• Hipmunk Checks In: Launches Hotel Search For iOS And Android

    Hipmunk Checks In: Launches Hotel Search For iOS And Android

    Getting travel search right on a mobile phone is tough. Thankfully Hipmunk, for the most part, has nailed it. The service launched its iPhone application last February and an Android app in September, both of which serve Hipmunk’s agony-reducing flight search in a smaller — and very polished — platter. Now Hipmunk is giving those mobile apps a big upgrade: they now both… Read More

  • Hipmunk Integrates Google Calendar For Conflict-Free Flying

    Hipmunk Integrates Google Calendar For Conflict-Free Flying

    It’s a bit cliché, but it’s true all the same: the best features are often the ones that make you smack yourself on the forehead and ask why you didn’t think of them (or why nobody else did). Which the reaction I immediately had when I heard about a new feature that Hipmunk, the flight and hotel travel search engine, is launching this morning. Today the service is adding… Read More

  • Hipmunk Now Reducing Agony On Android

    Hipmunk Now Reducing Agony On Android

    Hot flight search startup Hipmunk is about to land on Android. The app will be available for free, and you can install it right here. I’ve tested the app and it looks great (it’s a nice reminder that Android apps can be slick and well designed, even if a lot of them aren’t…). And it works just as you’d expect: enter your destination, departure/arrival dates… Read More

  • Hipmunk Further Reduces Agony For Users With Flexible Travel Dates

    Hipmunk Further Reduces Agony For Users With Flexible Travel Dates

    Good news for those of you who are averse to agonizing plane trips and high ticket prices: hot travel search startup Hipmunk has just launched a new feature that makes it easier to cut back on both. The new feature, which is called FlexCal flight search, is designed for users who have flexible travel dates. Give the site a ballpark range of when you want to depart, and it will present visual… Read More

  • Ohanian's Life Outside of Reddit

    (Founder Stories) From Paul Newman to Paul Graham with Alexis Ohanian (TCTV)

    Alexis Ohanain continues his coversation with Founder Stories host Chris Dixon by discussing some of his activities and interests outside of Reddit. Highlights of their chat include Ohanian telling Dixon he considers Paul Newman, “the OG of social enterprise” and that Newman was the inspiration for Breadpig, Ohanian’s organization that creates “geeky things”… Read More

  • Hipmunk Finds Their Next Tasty Nut: Hotel Search (And It Includes Airbnb!)

    Up until now, if you’ve heard of Hipmunk, it has been as the “easy flight search service”. But today they’re adding another layer to their business. It’s an obvious one, but a big one: hotel search. Like their flight search options, if you jump to the hotel search side, you’re presented with simple fields to fill out: “where”, “in”… Read More

  • Hipmunk Takes Simple Flight Search And Makes It Even Easier On The iPhone

    Hipmunk is one of those things that sells itself. You look at it side-by-side with the alternative ways to search for airline travel and it’s a joke. And that’s exactly why it’s so awesome that they’ve been able to translate that experience over to the iPhone — and perhaps make it even a little easier. If you’ve used Hipmunk on the web, you’ll know… Read More

  • Hipmunk's Official Round: $4.2 Million Led By Ignition And A Group Of Online Travel Experts

    About a week ago, we had heard that the travel startup Hipmunk was in the process of raising a new round of funding. Sure enough, an SEC document appeared, confirming the raise, and noting that they had secured $4.6 of a proposed $6 million round so far. When we reached out to Hipmunk, they confirmed the round, but declined to give more details. Well, now we have those details. Hipmunk… Read More

  • Hipmunk Surfacing New $6 Million Round To Help You Surface Great Airfare

    It was only this past October that Hipmunk closed a “hyper-competitive” from many of the usual angel suspects. But Hipmunk obviously has lofty goals to disrupt the airline travel industry. So they’re probably going to need more than $1 million to do that. And now they’re getting more — they’re in the process of closing a new $6 million round of funding… Read More

  • Hipmunk Lands A Big Acorn: ITA (And Soon Google?) Will Help Power Their Airfare Results

    Hipmunk exists to disrupt the flight search experience online. Obviously, the key to this is to have the best and the most results. The Hipmunk results have already been solid. But they’re about to get better thanks to a key partnership. Announced today at the PhoCusWright conference, Hipmunk has signed an agreement to use ITA Sofware to help power their airfare results. Specifically… Read More

  • Reddit Chief Takes Flight To Hipmunk, Explains Why He's Leaving Now

    This morning, top Reddit administrator/engineer Chris Slowe announced that he was leaving the social link sharing site to join Hipmunk, the flight search startup that closed a hyper-competitive angel round last month. Slowe joined Reddit back in 2005 as the company’s first employee  — now he’ll be reunited with Reddit founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, both of… Read More