug Ludlow still refuses on the record to say what the site is about, at this point we’ve heard the words Yelp, Quora and location-based Q&A site being tossed around by sundry… Read More

  • Is Naming Your Startup "Hipster" Genius Or Terrible?

    Is it just me or is everyone and their skinny jeans wearing, MGMT-listening mothers a hipster nowadays? Nowhere is this more evident than in tech (thanks Twitter). And behold, the latest sign of the tech hipster-ocalypse, a startup actually called Hipster. The company is in “stealth” mode and asking people not to say what they do publicly. But they’re pimping themselves hard… Read More

  • Authentic Moleskine Notebook for the Kindle, it’s so edgy

    The sense of style for a Mission District hipster can often times be too edgy for the “culturally sheltered mainstream consumer”. As a hipster you will undoubtedly rock a Moleskine notebook in the city, because let’s face it, you’ve got something intelligent to write. Let us take that one step further, and throw a Kindle inside the cover. Can you feel that edginess? Read More

  • Look what happens when you don't log into WoW for a little bit

    Friends, that is what happens when you “quit” games like World of Warcraft only to start playing again a little later. You’ll have left your toon decked out like a Williamsburg hipster-jerk: cloth hat, mail armor, plate bracers, a purple shirt and a monkey for a pet. Don’t let that happen to you. Penny-Arcade Read More